MeFi 20 Brisbane
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We're getting in a bit early with this one but Dinoworx and I were just discussing how MeFi is turning 20 next July. That means it's our 10 year anniversary as we met through MeFi due to the MeFi 10 meet... now we're married with two kids! So, we'd like to celebrate all things MeFi with Friends Of Matt in Brisbane. Any takers?
The original meet was at Three Monkeys, so we could go there again or somewhere else. Sake bombs optional :)
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Oh god. Were you still there when we wound up at the casino? For some reason? Chaos.

Anyway I'm in like a cheap daquiri.
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We bailed just after dark as had dinner plans but it was pretty rowdy when we left!

Here is the original MeFi 10 planning thread
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I’ll be there!
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I'm up.
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h00py said she'd beat me to a pulp if I didn't turn up, so count me in (last time, anyhow).
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An outrageous slander. I'm a famous coward.
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My word, this colour scheme is .. unpleasant.
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Count me in! My social anxiety led to me bailing for the 10th anniversary and I've been kicking myself ever since.

yeah, what's with the baby-shit brown colour scheme?
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I had completely forgotten that planning thread. That was fun. I wish I could have stayed for all the fun that came after! Maybe this time. I'm even creakier now, though.
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My knees make the sort of delightful noises your knees can only make after gestating two massive infants. We can creak loudly at any young people in the area.
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Jilder, h00py, I am soooo in for a creaking contest. S/he who creaks loudest wins $5 off a hip replacement! I can also throw in my party trick of throwing my neck out by making seemingly innocuous movements.

So, should Dino and I start making MeFi 20 shirts? I found our MeFi 10 ones the other day, which kind of prompted this post.
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I seem to recall taking a photo for dg? Can't remember the exact details, there was a substantial amount of alcohol involved. But does anyone remember/have a copy?
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I hope I didn't take it as my camera was lost during the post-Monkies crawl.
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Alas, I think you did actually! Man, that was some crawl...
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