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Next Two Weeks

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Yes, and...Improv Night Volume 2

Looking at everyone's schedules, it seems like our best bet will be October 8. There are three shows and you can buy a pass for all three, which I might just do. The schedule is:

8:00 pm Election! The improvised comedy election you wish was real – not to be confused with the real election you wish was an improvised comedy

9:30 pm Super Good Super Good takes simple ideas to their furthest physical and emotional distance. Let’s go! The ensemble cast is Anna Tobin, Erik Neilson, Gubby Kubik, Lupe Muraszewski, and Molly Chase.

10:30 pm Attenborough: The improvised wildlife documentary Attenborough : The Improvised Wildlife Documentary Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom in glorious, live, improvised 3-D.

HUGE Theater
Minneapolis, MN at Huge Theater, 8PM by holmesian - 5 comments

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