Cancelled - United Magyar House Dinner and Movie Night!
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Fri September 30 at 7:00 PM, United Magyar House
1975 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I just found out that the United Magyar House, a cultural center for Hungarians, does an open house dinner and movie night around 7 PM on fridays. I don't think we should miss it!
There website is pretty horrible, but the yelp and google reviews make it sound like you, even with a pretty large group, can just show up around 7 PM for cheap (by LA standards) Eastern European food and wine and a movie which I hope has subtitles.

Sounds like a blast to me!

So let me know what dates work for you guys. September 30th seems like the best date based on scheduling doodle we voted on. Hope you folks can make it!

Edited on Sept 29th. - Looks like the timing on this just wasn't good. I'll try it again in a few months.
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I'm probably going to have to be very last minute to confirm but it's feasible and sounds great!
posted by Room 641-A at 8:41 AM on August 3, 2016

Interesting! I'm a solid maybe pending the date.
posted by ApathyGirl at 4:08 PM on August 3, 2016

Sounds fun.
posted by soakimbo at 8:50 PM on August 3, 2016

I do.
posted by alice_curiouse at 9:00 PM on August 3, 2016

I'm interested, depending on the date.
posted by snuffleupagus at 9:32 PM on August 9, 2016

I think I can only do Saturdays :(
posted by Room 641-A at 8:59 AM on August 10, 2016

Alas, it seems the Maygar House only does Fridays. :(
posted by bswinburn at 10:04 PM on August 11, 2016

Scheduling Doodle, go ahead and vote for the day that works best for you!
posted by bswinburn at 5:54 PM on August 31, 2016

Ok, I'm going to go ahead and set this for Friday the 30th.
posted by bswinburn at 10:30 PM on September 14, 2016

Can the people who think they're going to make it post something in this thread. This post has had so little activity that I'm worried I'll show up and be the only one there.
posted by bswinburn at 12:24 PM on September 26, 2016

30th probably isn't workable for me, sadly.
posted by snuffleupagus at 6:22 PM on September 26, 2016

Ok. I'm just going to call it on this event and cancel it. I may try again for this in a few months. Looks like there was enough interest, but just bad timing.
posted by bswinburn at 4:44 PM on September 29, 2016

Speaking for myself, it was just timing. I'm definitely interested and will remain interested.
posted by snuffleupagus at 8:44 AM on September 30, 2016

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