MeFi20 - Massachusetts South Coast
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Sat July 13 at 3:00 PM, The Ridge
Main Rd, Westport, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Come to my house for the MeFi20 meetup. We'll have snacks, some sort of dinner-ish food, some sort of drinks, lawn games, indoor games, wifi, and who knows what else. If you're not normally a "meetup person" but would like to say hello and then go somewhere and twiddle with your phone while drinking a nice beverage, we can accommodate. Family and friends? Sure! Kids, are very welcome.
Venue is my house but some details can be TBD. What I'd love to do is some sort of potluck or "bring things for the grill" (assuming I get the grill working) and we'll have all the condiments, drinks (beer, seltzers, sodas) and some sort of dessert. Maybe a MeFi slide show if I get energetic. House is big and rambly, mostly accessible (bathrooms) but there are a few steps to get in/out. Can accommodate a few overnight guests, more if you don't mind couches and/or camping. Hosts are me, not_on_display and bandit.
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I hope to be there, although my summer plans are a bit of a shambles from work.
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In my 19 years on this site, I have never attended a meetup. That's all gonna change, baby. See you there!
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hope we can make it.
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There is a large yard! There is a tiny frog pond! You could throw lawn darts (but you will NOT, you can throw other things like frisbees).
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feistycakes and I will be there. We might make it a day trip, maybe an overnighter. We'll bring fun things and yummy things and a bottle of whiskey to share. And I would be remiss if I did not remember my rallying cry from ten years ago in NYC- if you arrive late, bring ice. Lots and lots of ice.
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There is a large yard!

I'm bringing a Cornhole set so we can overthink a plate of beanbags.
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Tentatively yes!
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I'm going to be in Boston the following weekend (and also attending a 50th Moon Landing anniversary party), so now looking at possibly extending my trip to be there earlier!
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Remembered that we are conducting a homebrew class that day and unfortunately cannot make it.
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Oh, yay! I had to double check when I first joined MeFi (2008) because it's been my online home for so long. I'm delighted to be able to join the celebration. Yay!
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I have to double check, but I'm pretty sure we're free. I can bring a kubb set and we'll figure out some food and drinks to bring.
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Oh gosh I was hoping someone could bring kubb. I got lost on Amazon looking at kubb options. I love that game.
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Oooh kubb! We played that in Copenhagen and I haven't played it since. Hope I can make it (with husband and toddler).
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You are now Kubb, defender of the polyverse!

The fun cannot be halted.
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I am scheduled to work that day, but can possibly work something out with a coworker. I would really like to be there!
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Has it really been 5 years since we last did this?
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I would love to, but it might collide with Summer Family Stuff (summer camp, &c.). I will take a crawl through my calendar.

But regardless, thanks for hosting, Jessamyn & Kate & Jim!
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Robocop and I will be there, with our kid in tow. Yay!
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I'm heartbroken I can't be there. July 14th conflicts with an annual ... nerd thing ... here in Maine (where we also play Kubb), and I can't miss it.

I will be thinking of you all though.
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Alright, schedule has been confirmed and we'll be coming. Maybe I'll make sausages or pulled pork or something to bring?
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I got my 25 lbs of cheddar and... it's a lot. Will think of recipes. Many many recipes.
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Is anyone going from NYC? I want to go but I don't have a car and you can't get there from public transportation.
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psst... metafilter is a cheese-laundering front... pass it on
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If you're sleeping with me, I hope you're a cuddler!
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I hope to be there!
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If you're not normally a "meetup person" but would like to say hello and then go somewhere and twiddle with your phone while drinking a nice beverage, we can accommodate.

Seeing this warmed my heart and again is another reason why I love this community.

I have never been to a meetup and I really wish I could attend this one, so I could ooh and ah over 25 pounds of cheddar, and be terrible at Cornhole, and play Qwirkle with n_o_d who reintroduced me to it last year. Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun, so I wish you a wonderful meetup and hope there will be photos!
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Keep cheese out of the laundry!
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I might bring a mobile bartender kit, and some basic bar supplies, and maybe set up a bar. I love to tend bar and if having a guest bartender for a while is something people think is a good idea, I will do it. Shaking drinks is what I was born to do. That and being a hopeless bohemian libertine strauntguy.
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I love to tend bar and if having a guest bartender for a while is something people think is a good idea, I will do it.

