Next Two Weeks

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3 maybe

I'm serious, Goat first, then frog.

Billy Goat Tavern again? Yes. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Billy Goat Tavern, 6PM by garlic - 15 comments

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6 maybe

FOGcon meetup

FOGcon, a literary sf convention, is happening on March 6-8 in Walnut Creek. This year's theme is The Traveller. "From The Odyssey to Dr. Who, Margery Kempe to Alyx, the Traveler is an iconic figure. This trope evokes a whole class of stories in both SF and fantasy in a compact and emotionally suggestive form....We will explore such topics as modes of travel, evolving attitudes toward the idea of an alien realm, the range of metaphors travel stands for, changing expectations about the experience of earthly or space travel, and how to be an extreme wilderness hiker - or an extreme hitchhiker. And lots more. Honored Guests: Kim Stanley Robinson, Catherynne M. Valente, Joanna Russ (posthumous)." [more inside]
Walnut Creek, CA at Atrio (Walnut Creek Marriott), 12PM by wintersweet - 23 comments

7 attending
2 maybe

Walnut Creek Corners Tavern Big Swanky Restaurant/Bar Meetup

I'd like to hold a meetup at Corners Tavern in Walnut Creek. This is an upscale, "swanky" venue, but also whimsical with a sense of humor, and only semi-formal, as I see it. It's situated in Broadway Plaza near Macy's and is easy to find. About 20-30 minute walk from BART, depending on what lights you get. What say you? [more inside]

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9 maybe

Shall we play a game(haus)?

I had a great time at the last Game Night, but the only problem is we all had so much to talk about we never got around to the game part before it was time to go! [more inside]
Glendale, CA at GameHaus, 3PM by Room 641-A - 29 comments

9 attending
8 maybe

Anvil of Bacon Crom

Ok, that bacon bomb was pretty good. As we discussed, let's do it again next year. Act now, seats are going fast!
Chicago, IL at Paddy Long's, 7PM by adamdschneider - 41 comments

7 attending
17 maybe

Delicious Foodstuffs Tour of DC Begins with Fish in the Hood

The winner of our food poll is Fish in the Hood, located in Park View, DC. (Easy walk from Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro.) (Also, potentially, in the 'hood?) I'm going to go ahead and simplify this process and pick out a date myself: Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 7:00 PM. It's near some great bars so a Saturday night should be pretty ideal for anyone who wants a night out on the town. Hope to see you all there! [more inside]
Washington, DC at Fish in the Hood, 7PM by capricorn - 25 comments

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10 maybe

She's Beautiful When She's Angry at the Music Box

She's Beautiful When She's Angry, a 2014 documentary of the modern women's movement in the US is playing at the Music Box either from March 13 to 15 or March 13 to 19 (The Music Box only has showtimes for the weekend, but the film's website says "One week only!"). In any event, I'm going to the Sunday Matinee, if anyone is interested in joining me. We can saunter to a nearby bar afterward. Screening is at 2:30, but I've set the time for 2:00pm, cause I'm picky about my movie seating. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Music Box Theatre, 2PM by crush-onastick - 6 comments