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Can I interest you in a Goat Frog?
I definitely need one. You probably do, too. By now, you know the drill and if you are not participating, you should be ashamed of yourself. Tiny beers and foodstuffs from the grill (free pickles!) at the Original Billy Goat Tavern, lower Michigan Avenue, starting at around 6:00pm. Then adjournment to the Frog for increasingly poor decisions and much awesome.
Chicago, IL at Billy Goat Tavern, 6PM by crush-onastick - 16 comments

Next Two Weeks

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5 maybe
The Great Chicago Fire Festival
"In partnership with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, Redmoon Theater presents The Great Chicago Fire Festival, celebrating Chicago’s epic resurgence and strength after the Great Fire of 1871, and the grit of its people that propelled us forward to build anew." [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Chicago River, 6PM by bibliogrrl - 6 comments

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11 maybe
Mr. Z returns to Chicago (for a bit!)
Hey guys, it looks like I'm going to be stationed in Chicago a bit for work, likely for most of October. So I guess where do I apply for temporary Cabal membership?
Updated: I have a location and a date for when I will be out there, Oct 5th I land, was thinking 7pm near my where I will be staying in the Logan Square/Wicker Parkish area. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Lemmings!, 7PM by mrzarquon - 18 comments

8 attending
4 maybe
Anvil of Bacon Crom
Ok, that bacon bomb was pretty good. As we discussed, let's do it again next year. Act now, seats are going fast!
Chicago, IL at Paddy Long's, 7PM by adamdschneider - 19 comments

Fun Stats: Chicago, IL has had 152 meetups, 20 performances, 1 presentation, 10 exhibitions, and 12 etc. events.