Great. Check in with us closer to the date, because there's some stuff we may have that you won't need to bring (we used to have a good shaker, can't remember if we still do). Not sure how much of a drinking crowd this is, but always good to have a bartender. My sister doesn't drink (and I don't drink much) so maybe we can think about a signature mocktail as well.

Note: Down to about 21 lbs of cheddar. Looking up queso recipes....
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Mocktails check. I've been doing some poking around, what's the walking or driving time to horseneck? I enjoy organizing safe, low impact night swimming excursions.
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Walking time = 45 to 55 minutes.
Drive time = wouldn't recommend at night; gates to all beach lots are closed, and there is no legal street-parking nearby.
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Understood. We can still wargame swim shuttle service before sundown. One of my tasks on this planet is to get people in the ocean, and I haven't been to that beach since I was seven years old.
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Might could drive over from the Hudson Valley! Assuming I bite the bullet, trade in both of my shitty Jeeps (srsly, I'm going to hurl them into the sun), and buy a vehicle that'll even make it that far. God help me...

If I can, I'll bring tons of grillin' meats from the farm I work on. (Are we pro-meat at this gathering?)

Also, Starlybri, people from NYC could take Metronorth up to me (to Wassaic, the last stop on the Harlem line) and I could drive us, if no one from the City is driving straight there. Just an option!

Anyway, fingers crossed!
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There will be a grill for meat and all! I'm not up on the vegetarian/vegan cooking norms, but the grill is open to all foods: meat, plant, fungus, or otherwise. (Sorry, petroleum-based life-forms out there: no grilling plastic for you.)

But srsly if you are a veg'n and this kinda thing matters to you, this grill has accommodated much meat over the years. And so many eggplant and pepper kabobs.
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Cool! I’ll load up on sausages, chicken, and maybe steak (if it’s back from the butcher by then - should be!), and whatever veg is up out of the garden. 😎
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We can still wargame swim shuttle service before sundown.

Yep and it's a pretty easy bicycle ride from the house (maybe 2 miles) so if you have bikes, bring em and then it will be AOK fine. We have one bike.

We will either have my grill working (current state: not working) or bondcliff says he'll bring one so any sort of grillables (meat and/or veg) are appreciated.
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We have room for two more in our car if anybody needs a ride from the greater Boston/Camberville area.
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Have promised to bring Homebrew, and now it seems I can really attend.
starlybri I drive through NYC to get there.
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Overnight spaces are, I believe, all taken. If you bring a tent you are welcome outdoors.
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What if I bring an air mattress?

starlybri, if you want to take the LIRR 35 minutes from Penn to Mineola, I can drive you.
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I could probably bring a tent that could sleep 4-5 if y’all don’t mind sharing. I’ll sleep in my own tent.
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I could probably bring a tent that could sleep 4-5 if y’all don’t mind sharing.

six if you sleep on the roof like snoopy.
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That doesn't work real well on tents.
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I am hoping to come from away. I'm pretty I escaped my last marriage with at least one tent (I entered into it with two, so it's only fair!). I'm pretty sure I don't have an air mattress though, so if anyone has one they could loan me my old bones would be eternally grateful.
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I've got a few Thermarests I'll toss in the car. They range from lightweight backpacker to big and fluffy old person mattress.
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I'll be there! I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting you all!
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It is officially on my calendar! I'm happy to arrange to come early-ish and help with setup and/or bring things from the Western Wilds.
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I would love to ride along with starlybri and gluejar if there is room in that car! I can also bring a tent!
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We are getting closer, and I've been working mad hours (started a new job 2 weeks ago, going pretty good) and then we had a big big sad (we had to say goodbye to this handsome jerkface) so I have not done much planing but I'll be ready with cocktails, mocktails, frocktails and talktails.
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Ok, I bought enough casings from the butcher before they leave on holiday to make about 10 lbs of sausage. I'll probably do a batch of "red hots" and something else a little tamer. I'll try not to go too hog wild with it (yep). I'll also aim to pick up some rolls if I can get to the bakery before they close (hopefully nice crusty round rolls the way God ze Germans intended it).
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I’m not generally a meet up kind of person, but now I’m almost a neighbor I don’t think that even I can miss this one!

