More Than Two Weeks Out

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Georgian Soup Dumplings and All The Games

Citizens! I have a sudden and incontrovertibly ingenious plan, inspired by a Jonathan Gold review on KCRW of the Tumanyan Khinkali Factory, describing the khinkali as a "near peak soup dumpling experience." Given that this is in Glendale, and thus in vague proximity (2ish miles) to MeFite favorite GameHäus Cafe (previously and previouslier)...well, you can imagine my excitement! [more inside]
Glendale, CA at Tumanyan Khinkali Factory, 1PM by Celsius1414 - 25 comments

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Sydney City to Surf 2015

Is anyone else running in the City to Surf this year? I don't know if I'm proposing a meet-up or just a general mutual online support thingo, but I thought it would be nice to compile a list of who's doing it. And maybe we could meet up briefly at the start to wish each other well, or even do a training run together a week or two before if we aren't all vastly different levels. [more inside]
Sydney, Australia at Sydney CBD/Bondi, 8AM by lollusc - 7 comments

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Beat The Blerch

Is anyone interested in joining me at the Beat The Blerch events on Sept. 12 and 13 in Carnation WA? There's a 10K, a Half, and a Full marathon. If all goes well I will be making my first marathon attempt.
Carnation, WA at Carnation WA, 8AM by bq - 3 comments

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The Riddle of Bacon

Okay: that bacon bomb was pretty good. Let's do it again next year. Act now - seats are going fast!
Chicago, IL at Paddy Long's, 7PM by Iridic - 13 comments