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In this tiny town, can we rustle up enough people to celebrate in style? The anniversary is technically Saturday, July 13th, or we could do Sunday, July 14th instead if that works better for people.
Some kind of drinks-n-snacks bar situation is probably the default option, but we could totally do something else. Picnic? Game / field trip of some sort?
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I'm truly not the best person to propose something [pretty new to NY], but I wanted to make sure the ball got rolling! Consider it now rolling.
posted by estlin at 2:22 PM on June 3

What if we did a fun picnic in Prospect Park on Sunday afternoon 7/14? [I can figure out a backup venue nearby in case it rains]
posted by estlin at 12:56 PM on June 12

Prospect Park sounds like a great idea. Even if it rains, there are lots of places nearby.
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+1 Picnic.
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July 13th & 14th are currently free for me; we could plan a Prospect Park picnic on Saturday the 13th, with Sunday the 14th as a backup date in case of rain on the 13th. I own and could bring a copy of "Snake Oil" which is a fun party-type card game that has rounds that last maybe 5-10 minutes each, and it's easy to add and subtract people between rounds in case people want to come, go, play Frisbee, and so on.
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I just learned a fantastic party game, now available as a fully offline app: Person Do Thing

It's roughly Taboo, where your goal is to get people to say a certain word. But you're only allowed to speak from a whitelist of 36 words, and in the hardcore version everyone else is restricted to the same whitelist except when guessing your goal word. This usually generates fantastically quotable exchanges like,

A: Person do thing, person feel good!
B: Heroin!
A: ...No. Many no.

(Okay, maybe you had to be there. But you could be! If we play!)
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Yay! Hello everyone [and thanks if someone sent this link around - publicizing meetup proposals is a mystery to me].

Anyone have strong opinions on the 13th vs 14th? 14th works way better for me, but I don't want to strongarm the group! I also see and appreciate the logic of brainwane's "call it for the 13th, use 14th as a rain date."
posted by estlin at 8:20 AM on June 17

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