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Next Two Weeks

4 attending
6 maybe

The Harvey Girls release party

The Harvey Girls/Cherimoya/Kelli Frances Corrado at The Firkin in Portland, OR! [more inside]
Portland, OR at The Firkin Tavern, 7PM by sleepy pete - 0 comments

5 attending
15 maybe

Meetup at The Mash Tun

This New Englander will have some free time in Portland next month and I've never met the local MeFites. After some discussion we've settled on talk and drinks and food at The Mash Tun Brewpub on Alberta. We'll start around 6pm and stay there until we feel the need to walk the block to Salt and Straw or somewhere else the locals suggest. See you soon!
Portland, OR at The Mash Tun Brewpub, 6PM by Songdog - 9 comments

6 attending
2 maybe

BBQ/Cocktail meetup

It's BBQ Time again! Also, at a recent meetup someone mentioned that another cocktail event would be fun - so let's combine the two! [more inside]
Portland, OR at Chez Greg_Ace, 5PM by Greg_Ace - 14 comments

More Than Two Weeks Out

1 attending
5 maybe

Marmalade/fruitcake/other "making-stuff" reprise?

Last year's fruitcake and marmalade production was a good time with good results (if a little bit intense with the lime on that five fruit marmalade). Shall we do another group cooking/gift-making project? [more inside]
Portland, OR at janell's, 1PM by janell - 19 comments

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