Galaxy Quest at the New Parkway
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Thu August 13 at 8:30 PM, New Parkway Theater
474 24th Street, Oakland, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm a fan of Galaxy Quest, which is showing at Oakland's New Parkway at 9:30 pm on Thursday, August 13. Would anyone like to join me at 8:30 pm for a drink before the showing? The New Parkway has sofas, booze, food, and a great community vibe. It's within walking distance of the 19th Street Bart station in Oakland and a variety of buses so you don't need a car to get there--and you get a discount if you ride your bike. ("Patrons entering the theater carrying a bike helmet will receive a $1 discount.")
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Galaxy Quest is great, and The New Parkway is most excellent. Mefites, if you haven't been here, you owe yourself the treat. The Parkway has a full kitchen and not-at-all-theater-gougy-prices for noms and drinks. Ten to twelve bucks will get you a cooked-to-order dinner, my friend. And the shakes are fantastic, especially the chocolate stout. I could go on and on ... just go!
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Here's a link to the menu. Your hostess has glasses, goes by the moniker of DB, and will be wearing Hula dancer earrings because fun.
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That sounds really fun! I'm not positive I can make it, but I'll try.
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Dammit. I have tokens and Fanghorn Dungeon LLC and I both love Galaxy Quest, but that Friday we both have big early-morning work things. So sad! (Great idea for a meetup though.)
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I ... I might skip board game night for this.
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I love the New Parkway; never seen Galaxy Quest and it looks right up my alley. Might be my first meetup! (company event after work that day, hoping it doesn't go late)
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Yay to everyone who plans to come! Yay to everyone who might come! Yay to folks who would love to come but can't. I go to the NP fairly often; this will not be the last NP Mefite meetup, I promise you.
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Pro-tip from a frequent Parkway-er: events like this sometimes sell out in advance (I've shown up to crowd pleaser classics 30 minutes early and been SOL). If you want to ward off this, you can buy tickets online at this brownpapertickets page.
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The New Parkway is great. Hope to make it to this.
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If I can't stay out too late on a weeknight, would it be weird to just show up for drinks beforehand? I've never been to a meetup and it would be nice to swing by.
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I've never been to a meetup before, either. By all means, just come by for drinks if you want. Why not?
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Shit, I'm out of town. This looks awesome.
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Well it looks like I'm going to be outta town too, which means I'm not going to play board games OR watch Galaxy Quest. What a fiasco!
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Be of good cheer, benzenedream & aubilenon. While I enjoy going to movies alone, I am sick of *always* going to movies alone. So I will probably start posting New Parkway meetups at least every other month. Maybe more often, if an especially awesome classic is scheduled. So there will be another opportunity, no fooling.
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bought my tickets online. woohoo!
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Sadly, my work event earlier that day keeps pushing its start time earlier and its end time later, so I don't think I'll be able to make it. Definitely interested in future Parkway meetups!
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I just called the New Parkway. If Galaxy Quest sells out before you get there, you are, as Zippy said upthread, SOL. However, the person I spoke to believes that there will be seats remaining if you get there by 8. So I'll probably be showing up early than I expected. Y'all can as well or not. And there are no guarantees about tickets. Zippy + guest may be the only ones who make it into the movie but I'm going to risk it anyway. See y'all soon!
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I've got my ticket! You'll know me by my red glasses (and probably other red articles of clothing or decoration).
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Yay, books for weapons! So glad you'll make it!!!
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Tip: Koreana Plaza is one of the oldest and largest Korean grocery stores in California (or so claims its website). There's a groovy housewares department in a separate annex filled with appliances ideal for all your kimchi-storage needs. (Plus bar soap for hand washing delicates!) Anyway, KP is on the corner of 24th and Telegraph, diagonally across from the New Parkway. Which means it's perfectly situated for picking up last-minute, non-frozen item for Friday that you didn't have time to get between work and hauling ass to the meet up. Enjoy!
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Alas, I am held up at work and won't be able to attend after all.
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We'll save a seat for you at the next shindig, 4rtemis. But no garlic fries. I'm eating all of those myself.
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Man, I wish I could make this. I'm working late as well.
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On my way over now.
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