Triangle 20th Meetup - Saturday, July 13th
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Sat July 13 at 1:00 PM, Chez Ardgedee & Research Monkey
301 W Morgan St, Durham, NC, USA (Map & Directions)
It has been almost 20 years since the first post on MeFi, so what an opportune time to get together here in the Triangle of North Carolina! Maybe we can even make this a regional thing and lure some MeFites down from the mountains, off the Outer Banks, and "y'all too, Fort Bragg!" Let's start a discussion in this thread about where, when, and what we want to do in general terms before we nail down the details.
The current address for the meetup is not accurate. Please check the thread for details.

Maybe there is a pre-potluck activity for folks who prefer a more structured hang sesh? Possibly post-potluck cocktails at a local watering hole?

If folks want to travel for this, I have a guest room and several comfy-ish couches available here in Fuquay-Varina.
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Yay! Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this!
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We're also up for hosting a potluck at our house in south Durham. For post-meetup drinking there are a couple bottle shops nearby, including Sam's and Growler Grrls, and for post-meetup dining a variety of pretty good restaurants.

We can't offer crash space unfortunately, though on the other hand we might be the mefites most centrally-located in terms of Triangle geography.
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Any thoughts about date/time? I know Sunday afternoons have been popular lately, and that allows us to have it on the anniversary itself - Sunday, July 14th - if that works for folks.

I'm thinking some sort of activity (NC Art Museum? Hiking? Duke Lemur Center? Escape Room? Volunteering?) around Noon or 1, casual drop-in style potluck from 3 until 7 or 8, then optional after-party at some sort of adult beverage establishment.

When I write it all out like that it sounds like a lot, but I figure this gives folks different opportunities to join in in a way they feel comfortable, you know?
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> I know Sunday afternoons have been popular lately

Hey, did you mean Saturday? I checked past meetups and for the last 2 years local meetups have been on Saturday, for brunch or lunch. Some years before that meetups tended to be weekday nights, but that timeslot seems to have gone out of fashion.

Personally a full day of activities including after-party on a Sunday would be difficult for me, with Monday being a workday and all, and often having to be at the office before 8 am.
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the merge 30th anniversary festival in late July may bring some mefites to the area (I know it's bringing me back)...
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A Saturday potluck sounds awesome. Not sure if I can handle a string of events (introvert!), but I would be up for a Lemur Center visit.
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Yes, let's do this! I have a guest room in Raleigh with an en suite bathroom for anyone wanting to make the trip.

I'm OK with either day, but Saturday might be better if we're anticipating having people coming from out of town.
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Urp, yeah, I meant Saturday July 13th. I've added that to the post title as we start to get things together.
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Another possibility: the Carolina Theatre in Downtown Durham is hosting a retro-arthouse film series that weekend. There are a bunch of great films on Saturday 7/13, including Anatomy of a Murder and Bridge on the River Kwai in the afternoon, and a late-night showing of Throne of Blood. Downside to movies, though, is that it might not be good for a chatty group -- but food/drinks before or after is always an option.
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> I would be up for a Lemur Center visit.

Lemur Center requires reservations weeks in advance, especially in the summer. You should investigate booking a visit ASAP if you want to be sure you have a date in July.
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Aw man! We will be in Portland that weekend (maybe there will be an event there and then?). I love the potluck idea! Sorry we can’t make it.
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> We will be in Portland that weekend (maybe there will be an event there and then?).

Both mathowie and cortex live in Portland, so... maybe?
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I just learned that I formally adopted my cat on Metafilter's 15th anniversary. <3
I'll be there.
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Bit of a derail here, but do any of you in the Triangle area want a Carolina Reaper plant or two? I have two plants from cuttings I took last year, and they’re ready to be transplanted or moved to larger pots. I don’t need three Carolina Reaper plants, so free to a good home.
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OK, hope everyone had a great (hot) Memorial Day weekend! It doesn't sound like there are any other contenders or serious objections to the basic idea of a potluck at ardgedee and research monkey's place. I'll give it another couple of days for discussion and then formalize it later this week. If you know any Triangle (or North Carolina in general) MeFites who might not have seen this post, drop them a line!
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Aw, I will be back home for a visit the following week for a bit, but will miss this! Have a wonderful time!
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Hey I’m in Greensboro; totally up for a trek to the Triangle for some kind of party situation. Will be following for details!
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Hi from SE coast. I may be able to get the day off work, so will be traveling both ways that day (5-6 hrs total) because I have to be at work on Sunday.

