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Watch Contagion at home and chat in MeFiChat

Ripped from the headlines, and inspired by this FPP, let's watch Contagion together on our own. It's widely available from US streaming services for under 5 US bucks. Youtube, Amazon (*not* on Prime Video), Google Play, Apple itunes, possibly available if you have Cinemax. We do not have the ability to share a stream.

. Fanfare
. Rotten Tomatoes
. Fact-Checking 'Contagion', npr

Thursday, March 19 [more inside]
posted by theora55 on Mar 17, 2020 - 3 comments

It II in the DMV

All horror fans in the DC area, please come see It II with me on a Saturday in September! I figure we can eat dinner beforehand, then get scared out of our socks. [more inside]
posted by rue72 on Aug 16, 2019 - 1 comment

Moon Over Metafilter

I'm giving a tour just for MeFites of my exhibition "Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Apollo 11 at Fifty", which combines landmarks from the history of science with artifacts used in the Apollo mission. Afterward, join me (optionally) for a $5 screening of Hidden Figures at the Harvard Film Archive.
posted by Horace Rumpole on Jun 17, 2019 - 7 comments

Raiders of the Lost Ark Film

Come watch (or rewatch!) this 2-hour classic from 1981. Possibly without any MeFite company. The movie starts at 18:00. Tickets are 80 SEK and the seats are unnumbered, hooray! [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna on Dec 22, 2018 - 2 comments

Lady Bird Film

I missed Lady Bird when it came out. This Sunday Lady Bird is playing at 14:15 at Skärisbiografen, which is showing its favourite films of 2018 in December and January. [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna on Dec 6, 2018 - 1 comment

Want to see The Favorite?

Hey everybody, I want to go see the movie The Favorite, and I was wondering if anyone here would also like to come? I was thinking E Street Cinema on Sat, Dec 8th, but date/time are flexible. [more inside]
posted by rue72 on Nov 30, 2018 - 3 comments

Willow at Hollywood Theater

I've been meaning to rewatch Willow ever since its FanFare post and it looks like the Hollywood Theater is providing. I know it's a bit short notice since it's on Saturday, but anyone interested in joining? [more inside]
posted by Tentacle of Trust on Aug 8, 2018 - 3 comments

Want to see It's a Wonderful Life at the Brattle?

Dec 15 - 17 It’s a Wonderful Life SINGLE FEATURE • 35MM • [more inside]
posted by theora55 on Dec 3, 2017 - 6 comments

Thor: Ragnarok

Apparently the weirdest, goofiest, and funnest Marvel movie yet. [more inside]
posted by a car full of lions on Nov 8, 2017 - 6 comments

MSP Movie Meetup

It's been a while since we had a movie meetup. Let's do it again. [more inside]
posted by a car full of lions on Sep 16, 2017 - 6 comments

Dirty Dancing trivia/movie night

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. [more inside]
posted by Flannery Culp on Feb 14, 2017 - 4 comments

Howard the Duck

Como Dockside is running a Thursday night trivia-and-film series featuring the best movies of 1986-87. Someone must have misread that list or maybe lost a bet because next week's feature is Lucasfilm's crowning achievement, Howard the Duck. [more inside]
posted by Flannery Culp on Dec 3, 2016 - 10 comments

The Supermannening

Hey, let's get together and binge-watch all four Christopher Reeve Superman movies! Brunch! Cocktails! Crockpot dinner! Lots of Gene Hackman! [more inside]
posted by cortex on Oct 16, 2016 - 44 comments

Cancelled - United Magyar House Dinner and Movie Night!

