October 27

2 attending
1 maybe

Less week, more end

Hey Toronto MeFites, it's been a while. What say you to a November 19 (Saturday) meetup, say around 3:00 in the afternoon? [more inside]

October 25

1 attending
4 maybe

Tokyo traveler + you??

I'm coming to Tokyo and would love to meet other MeFites. [more inside]

October 24

6 attending
10 maybe

Meetup, anyone??

Looks like there hasn't been a Denver meetup in a while, and I'm new in town... so let's do this thing! How about we grab a beer? Suggestions welcome. [more inside]

October 15

6 attending
10 maybe

Edinburgh Pubby McPubface

I has been in the Edinburgh for nearly a year, and I would much like to meet muh fellow Mefites. There is much to discuss about the joys and travails of life in North Britain, yet nothing that wouldn't be improved by beer and bonhomie. Here's the plan. [more inside]

October 13

2 attending
1 maybe

Savannah post hurricane Matthew meetup

Hey, let's meet and swap stories about life in general and surviving hurricane Matthew in general! [more inside]

September 26

0 attending
17 maybe

Pittsburgh Welcome Wagon

Hi All, I've recently moved to Pittsburgh and wanted to test the MeFi waters out here. I'm here for a grad program but other than my little school cohort, I don't know anyone in the city. I'd love to organize a low key meet and greet, maybe a Friday evening at Arsenal Cider House? I'm open to suggestions. Mostly I'd just love to say hi to my new pgh neighbors!

September 22

3 attending
2 maybe

There is no Chicago Cabal of Charity

We've been there, done that with RMH meals. We might be there, do that again (say in November). But in 2017, lets try some new charitable things we can do as a group. But what should they be? [more inside]

September 10

0 attending
0 maybe

Saskatoon Meetup?

I've wondered what meet-ups are like, but there has never been one in my area (Saskatoon) as far as I know. Still, I can't be the only mefite in Saskatoon... [more inside]

August 28

0 attending
2 maybe

Fall in NM

It's fall in New Mexico, and the time is ripe for a meetup! Let's look a couple weekends out, unless people want to escape the Balloon Fiesta madness in ABQ and want to do something sooner. [more inside]