Would scallops grill well? It seems like they ought to (possibly wrapped in bacon?), but I don’t have a grill so I have never tried.
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They absolutely would! 2-ish minutes on each side over high heat, perfect.
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Oh hell yes scallops are amazing when grilled.
posted by bondcliff at 6:30 PM on June 28

you have a drool guard on that grill right
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Would scallops grill well?

Oh Quinbus, the things we can teach you about scallops....grill em fry em bake em make em into chowder....
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Yay you guys this is going to be fun! Bondcliff assures we'll have a grill, vraktar is our bartender, bandit wakes up early, not_on_display stays up late, I'll make sure your drinks are refilled and you're settling in okay.

Bring a side dish and something for the grill. People who get overwhelmed by potlucks can just bring a bag of grapes or some fruit salad. We'll have cheese and crackers, drinks (beer soda, seltzer), dessert, and snacks and basic breakfast foods and coffee for overnighters.

A few more FYIs about the place.

- We have a fully stocked kitchen (spices, pantry, etc), so it's fine to bring something that needs prep. Very good supermarket (Lees) a few miles up the road.
- Place does NOT have AC so depending on weather it may be hot/muggy, pack accordingly, esp overnighters. There is large cool basement if it's raining buckets as well.
- Please no pets. Children very welcome but house is not childproofed so make sure you can keep an eye on whoever you bring. There are games/toys/PS2 here.
- We have bedding for all beds and enough towels/pillows for everyone. If you're driving and have foldable camp chairs, feel free to bring.
- Loose directions: Google will get you most of the way here. Driveway is directly opposite the tan mailbox that says WEST. Not a ton of parking spaces so you may want to park on the street by the stone wall on the house side of the road.

Any questions, let me know.
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I'll make a couple dozen gluten-free Brazilian cheese rolls and I can throw them in the oven in batches as they get eaten. They're not really hamburger-bun sized but will give GF folks a bready option!
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Our car spaces are now taken! We have a few folding chairs we can bring, too.
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I assume that arriving fashionably late (i.e., 4:30 or 5) is ok too?
posted by Melismata at 1:49 PM on July 1

No problem at all.
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I'm a very polite cigarette smoker who will bring several empty altiods boxes and only smoke next to my parked car and will not smoke around children. Is that okay?
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Outdoor smoking AOK. Dispose of butts outside and we're good.
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And this is true for all smoking. Weed's legal in MA, so if you smoke, please do it outside.
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Pork butts (lol) were on sale so I bought three of them and will be bringing a shit ton of pulled pork. I'll make some cole slaw and get some buns for pulled pork sandwiches.
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Turns out we have a lot of GF crackers, so GF people who like cheese are in for a treat.
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Huh! Last time I went to a meetup, it was fun, and that was.....six years ago? Could be fun again!
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I’m excited!
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Looking at our headcount, I have two questions: how many kids and/or non drinkers do we have, so I can be sure to have a fun mocktail for them and does anyone else out there have good wine opening skills?
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I'm decent with a wine key but can't, like, saber a champagne bottle - does that count?
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I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it, but I'll see you all there, though I'll probably only have fruit salad and some pastry on hand.
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I'm bringing a lot of stuff. Pulled pork, maybe a side, some rolls. A table, a big grill, a cornhole set, a tent or two and some air mattresses of various thicknesses. I also have a 12-pack of mixed Jacks Abby beers that someone gave me for helping his kid build a moth cage. Moth cage beer is best beer.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you all and eating a lot of grilled meat.
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> many kids and/or non drinkers do we have...

Save a mocktail for meI I'll be in mostly non-drinky mode since I'll be on hand as the gopher.
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I was originally a "maybe" as I am for basically all summer activities because you never know when a day is gonna have just too perfect conditions not to go sailing instead. But much to my dismay my boat is in drydock for at least a couple weeks so I won't be puttering around in my boat or trying to stay out of the way of the 12 meters racing. So I will definitely be there!