I just found out that the United Magyar House, a cultural center for Hungarians, does an open house dinner and movie night around 7 PM on fridays. I don't think we should miss it! [more inside]
posted by bswinburn on Aug 2, 2016 - 13 comments


Independence Day: Resurgence will be having a special premiere-only double feature showing at 5pm on Thursday the 23rd! If you haven't seen the original, or if you're a superfan like me, THIS IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY! [more inside]
posted by phunniemee on Jun 11, 2016 - 8 comments

Purple Rain at Times Cinema

Self-explanatory. This is walking distance from my house, so if no one shows up I'm going either way. They serve alcohol if that makes a difference to you. I picked the day with the best weather but I'm fine with Tues or Thurs too. [more inside]
posted by AFABulous on Apr 23, 2016 - 12 comments

April movie night

It's been awhile since we've had a movie night! I propose either the 9th or the 16th of April. [more inside]
posted by triggerfinger on Mar 14, 2016 - 26 comments

January Movie Club

Let's plan our January movie club outing. [more inside]
posted by triggerfinger on Dec 15, 2015 - 22 comments

MSP Movie Club: Spectre!

Let's go see the new Bond and then grab a beer and/or snacks! 12:20pm show meet near the door to the arcade at noon. [more inside]
posted by sparklemotion on Oct 27, 2015 - 10 comments

Movie meetup

Let's have a movie meetup. Proposed movie: The Martian. [more inside]
posted by triggerfinger on Sep 5, 2015 - 29 comments

See Airplane! at the New Parkway

Dear locals, please join me for the next meetup at Oakland's New Parkway Theater for a showing of Airplane!, a classic comedy from 1980. Don't like movies? No worries! Buy a drink, get some food, and just hang out with fellow MeFites between 8 pm and 9:30, when the movie starts. [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna on Aug 14, 2015 - 14 comments

Galaxy Quest at the New Parkway

I'm a fan of Galaxy Quest, which is showing at Oakland's New Parkway at 9:30 pm on Thursday, August 13. Would anyone like to join me at 8:30 pm for a drink before the showing? The New Parkway has sofas, booze, food, and a great community vibe. It's within walking distance of the 19th Street Bart station in Oakland and a variety of buses so you don't need a car to get there--and you get a discount if you ride your bike. ("Patrons entering the theater carrying a bike helmet will receive a $1 discount.")
posted by Bella Donna on Aug 4, 2015 - 24 comments


Let's go see Jurassic World! It's showing at 7:30 on Thursday, June 11 at Regal City North. Tickets/info here. [more inside]
posted by phunniemee on May 7, 2015 - 18 comments

Avengers: Age of Ultron

I know there are NYC-area MCU fans on Metafilter, so let's go see the new Avengers movie! 7:30p on 4/30 is the first 2D showing at the Regal Battery Park. Tickets are $16.60 with fees via Fandango. See you there! [more inside]
posted by jdherg on Apr 22, 2015 - 4 comments

She's Beautiful When She's Angry at the Music Box

She's Beautiful When She's Angry, a 2014 documentary of the modern women's movement in the US is playing at the Music Box either from March 13 to 15 or March 13 to 19 (The Music Box only has showtimes for the weekend, but the film's website says "One week only!"). In any event, I'm going to the Sunday Matinee, if anyone is interested in joining me. We can saunter to a nearby bar afterward. Screening is at 2:30, but I've set the time for 2:00pm, cause I'm picky about my movie seating. [more inside]
posted by crush-onastick on Feb 17, 2015 - 15 comments

MeFi Spirited Away Meetup Cancelled!

Apologies but the rain has started and there's tons of doom and gloom on the news so I think I will sit this one out. Next time I'll give more advice notice, how about that? Stay dry and happy, folks!
posted by Bella Donna on Dec 9, 2014 - 2 comments

Let's Watch Jurassic Park

Hold on to your butts: we're having folks over to watch the original Jurassic Park, because dinosaurs, on Saturday, December 20th. [more inside]
posted by cortex on Nov 29, 2014 - 37 comments

Meatballs Screening at the AFI Silver Theatre

Next week's movie for Fanfare's Summer Camp movie series is the 1979 Bill Murray comedy Meatballs, which is being presented on the big screen this Sunday and Monday at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, MD. [more inside]
posted by doctornecessiter on Aug 8, 2014 - 1 comment

