DC-Area 20th Anniversary Meetup
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How and when do DC MeFites want to celebrate MeFi's Twentieth? The true anniversary is July 14, and National Ice Cream Day is July 21—perfect for another Ice Cream Social. Or would people prefer to meet in a restaurant or bar?
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I'm up for any and all options. That said, much as I love ice cream socials, I wouldn't mind doing the big meetup in a restaurant or similar.

I'll be out of town the weekend of July 20th (and the following week), but my July is *mainly* clear otherwise.
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I'm pulling for something on 6-7 and am up for going to a restaurant.
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I assume you meant July 7?
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my July is mostly clear too, I'm up for something after July 4th
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Sorry, yes, July 6 or 7
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In terms of weekends, I can definitely do the 14th and 27-28th, other dates are going to depend on time of day or how other plans work out. An afternoon event somewhere family-friendly seems like it might let the most folks participate.
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I'm going to try to go to the Masshole Meetup on the 13th so I could make it if it was the weekend before or after that. I had a lot of fun at the ice cream social last year and with larger groups I personally prefer that kind of setting because it makes it easier to mix and mingle and FUCKING HEAR PEOPLE. < /old >
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if socially awkward northern-Virginia-types who have never been to a meetup despite wanting to go for years are invited, then 13-14 Jul or 27-28 Jul would be most excellent.
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That was me before the 10th Anniversary. All are welcome!
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Should we decide on a date? I think if we wait too long, everyone's calendars are going to fill up and it won't happen.

I don't have the technical savvy to do this, but maybe someone send out a survey to everyone on the "maybes" list and we could just use the most popular Saturday afternoon?
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Well, there's no law saying it must be held the month of the actual anniversary, although it would be great to catch Fizz and nightrecordings while they're here. I can make the 14th, 27th and 28th. We don't have a consensus on venue either.
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How about the 27th at 6 pm?

There's a few restaurants in DC I'm familiar with. Are people wanting a casual or more sit-down type restaurant?

Maybe: A Baked Joint, Busboys & Poets, and Zaytinya. Anyone interested in something else or other suggestions?
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I think casual would be better. I'm not sure how difficult it is to get a large-ish reservation at any of those places.
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Is this something people are still interested in. I'm going to be in town and I'm up for a meetup of some kind.
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Does the 27th work for you?
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