Anybody have a sense of what gaps there might be in the potluck offerings? From the thread it sounds like we have plenty of meat, quite possibly more cheese than I've ever seen in one place at one time, and drinks seem pretty well covered. Salad? Sides? Desserts? (While I consider myself a decent cook, actual baking is a whole different story...I can buy something though!)
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I figure I’m going to bring sides, as vegetarian as possible.
posted by GenjiandProust at 10:28 AM on July 10 opposed to the actual groundhog whose name is Rupert. Here are some other wildlife names

Helen the heron (not usually around, but sometimes)
Cooper the bunny (we may have more than one, they are all called Cooper)
Stubtail the chipmunk (name will be obvious when you see it)
LBJs are all the random little brown jobber birds


Looks like the weather will be nice which is great news for campers. We will have here

- seltzer, coffee, random drinks both alcoholic and non
- cheese and crackers (GF included)
- dessert (something good)
- basic breakfast stuff (bagel, muffin, juice, cream cheese, COFFEE)
- a few working grills and maybe some random stuff to put on it (see above for "I'm bringing a lot of...." comments)
- condiments and spices and a good pantry
- binoculars and bird guides, it's a nice place for bird watching
- some sunscreen and bug spray but could always use more

If you have questions about what to bring, now is the time. My suggestion is salad, fruit, cut veggies, pasta salad, potato salad and something for you for the grill.

Please arrive any time 3-ish or after. My cell is 508-415-9074. Driveway isn't super convenient so later arrivals feel free to park on the grass by the stone wall (which is north of the driveway) on the house side of the road.

As I said upthread, we'll have social spaces and less social spaces and you are welcome to use one, or both. Just talk to me or not_on_display or bandit and we can direct you to quieter parts of the house if you need some chill time. It's totally okay to wander around the place, we're more of a "Make yourself at home." type of family than a "Hey what are you doing looking in there?" type. I'm more of a shoes-off person and bandit is more of a shoes-on person, so feel free to find your comfort zone there. Anything is fine.


Ticks around here are NO JOKE so make sure you check yourself for ticks if you so much as walk on the grass
Upper deck is SPLINTER CITY. You are welcome up there but please wear shoes.
Cops are pretty serious about speeders on Rte 24, drive safely

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Oh and because I hate never knowing which door to go in....

- the door to the right of the garage door is not the house front door. Ignore it.
- if you walk down the brick path in the front yard, the first door is the front door we use, the second one is the "formal" front door. Ignore it.
- most people will be out back, so you can either go in the front door (closest to kitchen if you have things to drop off) or wander through the open gateway/doorway to the right of the door which is to the right of the garage and you should see people hanging out.

This is the driveway.
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If you come late bring ice. ICE!
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I kind of forgot about the 20th, thank you jessamyn, for organizing what sounds like an excellent meetup. I got a Prius so I could camp in it, so won't have to worry about driving or a place to stay. Will bring: potato salad or cole slaw or some other form of cold not-meat, some champagne and a bigass knife, more bug dope, name badges. w00t!
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I will probably be bringing some spready/slicy things that pair well with cheese and crackers and that won't mind traveling 8 hours in a car.
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Make your specific Canadian snack requests now if you want me to hook you up!
I can pack my carry-on with ketchup chips and Coffee Crisps, et al. as my contribution to the party =)
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I'll take a bag of milk and some free healthcare.
posted by bondcliff at 9:38 AM on July 11 [8 favorites] many kids and/or non drinkers do we have...

My husband will be there and doesn't drink (and my toddler, but I fear a mocktail would be wasted on him).
posted by peacheater at 10:36 AM on July 11

Make your specific Canadian snack requests now if you want me to hook you up!

Some all-dressed chips would be lovely!
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We’re bringing a quinoa salad and probably beer.
posted by DiscourseMarker at 6:59 PM on July 11

Make your specific Canadian snack requests now if you want me to hook you up!

Does poutine travel well?
posted by feistycakes at 11:25 PM on July 11

PS, I will do a reprise of the blue velvet cake some may remember from the 10th party in NYC.
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Maybe an order of Canadian rock?
posted by vrakatar at 12:04 AM on July 12

I am bringing a tent and a case of my "Viking Cola Brown Ale".