Top Gun on the Intrepid

As part of their free summer movie series Top Gun will be shown on the deck of the Intrepid (a battleship turned museum). We're allowed to bring blankets and have a picnic. [more inside]
posted by SpaceWarp13 on Aug 1, 2014 - 4 comments

Screening of The Internet's Own Boy

I've arranged for a one-time, free screening of the recently-released documentary The Internet’s Own Boy (previously) and I thought that other local Mefites (you exist, right?) might be interested in coming to see it. [more inside]
posted by caaaaaam on Jul 7, 2014 - 3 comments

Snowpiercer (설국열차) at the Music Box - a last minute MoMu event

So nobody in Chicago claimed the 7th yet, and I want to see this and I bet others do too. [more inside]
posted by MCMikeNamara on Jul 5, 2014 - 22 comments

20 ft from Stardom -- (a MoMu 15 event)

Let's watch a movie at Millenium Park and picnic outdoors. 20 feet from Stardom is an Oscar winner from last year. [more inside]
posted by garlic on Jun 25, 2014 - 5 comments

Mefites Assemble: Avengers Exhibition In Times Square

Starting May 30th, The Discovery Times Square Pavilion will be featuring an interactive Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N experience with props, displays, and such. And while I'm sure it'll be pricey and cheesy and dumb - I WANT TO GO YOU GUYS. [more inside]
posted by The Whelk on May 27, 2014 - 20 comments

Night at the drive-in

Would anyone be interested in attending the Empire Drive-In this Friday, October 18? I think I'm going to go. [more inside]
posted by mlle valentine on Oct 14, 2013 - 8 comments

♫ Science Fiction (ooh ooh ooh) Double Feature ♫

This has nothing to do with Rocky Horror, BUT it does have science fiction and double feature goodness. [more inside]
posted by wintrymix on Oct 4, 2013 - 6 comments

Much Ado in Dallas

Anybody interested in meeting up at The Angelika in Dallas to watch Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing this Sunday, August 4th at 11:00am? [more inside]
posted by 1066 on Jul 30, 2013 - 12 comments

SLC Area: RiffTrax Live Starship Troopers

We will be attending the Live Riff of Starship Troopers by Rifftrax this Aug. 15, at the Cinemark and West Jordan! Hope to see others there or catch up before/after. [more inside]
posted by Crystalinne on Jun 29, 2013 - 3 comments

Criterion Thursday: Do The Right Thing

This week: Spike Lee's DO THE RIGHT THING ("The hottest day of the year explodes on-screen in this vibrant look at a day in the life of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Featuring a stellar ensemble cast."). Because it's on a weekday, we're starting a little later: food at 7, movie at 8. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Apr 10, 2013 - 13 comments

Criterion THURSDAY: I Live in Fear

This week, we're trying out moving our Criterion night to Thursdays, with: Akira Kurosawa's I LIVE IN FEAR ("his most literal representation of living in an atomic age"). Because it's on a weekday, we're starting a little later: food at 7, movie at 8. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Apr 9, 2013 - 4 comments

Criterion Sundays: Dodes’ka-den

Due to some travel we each have planned in the next few weeks, we're taking a two-weekend break from Criterion Sunday - but not to worry! We will return on Sunday, April 7th with: Akira Kurosawa's DODES'KA-DEN ("by turns tragic and transcendant...all of his hopes, fears, and artistic passion are on fervent display"). [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Mar 20, 2013 - 1 comment

Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend.

posted by phunniemee on Mar 18, 2013 - 35 comments

Criterion Sundays: French Cancan

This week's film: Jean Renoir's FRENCH CANCAN ("a Technicolor tour de force by a master of modern cinema"). Trailer. Charles Silver, curator of film at MoMA: "If someone asked me to recommend two or three essential or seminal Chaplin or Ford films, I would be less hesitant than I would be with Renoir, whose thoughts and feelings seem universal, and whose films seem to encompass virtually all that is Cinema—and life itself." [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Mar 14, 2013 - 4 comments

