November 19

2 attending
1 maybe

Aussie in Wellington seeks beer and drinking buddies

Same as this time last year, I'll be in Wellington for the 2nd week of December and would be up for a few quiet-ish beers on the evening of Wednesday the 9th. [more inside]

November 10

0 attending
16 maybe

A Semi-Annual Late December New England Gathering

I'll be in Manchester, NH from December 20-December 29. As usual, I'd love to say hi to New England mefites. [more inside]

November 9

0 attending
5 maybe

Disneyland Meetup?

Going to Disneyland is mostly about having a great capacity to stand in lines. Standing in line with people that would be really interesting to talk to sounds like a win to me. Standing in line with beer in California Adventure land with interesting people would be....magical. [more inside]

November 3

0 attending
4 maybe

Rag-Tag Mefite Thanksgiving?

Inspired by this post -- is anyone interested in a TINCC Turkey Day? [more inside]

October 27

0 attending
1 maybe

Black Friday Voter Registration Drive

Inspired by this comment, let's have a voter registration drive in Seattle on Black Friday. [more inside]

October 12

1 attending
0 maybe

Tokyo Meetup!

Hey, everyone, I'm in Tokyo, until Sunday, October the 18th. Does anybody want to meet up?

October 7

0 attending
9 maybe

Portland Maine anyone?

By my calculations it's been more than a year since the last Portland, ME meetup. I see Askme questions all the time about our fair city with copious and quality answering, so why not? [more inside]

October 2

0 attending
0 maybe

Anyone in Kuala Lumpur?

I just moved to KL where I know no one. Any mefites around who'd like to meet up for tasty food or a gallery?