Wort starting with 30 min steeping Weyermann CaraMunich I Caramel/Crystal Malt in 3 gal water. 1 can each Amber and Wheat malt extract. Hops: 0.5 oz Sterling , 20 min, 0.5 oz Sterling, 20 min, 0.5 oz Liberty, 20 min, 0.5 oz Liberty + 1/4 tsp crushed black cardamom, 5 min. Original Gravity - 0.048, 2 weeks fermentation. Final gravity 0.020 fg. Bottled with 1/2cup Caro Light Corn Syrup.

Tasting note: The very subtle cardamon note and distinct hint of vanilla combine with a bit of sweetness and brown color to remind me of a cola, the sort a viking would not be embarrassed to be seen drinking.
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Also, passenger(s) for even part of the Montclair NJ -> Westport, MA drive (and/or return) would make for a more pleasant ride. It's not a big car, but...
posted by gluejar at 1:22 PM on July 12

Non drinker here. Will be arriving on the late side, but looking forward to seeing everyone.
posted by Melismata at 1:55 PM on July 12

Loading up the car for stage one (New Bedford stopover cuz no boats tomorrow) see you all tomorrow!
posted by vrakatar at 2:11 PM on July 12

So, the sausage plan for tomorrow in case anyone has dietary restrictions:

The red hots are 100% pork and include a variety of spices. They will be smoked and include dairy (milk powder), beer, and nitrates.

Chicken sausages are 99% chicken (casings are "natural" i.e. pig) and include dairy (cream), eggs, and wine.

Both will be fully cooked so if it ever turns out that the grill is unattended and you're hungry, just throw one on indirect heat and turn it a couple times until it's colored nicely and warmed through. You can always come find me if you have any questions about the ingredients.
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My car is completely packed with shit. I've decided my grill is way too big for the amount of actual grill space it has.

I've got a few extra sleeping pads and an extra family-sized tent if anyone is in need of shelter.
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I was just preparing to make a stone fruit and farro salad, but now I see Discourse Marker is bringing a quinoa salad and that sounds like a lot of grains...

Should I make a buckle instead? I have all this stone fruit...
posted by maryr at 7:20 PM on July 12

Make the farro salad please!
posted by ocherdraco at 4:17 AM on July 13

I'm so looking forward to seeing youse guys! 20 more years! 20 more years!

I have a ginormous tray of pork ribs a la Costco. I cooked them yesterday so they may like a little warm up time on the grill. I will likely also bring a large green salad as our CSA has given us more gorgeous lettuce and frisee than three people could possibly eat in a week.

Will chuck my camping gear in the car in case it makes sense to stay over.

See ya later!
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Bummed that life intervened, have too much fun kids.... embarrassing jpegs posted or it didn't happen! ;-}
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We're coming and I'm bringing a salad from Smitten kitchen: the chopped salad with feta lime and mint.
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I’m gonna be arriving around 4, I think, and stopping by the grocery store right before I get there. Let me know if there’s any obvious holes in the food situation!
posted by ocherdraco at 8:26 AM on July 13

I made the cake because my stone fruit seemed a little under ripe. But I am also making a slightly different farro salad. But because this is the one I planned for yesterday, I don't have the celery the reipce calls for.

ocherdraco, would you mind picking up a (1) bunch of celery if you stop at the grocery store? I'm making this, FWIW, but with a sub for the walnuts 'cause I don't like walnuts.
posted by maryr at 9:09 AM on July 13

Have fun everyone!
posted by terrapin at 10:09 AM on July 13

I will pick up celery! I’ll be checking the post again in a couple hours.
posted by ocherdraco at 10:43 AM on July 13

I’m rolling, with crudités, fruit salad, and a small contribution to the beer cooler. Can’t wait to see you all!
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Heading out finally from metro west Boston, see you ca 6:30
posted by Sublimity at 2:09 PM on July 13

Life happened but am on the road, see ya this evening
posted by theora55 at 2:12 PM on July 13

Made it half way turned around with impending migraine. Very sorry to miss the fun.
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We called. Massachusetts answered. Or vice versa. A connection was made.

Happy MeFi 20!!!
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Feel better, Theora55. We missed you.
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It was good to see you all. Wish I could have stayed longer. Sorry to have missed you, theora55!
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Does anyone even read the cocktail list down here?
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Despite all the weirdness happening here and in the world I love all of you! Happy 20th!

