Watch Contagion at home and chat in MeFiChat
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Thu March 19 at 6:00 PM
Ripped from the headlines, and inspired by this FPP, let's watch Contagion together on our own. It's widely available from US streaming services for under 5 US bucks. Youtube, Amazon (*not* on Prime Video), Google Play, Apple itunes, possibly available if you have Cinemax. We do not have the ability to share a stream.

. Fanfare
. Rotten Tomatoes
. Fact-Checking 'Contagion', npr

Thursday, March 19
Make popcorn, grab a beverage. Launch MeFi Chat, choose the LiveWatch tab (upper right), say hello.
Please be ready to launch the film at 9.15 EDT; too early for the West Coast, too late for the East Coast, but whatevs. It will not be synchronized; we are resourceful.

If you can't afford the movie, maybe I can screen share with 1 person?

I'll watch my MeFi Mail, I have a gmail account in this name, also this page in case of issues. This is not a thing we've done before, but I've never had to avoid Covid-19 before, either. The unexpected is the new norm.

This is only nominally hosted by MeFi, so if you want to complain, memail me, not the mods.
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A person can get a one week Cinemax trial on Hulu or Amazon Prime and watch the movie free that way, in the US at least.
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feel free to drop in.
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This was fun. Thank you, theora55.
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