September 4

1 attending
0 maybe

Frances Ha goes west (let's get a drink!)

Hey guys! I made a somewhat irrational decision to swap Brooklyn for Vancouver next week, and I can't wait. Would love to meet some local MeFites! Anybody down to grab a drink between Sunday, Sept 6 and Sat the 12th? I've never been to your beautiful city before, so I'll probably take all of your recommendations as gospel.

September 2

1 attending
2 maybe

Late September Austin meetup

I'd like to propose an afternoon meetup in late September, either the weekend of September 19-20 or September 26-27. Last time we met was at the Black Star, and I'm game to go there again or try somewhere else. Thoughts and preferences are welcome!

0 attending
1 maybe

In ATX for DjangoCon?

Anyone visiting Austin for DjangoCon and want to meet up with some Austinites? Sunday or Wednesday nights look like good times that don't conflict with planned conference events.

September 1

0 attending
2 maybe

South China Meetup

Where are you, mefites of Shenzhen? Hong Kong? Guangzhou? This place is looking depressingly devoid of mefites and we need to change that!

August 26

5 attending
9 maybe

GABF week beer drinking session

The Great American Beer Festival is Sept. 24-26. The week preceding is usually a great one to drink beer in Denver, with all kinds of special events, guest taps, etc. We can figure out a specific day, time and place as the week draws nearer. Who's in?

August 23

3 attending
3 maybe

PDX Chocolate Meetup

The ketchup meetup reminded me that I wanted to throw a chocolate party! How about Halloween? [more inside]

August 21

1 attending
4 maybe

Random Drinks with Mefite in Toronto

Hey! I moved to SF last year, and am back in Toronto this coming week. Anyone want to get beers on Wednesday night? If n>3, let's do it!

August 16

0 attending
0 maybe

eviemath in Boston

Any Boston mefites want to hang, on Saturday, August 29?

August 13

0 attending
15 maybe

Burgers and Burgertime! (Old Town Pasadena)

An Old Town-centric meetup! Two events, one parking requirement, but also RIGHT OFF THE GOLD LINE! Hooray! [more inside]

August 3

0 attending
3 maybe

Visiting Tokyo!

Hello lovely Mefites of Tokyo! I will be visiting your amazing city for the first time and I would love to meet you. I will be staying in a hotel in the Ueno neighborhood, but I will happily go to anywhere you suggest. I'm hoping to see some unique Tokyo nightlife. I was thinking the night of August 13th would be best. I land on the 12th and I fear I may be a bit jet lagged that day.

July 25

0 attending
5 maybe

Phoenix meetup?

Hey there, Meefs! I moved to the East Valley PHX area from NM about 6 months ago and am interested in meeting more new people. I know that Mefites have get-togethers in lot of cool cities. Would anyone from the Phoenix area like to get together and get a meetup started here?

July 24

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0 maybe


So I'm going to both BlackHat & DefCon this year. Is anybody else or are there locals who want an excuse to hang out? I arrive Aug 3 (Tues) & my last night is Aug 7 (Sat) so it'd have to be between those dates. Also my Thurs night is spoken for. But any other evening I'm open. I can find my way around town so location isn't super important to me. Any takers?

July 22

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0 maybe

Last Minute Las Vegas

I'm in Las Vegas this weekend for a family-related chore -- want to hang out Saturday night? Would love to meet the Las Vegas people who have helped me out with AskMe's over the years.

July 20

2 attending
7 maybe

Go to Chicago

Me and internet fraud detective squad, station number 9 will be visiting Chicago soon and would love to meet some Chicago Mefites -- evening August 8 is probably the best for us. Can you suggest a meetup location? [more inside]

July 16

1 attending
1 maybe

Portage/Kalamazoo (Michigan) Meetup?

Hi all! I was active years back in the Philadelphia meetups and made some irl friends there. I just recently moved to Portage and am hoping to do the same here! Dates, times, locations are all up in the air since I only know how to get to work and home!

July 12

4 attending
0 maybe

Suffolk County Long Island Meetup

My partner Josh and I have just moved to Stony Brook (I'm starting med school here next month). We'd love to meet mefites in the area!

July 10

1 attending
0 maybe

The Gathering of the Juggalos

I'm going to the Gathering of the Juggalos! It's being held July 22-26 (Wednesday to Sunday) in Thornville OH, a little over a half hour east of Columbus. If any other Mefites are going, let's meet up and ride some (dark) carnival rides together! [more inside]