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What! Is! Up! Brooklyn! (what's up is a meetup)

Hi, people. Let's meet up. Internet Fraud Detective Etc. is in town. In her honor, a meetup classic: the 4th Ave Pub. [more inside]
New York at 4th Ave Pub, 7:30PM by ferret branca - 3 comments

Next Two Weeks

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East Bay Work Buddies

Anyone who is underemployed, self-employed, playing hooky, or otherwise available is most welcome to meet me at Cafe Dejena for a twice-weekly co-working/socializing experience. See below for specific dates (as requested by cortex so as not to clutter up IRL). [more inside]
Oakland, CA at Cafe Dejena, 11AM by Bella Donna - 17 comments

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Second String Taters

Horace Rumpole and Discourse Marker are flying off to foreign lands (and not taking us with them!), but we can console ourselves with Geeks Who Drink Trivia at The Rising, 7:30 pm Thursday. [more inside]
Cambridge, MA at The Rising, 7:30PM by firechicago - 0 comments

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Play + Meetup: Shakespeare & a Beer

It's summertime in Ithaca! zamboni and I have been thinking it might be nice to catch some Shakespeare in the park, then head to a bar afterwards for a meetup. [more inside]
Ithaca, NY at Allan H. Treman State Marine Park, 6PM by ourobouros - 4 comments

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Ice cream social in July, is there interest in ice cream?

Ice cream social in July, is there interest in ice cream? [more inside]
Portland, OR at Kenilworth Park, 2PM by aniola - 10 comments

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Sonascope—telling tales in Indianapolis

I’ll be performing a piece for spoken word and electronics on Sunday, 6 August 2017 at 2:30 PM as part of the 13th Annual Electro-Music Festival running from Friday, 4 August to Sunday, 6 August, 2017 at the Irving Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana [directions]. The entire weekend is a long-form celebration of electronic, electro-acoustic, and experimental music that runs the alphabetic gamut from the abrasively new to the zestfully soothing, with a three-day bill jam-packed with amazing musicians I’ve had the pleasure to work with and otherwise revel in for several years now. I’m bringing my combination of left-field storytelling and digital atmospherics to the party, and I get to spend the rest of the time enjoying and educating myself in how it’s done. It's a real bargain for anyone interested in music on/off the beaten path.
Indianapolis, IN at The Irving Theater, 2:30PM by sonascope - 2 comments