September 22

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0 maybe

There is no Chicago Cabal of Charity

We've been there, done that with RMH meals. We might be there, do that again (say in November). But in 2017, lets try some new charitable things we can do as a group. But what should they be? [more inside]

September 10

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Saskatoon Meetup?

I've wondered what meet-ups are like, but there has never been one in my area (Saskatoon) as far as I know. Still, I can't be the only mefite in Saskatoon... [more inside]

September 8

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4 maybe

V.speculative UK South Coast Meetup - Early Oct?

I am so not a London person. I do have some free time in the first week of October though and wouldn't mind catching up with a few UK-based southern-softy MeFites if a good handful are available. Train strikes permitting! [more inside]

August 28

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2 maybe

amicamentis in NM

amicamentis is visiting New Mexico, and will be in Albuquerque on this Friday, September 2nd. I'm not sure when she'll be around and about, but I wanted to throw this up to get things rolling.

August 15

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In Iceland for a couple of weekends

Hey! My partner and I are going to be in Reykjavik on September 2nd and 3rd and then again on the 10th. I’ve noticed there’s a statistically improbable number of Mefites there and would love to grab a few drinks with y’all (or just serve as an excuse for a meetup). What do people think?

August 14

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1 maybe

Meetup on an LA Weeknight Aug. 24-26 (Weds. through Fri.)?

I'm taking a trip up the West Coast and was wondering if any Mefites want to meet up! I've only been to LA once before and saw all the touristy Hollywood stuff (and had In-N-Out :D), so I think someone else will probably have to propose the place/activity . . . [more inside]

August 11

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3 maybe

Big Damn Heros!

I've been obsessed with RPGs since high school but only fairly recently started actually playing them. Now I find I'd like to run a game from time to time and I thought mefites would make a good group of people to play with! [more inside]

August 3

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6 maybe

Victoria (and area), BC meetup

Let's overcome our reserved reputation and meet each other IRL! [more inside]

July 31

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Kinda last minute but I'm forgetful. So I'll be at Defcon next weekend & would enjoy meeting up with any other MeFites in Las Vegas, either attending or not. I'll be getting in Thursday afternoon & leaving Monday morning so anything between Aug 4-7 is generally in the picture for me. The Con is at Paris & Ballys but I'll have a car & can handle anywhere in town really.