May 25

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St. Louis / ASHRAE nerds, unite! June 25-28

I will be in STL for fun and for ASHRAE, subject of this FPP. Come join me at ASHRAE or for dinner Monday, June 27 at 4 Hands Brewing (tentatively). [more inside]

May 24

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Boda Borg, anyone?

I'll be in Boston this weekend, visiting with my boyfriend, and we'd like to do Boda Borg, but with just the two of us, we're one short of the minimum team number (3-5 people per team). Is anyone interested and available? We could do Sunday or Monday, whichever works better. [more inside]

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11 maybe

Back in DC!

I'll be back in DC the week of June 6 - who'd like to grab dinner or a drink? [more inside]

May 23

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Weekend Improv

Triggerfinger, Become A Silhouette, and I had talked a little bit about getting a group together to see an improv show. I've been to the HUGE Theater in Lynlake a couple of times and enjoyed it immensely on both occasions. Tickets aren't bad, seven or eight bucks, if I remember correctly, and I think they have some free shows. Would anyone be interested in doing a meetup at one? Maybe pick a weekend night (or whatever works best for everyone) in early June and grab drinks or food after?

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Vanport Mosaic Fest

Anyone want to go to one of the Vanport Mosaic events at the end of the month?

May 22

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Philadelphia! Board games? BOARD GAMES

A timely followup thread, for once! Who's up for some more board games in mid- to late June? [more inside]

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4 maybe

Killer Queen part 2

Those of you who came out to play Killer Queen a few months ago know that this is a seriously addictive game. So let's do it again! [more inside]

May 19

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16 maybe


We haven't had a PDX-area meetup in a few months. I think we should remedy that. [more inside]

May 4

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9 maybe

Toronto mini-break!

Shepherd and I will be in town from May 14-17 for TCAF and a show at Lee's Palace. Anyone want to meet up for food and drinks?

May 1

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8 maybe

violetblue's simulation of the blue, but uptown

I'm thinking of starting a west Harlem sect of violetblue's excellent salon series. If you were interested in violetblue's salon but haven't been attending because of the location, read on! [more inside]

April 25

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April 22

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Mefites Take Manhattan Or Another NYC Location

I'm going to be in New York June 8-12. I'd love to hang out - maybe Coney Island? - June 11 or maybe other days! [more inside]

April 9

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Return trip to Sydney

I'll be landing in Sydney on the morning of Sunday April 24th, and was wondering if folks would be up for drinks / food / keeping me awake until 10pm to fight off jetlag.

I'm staying near Wynyard station and I've been following the BS around the lock out laws, so really have no idea what would be a place worth meeting up at.