July 22

5 attending
4 maybe

ChuraChura in Chicago

I'm in Chicago for a conference and would love to get lunch/drinks with Chicago mefites on August 21! [more inside]

July 11

0 attending
1 maybe

how about a Nashville meetup

I've never done this so please hope me if I've done it wrong. Would anyone like to do a Nashville meetup? I'm up for going somewhere on a week night for an earlyish dinner and drinks. Maybe Two Bits (the arcade on Demonbreun) or something like that would be fun.

July 6

2 attending
28 maybe

DC-area end of summer/early autumn ice cream social

Inspired by this MetaTalk post, and in particular this comment, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in some kind of ice cream social...potluck...thing. I'm proposing we do this at the end of summer, maybe even late September, because of life events, and summer vacations, that might make things a little tricky in the immediate future. Anyway, let's talk logistics and location, certainly, but let's maybe also workshop some ideas? Further thoughts below. [more inside]

July 4

5 attending
7 maybe

Wangland Meetup

Full English Brexit Meetup - do you need to rant about 'Kippers, commiserate with likeminded folks and meet MeFites near you? Join us fellow traveller. Come, come inside. [more inside]

June 29

0 attending
1 maybe


Anyone else going? Maybe we could meet up for a meal, or in the consuite for a chat.

June 18

0 attending
0 maybe

June 14

0 attending
0 maybe

Tapas in Madrid?

MeFites who live in Madrid or environs, or even those simply visiting--let's have a meetup! [more inside]

May 29

0 attending
2 maybe

Music & Movies in the Park

Saturdays in June at Como Dockside and Mondays in August at Loring Park. See inside for bands and films. [more inside]