Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend.
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Sat April 6 at 5:00 PM, La Chaparrita
2500 South Whipple Street, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
At long last, Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D is coming to theaters. I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED about this, and you should be, too.

I have already purchased tickets to the Saturday, April 6 7:30pm showing at this theater:

AMC Loews Quarry Cinemas 14
9201 63rd St.
Hodgkins, IL 60525

Why that one? 1) Because for some reason the movie's not listed at the Navy Pier IMAX, 2) this one works out closer to me anyway, 3) Navy Pier sucks.

A few friends are already planning on coming, so my car is full. But here's what I was thinking. Hodgkins is only a half hour drive from my house, and my house is only a block away from the most delicious tacos in the entire world. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED (and can drive yourself and others), I was thinking meet at La Chaparrita for tacos and then caravan on down to the theater for Jurassic Park fantasticness.
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I saw the trailer for this earlier today and thought to myself, "that seems awesome, but nobody is going to want to go see it with me." But lo and behold, here's this thread. I'm a very likely maybe at this point, and have a car. Is this an IMAX with assigned seating like at Navy Pier?
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Should I try to get all my nerding out now?

SPOILER the big ol' plot point 'Life finds a way' where all the dinos are female but manage to breed anyway is foreshadowed by Grant in the helicopter on the way to the island, he tries to put on his seatbelt and only has two female ends, he winds up tying them together and it works anyway.
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I have watched Jurassic Park probably 100 times in my life, most of the viewings happening between 2nd and 5th grade. I don't think it was until I was probably 18 or 19 and watching it that I realized oh my god the seatbelts.

I'm actually a +4 on this. I'll call the theater and ask about seating. I have no idea.
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I just realized that if I go to this everyone is going to be super annoyed by me because JEFF GOLDBLUM
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I've forgotten my mantra.
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Gonna go out and uh... lift up the dinosaurs' skirts?
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Alas, work trip. I can only hope it will be in the theaters long enough to catch it on my return.
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Actual text message between me and Andy:

"Do you want to go see the re-release of Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D with Metafilter people on April 6?

"That would be fun! I've never seen the entire movie."

Did you ever have a moment when you've spent 7 years with somebody and then suddenly think 'I don't know you at all'? Because, yeah...
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But... they spared no expense!
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"That would be fun! I've never seen the entire movie."


misskaz, it will be in theaters for one week. ONE WEEK.

I've never seen anything in 3D or a full length movie on IMAX, and I come from a family of people who get motion sick watching people ride a carousel, so I will be bringing dramamine. In case anyone is interested.
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Ugh, in that case I'm going to miss it. I am on a work trip from Apr 6 - April 13. SADFACE.
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All is not lost! Wherever you're going might have an iiiiimaaaax!
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Is there somewhere to see it on IMAX, but not 3D? I'd do that.
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Regardless, though, I'll be at a wedding in Austin when this is happening. I will eat a breakfast taco in its place. Ferociously. Like a T-Rex. So, without using my hands.
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When you gotta go you gotta go.
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So, without using my hands.

So, like the proper way to eat a breakfast taco.
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Alas, as far as I can tell the only DC-area place showing it is in Maryland.

I'm gonna try to see it Friday night before I leave.
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Oh my god. Because no one at work is even here for me to tell, you guys are the first to know...

One of the recruiters we use has--AS A LINK IN THEIR CORPORATE EMAIL SIGNATURE--a link to their office doing the harlem shake. BUT WAIT. After 15 seconds of it, it turns into Rick Astley and says "you've been rickrolled!!!!!!!!!" and then after another 5 seconds it says "just kidding!!!!!!!" and goes back to their company harlem shaking.

What fresh hell is this.
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And in the youtube thingy it says: "Some Meme's We'll Never Forget!"
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Clearly this calls for you to append to your corporate email signature a gif of a bald eagle crying a tear that twinkles.
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Shakes, you have no idea how often my work friends and I try to work the bald eagle crying a tear into our marketing/website. Although we want our logo to be reflected in the tear. It all started when they wanted us to post something about 9/11 on the website for the 10th anniversary.
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Any word on seating at the theatre?
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First come first served at the Hodgkins theater.
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Yay for open seating!

My attendance now depends on whether or not my sister is going to come in from Milwaukee that weekend. I'd totally bring her along because I think she'd have a blast with you guys, but she can't see 3D. I'm thinking taking her to a 3D movie wouldn't be the most fun thing to do.
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Related: Star Wars/Jurassic Park mash-up

Watching this, I just realized that we are talking about going to see a movie I saw in the theater for its 20th anniversary re-release that I saw in the theater on a date. With a dude. Oh my God, I am so old.
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I want to do this! I've never met any Chicago mefites either. Bonus, I also live a few blocks from La Chaparrita!
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THIS IS HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND, GUYS! I am so friggin excited.

Some updates: turns out I will only be transporting myself and one other person in my car, so I have room for stowaways. I believe I have 3 seats in the back, but they're small. Might actually only be two. (How many years do you have to own a car before it becomes completely absurd that you don't know how many seatbelts you've got?) Good news: I got the brakes fixed so my car is no longer at risk of killing you.

special agent conrad uno: AWESOME. YOU SHOULD COME. I can't believe I have a mefite neighbor. We should be bffs.

Let's figure out some details. Looks like I said 5pm for dinner. That sounds good. La Chaparrita is tiny, so depending on how many people there don't know, we can decide day of. Basically what I'm saying is that my house is nearby, but it's not like I have anything useful, like a table. We'll see how it goes.

And then after dinner, caravan to Hodgkins for JURASSIC PARK IN IMAX 3D.

And then after the movie, there will be much rejoicing.

People should come to this. I will be wearing both a dinosaur shirt and dinosaur earrings.
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ARG it is 5:03 and I am currently stuck in Bridgeport. As soon as Blue City finishes working on my bike I am high tailing it to La Chaparrita! But I might miss you guys. Don't wait for me...
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We are here and were just talking about you! Hope you can make it!
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Ok, we're about to wrap up here. Gonna head to my house to feed my dog before getting in the car. I'm me mailing you my cell # if you show up in the next 20 mins!
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