June 28

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Paris, Part Deux?

Bonjour Parisians! So I loved Paris so much I am coming back again. Although I may have a tighter schedule this time, but does anyone still want to try to hang? [more inside]

June 27

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11 maybe

DC FOODIES get sum dim sum

Hello FOODIES and welcome to the planning thread for our July meetup! (Sorry, I know that title pun is terrible.) Everyone seemed pretty interested in dim sum when we met up earlier this month, and my research suggests that Gourmet Inspirations in Silver Spring, MD (near the Wheaton Red Line stop) is the area's sleeper hit, both better-reviewed and apparently less-crowded than its competitors. For anyone who doesn't know what dim sum is, it's Hong Kong-style brunch tapas and it is delicious! Usually lots of dumplings and pastries are involved. Let me know what times/dates work best for you inside. [more inside]

June 25

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3 maybe

You Say Table Tennis, I Say Ping Pong

And I say let's play some! Unless some local Mefite is a secret ping pong practitioner who happens to be willing to share their own table and space, I propose a meetup at Pips & Bounce (833 SE Belmont St). All levels welcome, from beginner to expert! Any interest? [more inside]

June 18

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June 14

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Tapas in Madrid?

MeFites who live in Madrid or environs, or even those simply visiting--let's have a meetup! [more inside]

June 13

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1 maybe

CONvergence 2016

CONvergence is imminent! The MeFi meetups the last few years have been fun, so let’s do another this year. The convention runs June 30–July 1. [more inside]

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16 maybe

divabat is new, come say hi

I'm new to Melbourne and would like to meet people & get to know this place. Let's meet up!

May 29

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2 maybe

Music & Movies in the Park

Saturdays in June at Como Dockside and Mondays in August at Loring Park. See inside for bands and films. [more inside]

May 23

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Vanport Mosaic Fest

Anyone want to go to one of the upcoming Vanport Mosaic events?

May 22

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4 maybe

Killer Queen part 2

Those of you who came out to play Killer Queen a few months ago know that this is a seriously addictive game. So let's do it again! [more inside]

May 4

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9 maybe

Toronto mini-break!

Shepherd and I will be in town from May 14-17 for TCAF and a show at Lee's Palace. Anyone want to meet up for food and drinks?