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More Than Two Weeks Out

15 attending
11 maybe
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ [Washington, DC]
Hey! Let's get back together and flip some metaphorical tables somewhere in or near DC in mid-August. How does Friday, August 15 sound? [more inside]
Washington, DC at The Passenger, 7PM by divined by radio - 28 comments

3 attending
3 maybe
Darkness Descends Over the Bay
I'm visiting SF again 4th to 20th August and it would be cool to meet some MeFites. Drinks at Virgil's Sea Room at 3pm on 16th August (Saturday). Come later in the day if you want since I'm presuming we will be there a while. We may pop out for food at some point - I'll keep the thread updated.
San Francisco, CA at Virgil's Sea Room, 3PM by Erberus - 20 comments

10 attending
5 maybe
Metafilter Oregon Coast Labor Day Weekend Beach Party Meetup: Lincoln City Edition
There will be: food! games! music! probably drinking! definitely fire on the beach! camaraderie! et cetera et cetera. Note: location is going to be Lincoln City, but the event is currently set for Portland, OR to catch the greatest number of area notifications (hopefully!) Note 2: Jurassic Park viewing party as well! [more inside]
Portland, OR at Lincoln City Beach House! Temporary address, 2PM by curious nu - 51 comments

3 attending
3 maybe
መልካም ምግብ (Ethiopian food!) - Meals by Genet
Scheduling for August 31st at 6:00 PM. Let me know if this works for folks. I'll look into reservations when we get closer to the time and have a better sense of who's able to come. Yay! [more inside]
Los Angeles, CA at Meals by Genet, 6PM by Celsius1414 - 4 comments

1 attending
3 maybe
Toronto VegFest!
Hey, TO MeFites, I'll be in town Labour Day weekend for my first trip to the VegFest. [more inside]
Toronto, ON at Harbourfront Centre, 1PM by Kitteh - 1 comment

3 attending
6 maybe
Borefts Beer Festival 2014
Europe's best craft and boutique beer festival, held at Brouwerij de Molen, in the Netherlands. [more inside]
Bodegraven, The Netherlands at Brouwerij de Molen, 8PM by daveje - 0 comments

8 attending
2 maybe
Anvil of Bacon Crom
Ok, that bacon bomb was pretty good. As we discussed, let's do it again next year. Act now, seats are going fast!
Chicago, IL at Paddy Long's, 7PM by adamdschneider - 15 comments

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