British Arrow Awards screening this weekend

The 2012 British Arrow Awards (formerly the British Television Advertising Awards) are screening this weekend. Let's go! [more inside]
posted by homodachi on Feb 26, 2013 - 7 comments

"Shanghai Express" and/or food and/or libations

Next Sunday (March 3) the Roxie (16th and Mission) is screening the rarely-seen pre-code classic "Shanghai Express"- directed by Joseph Von Sternberg and starring the incomparable Marlene Dietrich and Anna May Wong. Meetup fun could occur before, after, and during, depending on preferences. [more inside]
posted by foxy_hedgehog on Feb 26, 2013 - 6 comments

Criterion Sundays: Smiles of a Summer Night

This week's film: Ingmar Bergman's SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT. Pauline Kael: "Late in 1955, Ingmar Bergman made a nearly perfect work—the exquisite carnal comedy Smiles of a Summer Night. It was the distillation of elements he had worked with for several years... The film is bathed in beauty, removed from the banalities of short skirts and modern-day streets and shops, and removed in time, it draws us closer." Roger Ebert's Great Movie review. An interview with Bergman about the film. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Feb 25, 2013 - 1 comment

Criterion Sundays: Mr. Arkadin

This week's film: Orson Welles' MR. ARKADIN: The Comprehensive Version. Time Out says: "Long unavailable for theatrical screening... Mr Arkadin assumed an equivalent patina of myth and legend to that cultivated by its central character.... Flamboyantly melodramatic, it's a playfully egocentric display of a magician's perverse revelation of his own trickery."

We are back to our regular schedule this week. Potluck dinner from 6pm, movie starts at 7 en punto. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Feb 25, 2013 - 0 comments

Criterion Sundays: Eraserhead

As the IFC Center describes it: "David Lynch once described his stunning debut feature simply as 'a dream of dark and troubling things,' but the unclassifiable ERASERHEAD is so much more: an expressionistic headtrip, a Grand Guignol nightmare, a pitch-black comedy of manners, and even a deeply personal allegory about the (post-) nuclear family. Amidst a monochromatic wasteland teeming with smoke and shadows, Jack Nance’s wire-haired wage slave Henry struggles to navigate the horrors of mutant offspring, sinister hallucinations and, most terrifying of all, his new in-laws." How can you resist?

This week there will be no potluck, but feel free to bring snacks to eat during the movie. We're starting a little later than usual. Screening starts at 8pm sharp. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Feb 18, 2013 - 9 comments

Criterion Sundays: All That Heaven Allows

This week's film: Douglas Sirk's ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS ("a heartbreakingly beautiful indictment of 1950s small-town America"). Amazing trailer here. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Feb 14, 2013 - 9 comments

Criterion Sundays: Topsy Turvy

Last night's screening of Diabolique was a lot of fun! On to the next Criterion Sunday: each weekend we* will gather for a potluck dinner and watch one of the hundreds of Criterion Collection films available through Roku/Hulu Plus. This week (2/10): Mike Leigh's TOPSY-TURVY, "an unexpected period delight from one of contemporary cinema’s great artists." *ocherdraco and (The Rt Hon.) MP, and friends, including non-mefites [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Feb 4, 2013 - 3 comments

Criterion Sundays: Diabolique

What's the point of having access to the masterpieces of cinema if you never actually watch them? It's time to remedy this sad state of affairs, one movie at a time. Introducing: Criterion Sundays, where each weekend we* will gather for a potluck dinner and watch one of the hundreds of Criterion Collection films available through Roku/Hulu Plus. This week: Henri-Georges Clouzot's DIABOLIQUE, the best Hitchcock film that Hitchcock never got around to making. *ocherdraco and (The Rt Hon.) MP, and friends, including non-mefites [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Jan 27, 2013 - 12 comments

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