No tick bites! Wooo!
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I had a great time! Thanks, everyone!
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It was grand! Thank you to Jessamyn and Kate and Jim! We loved meeting everybody.
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I was a little concerned about the color of my poop this morning, but then I remembered.
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Metafilter: I was a little concerned about the color of my poop this morning
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Hey, that was the funnest! Really lovely to put faces to names and to see folks that I see too infrequently. Thanks to our hosts!

Also, I am in favor of getting a Metrowest Boston Meetup going. Melismata, would you care to team up?
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Yes indeed, Sublimity! It was great meeting all of you.
posted by Melismata at 11:14 AM on July 14 [1 favorite]

*patiently waits for photos to be posted*
posted by terrapin at 12:00 PM on July 14

We called. Massachusetts answered. Or vice versa. A connection was made.

I laughed so hard seeing your hubs in his hat. What a fun goofy part of a fun goofy party.

*patiently waits for photos to be posted*

I am checking my email for the first time since Friday afternoon, so it will be a while yet. Last guest headed home a few hours ago, and he's probably not even home yet. Theora55, terrapin/turtlegirl, sammyo, anastasiav, banjo/robo, and others who could not make it, you were missed. When the "worst" part of your party is that you have too much leftover food, that is a pretty good party. ColdChef and flex, that you for getting on airplanes to make this trip.

Appreciate everyone bringing their special talents and knowledge to our house. I can't express what a joy it is to get to just hang out at home with a ton of my favorite people and then meet some NEW favorite people as well. Is it possible nothing got broken and no one got injured (wait, two minor injuries, right?)? We have spoken to the junebugs about their handsy behavior and will host a "special" party for them next time.

Again, thank you all. This was a delight and so much of what makes me love MetaFilter to begin with.
posted by jessamyn at 2:11 PM on July 14 [15 favorites]

Thank you for hosting an awesome party, Jessamyn, not_on_display, and bandit! I got home and the first thing I did was lie down and take a nap. Then I unloaded my car.

What a great time! It was really nice to meet so many new people, all of whom were amazing. I had fun playing Kubb and Cornhole, wandering around The Ridge, waking up in my tent to the sounds of birds in such a beautiful yard. Enjoyed lounging around this morning having breakfast and coffee with everyone.

Thanks to vrakatar for bartending, which took an already super cool party and upped the coolness by a factor of at least 6 1/2.

So glad that people came from far away to attend.

I didn't take too many photos but I added the link anyway.
posted by bondcliff at 2:28 PM on July 14 [4 favorites]

So much fun! Thanks for hosting!
Also, shoutout to whoever had the WRPI bumper sticker.
posted by rmd1023 at 3:33 PM on July 14 [1 favorite]

Thank you for hosting an awesome party, Jessamyn, not_on_display, and bandit! I got home and the first thing I did was lie down and take a nap.

I second those thanks and I just woke from my own post-drive nap. The whole thing was just lovely.
posted by ocherdraco at 4:22 PM on July 14 [2 favorites]

Wait... how could I forget the cake?

There was a BLUE cake! Covered in yellow sprinkles! I don't think you can even buy a thing of just yellow sprinkles so I'm pretty sure she bought a crate of rainbow sprinkles and meticulously removed all the yellow ones.

There were THOUSANDS of them! Yellow! Just like the text in the comments on Metafilter. And none of them read the article but that didn't stop them from commenting.

It was a pretty damn good cake and not_on_diplay gets an A+ for effort lighting the candles.
posted by bondcliff at 5:11 PM on July 14 [7 favorites]

That was made by feistycakes!
posted by ocherdraco at 5:16 PM on July 14 [3 favorites]

Thank you! Too many usernames to remember!
posted by bondcliff at 5:19 PM on July 14

Thank you for throwing such a fabulous party jessamyn, not_on_display and bandit, and for being such gracious hosts! And it was great to see some familiar faces and meet the people behind so many familiar usernames!
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Whew! We are home at last. We hit the bookfair (highly enjoyable) and did some shopping at the mall and killed time in Falmouth until our 7:30 boat.

That was super awesome and we are super exhausted and happy. So great to see old and new friends and put booze and cake in them. Someone let ice cream socialist know he has a tasty drink named after him. I'll do it!

