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More Than Two Weeks Out

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8 maybe
Poutine at Chicago's new poutine shop.
A new poutine shop has opened! Let's go! [more inside]
Chicago, IL at The Big Cheese Poutinerie, 7PM by garlic - 7 comments

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3 maybe
Meetup in Victoria BC?
I will be on Vancouver Island in a month. In a tentative feelers for a meetup last year, I suggested the totally apt FIAMO in Victoria for a meetup. Does Saturday May 3rd suit anybody to meet there?

12 attending
6 maybe
Durham Bulls Game Meetup
Let's plan a meetup at a Durham Bulls game for some time in May or June [May 4, Star Wars Night]. It's minor-league baseball, so the prices are low: The most expensive tickets are $30 (our will be in the $10 range), real pints of local craft beers are $5-7, and most concession food is in the $1-5 range. At the same time, the team is AAA, meaning the players are good enough to be only one step away from the Major Leagues, as demonstrated in detail in that great documentary film Bull Durham. Scheduling and booking details inside. [more inside]
Durham, NC at Durham Bulls Athletic Park, 5PM by ardgedee - 41 comments

4 attending
2 maybe
SE Oregon Camping / Meteor-watch, Memorial Day weekend
I finally followed up on this Proposed post, and it looks like Page Springs Campground near Steens Mountain will be our rendezvous point for Memorial Day weekend (May 23-25), when a spectacular meteor shower is scheduled to happen. [more inside]
Oregon at Page Springs Campground, 8AM by Greg_Ace - 9 comments

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Monthly Brooklyn Board Game Meetup (May)
Our May meetup will be Saturday the 24th. We'll start at 2pm. Bring your games, snacks and/or drinks. [more inside]
New York, NY at ocherdraco's apartment (#4D, buzzer #407), 2PM by ocherdraco - 0 comments

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1 maybe
I am new to Halifax - would you like to meet for wine Sat. May 24 at 7pm?
Hello :D I recently moved to Halifax and would like to get to know more people. Would anyone wish to join me for a drink (or six) at Obladee Wine bar on Saturday May 24 at 7pm? I have a friendly, outgoing nature, and look forward to seeing you there! I will book a table if anyone responds, otherwise I will loiter at the bar having a drunken good time and chanting TEKELI-LI earnestly until someone manifests, or 8pm, whichever is most convenient :D. Details of my unwholesome garb (so that you may recognize me) will follow closer to the date. [more inside]

4 attending
2 maybe
NYC mefites ocherdraco and (The Rt Hon.) MP visiting Sydney
UPDATE: We will be meeting at Young Henry's for a beer or two, then moving on to Hartsyard for dinner. If you want to join us for dinner, please let me know by 11 May, as I'll be making any final changes to our reservation then. Can't wait to meet everyone! [more inside]
Newtown, Australia at Young Henry's, 6PM by ocherdraco - 16 comments

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Anvil of Bacon Crom
Ok, that bacon bomb was pretty good. As we discussed, let's do it again next year. Act now, seats are going fast!
Chicago, IL at Paddy Long's, 7PM by adamdschneider - 6 comments

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