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South Florida 20th Anniversary Meetup?

Has there really never been a South Florida meetup? How is this possible?!! Anyone around care to try to do something casual for our grand ol' 20th? I'm in Hollywood and can host in my small but cozy condo on either Friday the 12th or Saturday the 13th--perhaps I can put out some box wine, light snacks, and we can just do a potluck style early evening thing? Other ideas? I had a blast up in Philadelphia for the 10th anniversary and would love the chance to meet some SoFlo MeFites if possible!
posted by youarenothere on Jul 4, 2019 - 6 comments

Paris MeFi 20th Anniversary Meetup

Hi! We have a confirmed date of Saturday 13th July, I’m thinking mid afternoon. No venue as of yet, come in and discuss!
posted by ellieBOA on Jun 16, 2019 - 4 comments

Mefi 20-year + 1-week Bday - Phase 2

Hey all! So sorry for the last minute change, but since the weather forecast is not looking favourable, we're going to divert to Kensington Pub for the meetup! I'll reserve one of the big tables in the main area of the pub. Check below for updates!
posted by CarrotAdventure on Jun 12, 2019 - 28 comments

Portland (technically Hillsboro) MeFi 20th Anniversary Meetup

Let the games begin! Rune and Board has kindly offered to let us use their side event room for the day! 1 - 5ish pm. [more inside]
posted by Secretariat on Jun 10, 2019 - 75 comments

MeFi20 NYC - Picnic in Prospect Park

YES it's happening. We’ll be at the northern part of the meadow, just south of Meadowport Arch. Bring snacks drinks kids and/or pets. In case of rain, let's do BERG'N instead. If we should change anything about the plan to make this more accessible, please let me know!
posted by estlin on Jun 3, 2019 - 35 comments

DC-Area 20th Anniversary Meetup

How and when do DC MeFites want to celebrate MeFi's Twentieth? The true anniversary is July 14, and National Ice Cream Day is July 21—perfect for another Ice Cream Social. Or would people prefer to meet in a restaurant or bar?
posted by Johnny Wallflower on May 26, 2019 - 15 comments

Triangle 20th Meetup - Saturday, July 13th

It has been almost 20 years since the first post on MeFi, so what an opportune time to get together here in the Triangle of North Carolina! Maybe we can even make this a regional thing and lure some MeFites down from the mountains, off the Outer Banks, and "y'all too, Fort Bragg!" Let's start a discussion in this thread about where, when, and what we want to do in general terms before we nail down the details. [more inside]
posted by Rock Steady on May 22, 2019 - 40 comments

Tokyo 20th Anniversary Meetup

As suggested by Ghidorah in the MeFi 20 Planning Thread, maybe this could prompt us to get our act together and have a meetup without the impetus of a Mefite visiting from elsewhere? [more inside]
posted by Strutter Cane - United Planets Stilt Patrol on May 21, 2019 - 36 comments

MeFi20 - Massachusetts South Coast

Come to my house for the MeFi20 meetup. We'll have snacks, some sort of dinner-ish food, some sort of drinks, lawn games, indoor games, wifi, and who knows what else. If you're not normally a "meetup person" but would like to say hello and then go somewhere and twiddle with your phone while drinking a nice beverage, we can accommodate. Family and friends? Sure! Kids, are very welcome. [more inside]
posted by jessamyn on May 18, 2019 - 154 comments

MeFi 20 Brisbane

We're getting in a bit early with this one but Dinoworx and I were just discussing how MeFi is turning 20 next July. That means it's our 10 year anniversary as we met through MeFi due to the MeFi 10 meet... now we're married with two kids! So, we'd like to celebrate all things MeFi with Friends Of Matt in Brisbane. Any takers? [more inside]
posted by indienial on Aug 9, 2018 - 14 comments

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