Thanks to our gracious hosts and all the bringers of yummy snacks and drinks and ice. And to not_on_display for finding Ali's glasses. Maybe we can organize an MV weekend in the fall.
posted by vrakatar at 6:06 PM on July 14 [7 favorites]

So glad it was a fantastic time for everyone! Really sorry we ended up unable to make it, last minute kid-related change of plans kept us in Salem.
posted by banjo_and_the_pork at 6:38 PM on July 14

Want to also call out backseatpilot's excellent sausage making skills and vrakatar's bartending!
posted by peacheater at 7:15 PM on July 14 [5 favorites]

There is a huge moon out tonight, if the sky is clear where you are you owe it to yourself to go check it out.
posted by vrakatar at 7:29 PM on July 14

Cake by feistycakes, described above.

Not shown: a second excellent cake by maryr, homemade sausages from backseatpilot, homebrewed ale from gluejar, late night hot dogs by bondcliff, the excellent ice cream socialist that vrakatar made me, and so many other nice things that people made and brought for the group.
posted by Songdog at 7:34 PM on July 14 [5 favorites]

PEOPLE! That. was. awesome.

Jess, bandit, and I were constantly remarking this afternoon what a great party that was, and how generous and fun and interesting all of you were. Even though I am exHAUsteded, the party itself was the perfect comination of chillout, sun, flavorful drinks and eats, night-time hotdogs, and very interesting conversations. And nail painting! (maryr, contact me, I have your bucket of nail polish in my car. The smell of acetone is making me all groovy.)

Was very happy to meet new faces, see familiar faces, and reacquaint myself with those of you whom I haven't seen in a long long time. It reminded me why I still spend a good percentage of my web time and get a good amount of trustworthy info and jokes and jokes and jokes from all y'all. "Mostly drama-free, accident-free, and vomit-free" was my base expectation, and you all created a party that exceeded my expectations by a factor of over nine thousand.

vrakatar, please please post the recipe (or memail me if it's sekrit) for the ice cream socialist. backseatpilot was spot-on: how you made that without a blender is pure magic.

Take good care, everyone, and I hope to see any/all of you soon. PEOPLE! YOU. ROCK.
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I made new friends; I finally met ColdChef, restless_nomad, and bandit; I got to visit with people I really like from meetups past; and I had great conversations with so many of you. The meetup bar has been raised.

Thank you again to wonderful hosts jessamyn, bandit, and not_on_display. You are the best!
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it is as follows: at least two ounces vanilla vodka (my pour is more like 4), a smidgen Kahlua, vanillla syrup (I found a brand called Eclipse) and lowfat milk (soy or almond or any milk will work). Pour into a shaker about one third full of ice. Shake the hell out of it, have fun! Pour into a pint glass or plastic solo cup.

Chocolate version with hershey's syrup and any chocolate liquer and unflavored vodka. Any lower proof fruit flavored spirit can also work, or mint or what have you, just punch up the booze factor with unflavored vodka if you go that route.

Give it a whirl...uh, shake! I used to make the chocolate one when someone wanted a mudslide and I had no blender behind the bar.

Please don't give it to any bartenders, just make it or any version of it at home. It can obviously also be a mocktail, or vegan or dairy free now that I think on it. It is essentialy a frappe with booze, just shake the hell out of it to blend everything well.
posted by vrakatar at 7:59 PM on July 14 [3 favorites]

Oh god. Thank you for saying that about poop color. I was wondering what was wrong with me.
posted by ColdChef at 8:06 PM on July 14 [5 favorites]

oh oh oh who brought those deviled eggs and can I get that recipe those were PERFECT.
posted by vrakatar at 8:51 PM on July 14


Also folks: questions about green poop are more appropriate for the AskMe section of the site. First, though, ask yourself the question, "Did I eat the Front Page themed cake?" If the answer is yes, then your poop had a good chance of being green. Mine wasn't. YMMV

posted by not_on_display at 9:22 PM on July 14 [2 favorites]