So, if there is a way to make part of the event nearish midday or early afternoon, that would be fantastic.
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If we're having this at Chez Ardgedee & Research Monkey, it's time to start planning...

1. Let's have a potluck. A few years back we hosted a biscuit festival which went over pretty well. This time, another food theme could be fun too, as long as it can be accommodating of everyone's dietary needs.

2. We have a proper deck on our house and a charcoal grill. Although if we're grilling food for a lot of people, a loaner of a gas grill (or more charcoal grills) would be useful.

3. Scheduling: If we're hosting it we'd really rather it start early Saturday afternoon. This is both optimal for hang time, if that's what people like, and based on past events it's usually the best fit for everybody's schedules (you're in luck, mightshould).

4. Family, kids, and to a limited degree pets will be welcome (we can't welcome cats because of severe allergies). We have a new-ish wood floor so we'll ask everybody bring a pair of socks or slippers for walking around indoors. (There are always socks and slippers on-hand for guests, but the attendance will probably outstrip that supply.)
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Great! As a talisman, I can enact a storm preparedness ritual and bring toilet paper and ice....which may be actually helpful....the milk and bread and alcohol components may be turned into something yet to be determined .....
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OK, let's do this. I'll edit the thread details based on ardgedee's comment above, and thanks again for the offer of your place!

Here is a Google Sheet for planning purposes. It should not require a Google sign-in to edit.
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IRL requires an address for confirmed meetups, but I assume ardgedee and Research Monkey don't want their address plastered all over the internet.
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I'll be at the beach that weekend. Sorry to miss out, but will be with you in spirit(s).
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I might be able to go? Not sure yet due to new job, but I'll update when I know and will add something for the potluck if so. Also, maybe it's just the Google ads on that sheet but y'all look a little more famous than I remember from my last meetup.
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Haha, that is my carefully chosen illustration, not a Google ad! Still trying to figure out what I am bringing...
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We'll be memailing our address to people who've responded as attending in the sidebar - so if you're planning on attending, but have only responded in-thread, please make sure to respond in the 'Joining Us?' box, too.

Tho those who've already RSVP'd, please check your MeMail in the coming week.
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I'm afraid my maybe just turned into a late no, family plans shifted unexpectedly. Have fun!
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Well dang. My car has a major problem and I cannot make the long distance trip. Bummed.

I hope y'all have a great meetup!
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I'm about to begin memailing our coordinates to everyone who's marked themselves "Attending" and "Maybe". If you want to come (even if you're not sure you can) and you don't see something from me by Friday morning, memail me back! If you have memail disabled, send email to my username at and I'll catch you up that way.

Reminder: Not many people have filled out the spreadsheet. If you don't know what you're bringing yet, that's fine; for the time being something vague like "drinks" or "appetizer" will be sufficient, and will help everybody gauge what they should bring. If you have to change your plans, that's cool too, just update with what you know.
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I just updated the spreadsheet with my info. Not sure how helpful I'm being. I have so many ideas. Maybe I'm just hungry.
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I can’t seem to edit the spreadsheet on my phone but I’ll be there with some sort of side dish!
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Thanks everyone! So far the only thing nobody's committed to is drinks!

mightshould: Wow that sucks! We'll be missing you. I hope things work out for the best for you.
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Does anyone have fresh basil? I have fixins for a caprese salad, minus the basil.
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We can snag some beverages on the way.
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I forgot to mention in memail: people can park in our driveway or in the street. Just please try to keep our neighbors’ driveways and mailboxes accessible.
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I'll be a little late; my phone has had issues. Art, I sent you a memail, am going to bring my dog.
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Running a little late here as well, but we will be there.
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Here is the corn salad y'all missed out on. The recipe calls for stripping the kernels off a cob, but I have found that canned corn is fine, unless you have really fresh corn on the cob.
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Thank you everybody for coming!

(kingless, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion you brought is still on the counter and I'm leaving ardgedee to deal with it - that's some powerful stuff.)

And the Carolina Reaper cuttings went to good homes. I've made hot sauce with this recipe - warning, if using Carolina Reaper peppers, keep pot covered when heating sauce, and do not open indoors / breathe in fumes.
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Thanks again for hosting. Andy had so much fun being a lap dog and getting all the love!
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