OMG amazing party!! I am VERY glad I flew out for this. Thank you SO MUCH to jessamyn & bandit & not_on_display for your hospitable hostingness; so lovely to see ocherdraco & computech_aj & mlis again, and awesome to meet DiscourseMarker & HoraceRumpole & Songdog & maryr & vrakatar & feistycakes & gluejar & bondcliff & drlith & Rustic & restless_nomad and gahhhh all you wonderful people <3 Let's do it again sooner rather than later. MeFi to me is its people and the community we have grown here and I feel so happy to have had the opportunity to have connected with all of you in person.
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I had a fantastic time, everyone's food (and drinks!) and company and conversations were amazing and I ate way too much and was in a (delightful) food coma basically all day today. I seem to have mostly only remembered either peoples' real names or their screen names so it's gonna take me at least another meetup or two to get all the pieces assembled. Which I look forward to getting a chance to do in the future.

oh oh oh who brought those deviled eggs and can I get that recipe those were PERFECT.

That was me! I got both the recipe and the inspiration from this post on the blue on Friday (it also contains a link to one of the most hilarious AskMes I've ever read). Note: the recipe says "caramelized onions" but it is actually just onions sauteed in bacon fat which is a lot less time-consuming. Also I hit them each with a dash of paprika at the end.
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I'm so sorry I missed it. I love you all!
posted by ChuraChura at 7:18 AM on July 15 [5 favorites]

Oh, I missed it too! The stars did not align for me this time. It looks like it was amazing and I am sorry I was not able to go.
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You like me, you really, really like me!
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*sings* “Late Niiiiiight HOT dogs.”
posted by ColdChef at 8:00 AM on July 15 [4 favorites]

[clapping along, grabbing a pair of tongs]

The magic touch to that was that you put all the hot dogs in the buns for us, bondcliff. It was dark out and I fear we wouldn't have fared so well. Bonus points for grilling with a headlamp.
posted by not_on_display at 11:10 AM on July 15 [7 favorites]

About five people commented on the fact that I put the dogs in the buns. I'm very glad you appreciated my going the extra effort but I have to ask, what kind of terrible cookouts do you folks go to where they don't pre-bun the hot dogs?

When you get hamburgers, are they just patties of meat? Do you get your taco fillings in little cups that you have to put into the shells yourself? Spoonfuls of ricotta to stuff into the ravioli after they're cooked?

It's not a hot dog until it's in a bun. We only serve complete hot dogs here at Bondcliff Industries.

It was an honor to serve you all up some dogs.
posted by bondcliff at 11:18 AM on July 15 [10 favorites]

> "Did I eat the Front Page themed cake?" If the answer is yes, then your poop had a good chance of being green. Mine wasn't.

Dear reader, I had spoken too soon.
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I was talking about the deviled eggs at work tonight and chef was like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED so I texted him the link.
posted by vrakatar at 9:35 PM on July 15 [4 favorites]

That was fun! Thanks to our hosts and to all the Metafilter-ites who attended!

Also, shoutout to whoever had the WRPI bumper sticker.

That was ME! (I wasted some of the best years of my life at the station....)
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Dear reader, I had spoken too soon.
posted by not_on_display

Thank god for small mercies.
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That was ME! (I wasted some of the best years of my life at the station....)

Small world! My roommate had a program while we were students there. It was after safe harbor hours, so we'd go comb through the stacks to find the stupidest, filthiest stuff we could air.

In hindsight, they probably should not have given him air time.
posted by backseatpilot at 5:10 AM on July 17 [1 favorite]

This is typical behavior for college radio, I think.
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DAY 15: Subject had more blue cake this weekend. The first experiment was successfully reproduced the day after he ate the cake, in the Bathroom of a Sears Outlet in Fall River. The whole laboratory is happy. A new observation! The blue ink, depending on thickness of the feces produced, or how long the subject has sat on the can, will leech out of the feces.

Dear reader, I almost took a god damn picture.
posted by not_on_display at 12:28 AM on July 23 [1 favorite]

If anyone would like a photo of the guest list (privately, not for publication on the internet) so that they can remember who they met, drop me an email. And yes, we have now finished the cake.
posted by jessamyn at 7:20 AM on July 23 [1 favorite]

...while I have run the market dry of blue food dye. I want this to be my everyday experience.
posted by not_on_display at 8:13 PM on July 24 [1 favorite]

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