MeFi20 - Massachusetts South Coast
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Sat July 13 at 3:00 PM, The Ridge
1655 Main Rd, Westport, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Come to my house for the MeFi20 meetup. We'll have snacks, some sort of dinner-ish food, some sort of drinks, lawn games, indoor games, wifi, and who knows what else. If you're not normally a "meetup person" but would like to say hello and then go somewhere and twiddle with your phone while drinking a nice beverage, we can accommodate. Family and friends? Sure! Kids, are very welcome.
Venue is my house but some details can be TBD. What I'd love to do is some sort of potluck or "bring things for the grill" (assuming I get the grill working) and we'll have all the condiments, drinks (beer, seltzers, sodas) and some sort of dessert. Maybe a MeFi slide show if I get energetic. House is big and rambly, mostly accessible (bathrooms) but there are a few steps to get in/out. Can accommodate a few overnight guests, more if you don't mind couches and/or camping. Hosts are me, not_on_display and bandit.
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I hope to be there, although my summer plans are a bit of a shambles from work.
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In my 19 years on this site, I have never attended a meetup. That's all gonna change, baby. See you there!
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hope we can make it.
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There is a large yard! There is a tiny frog pond! You could throw lawn darts (but you will NOT, you can throw other things like frisbees).
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feistycakes and I will be there. We might make it a day trip, maybe an overnighter. We'll bring fun things and yummy things and a bottle of whiskey to share. And I would be remiss if I did not remember my rallying cry from ten years ago in NYC- if you arrive late, bring ice. Lots and lots of ice.
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There is a large yard!

I'm bringing a Cornhole set so we can overthink a plate of beanbags.
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Tentatively yes!
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I'm going to be in Boston the following weekend (and also attending a 50th Moon Landing anniversary party), so now looking at possibly extending my trip to be there earlier!
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Remembered that we are conducting a homebrew class that day and unfortunately cannot make it.
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Oh, yay! I had to double check when I first joined MeFi (2008) because it's been my online home for so long. I'm delighted to be able to join the celebration. Yay!
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I have to double check, but I'm pretty sure we're free. I can bring a kubb set and we'll figure out some food and drinks to bring.
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Oh gosh I was hoping someone could bring kubb. I got lost on Amazon looking at kubb options. I love that game.
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Oooh kubb! We played that in Copenhagen and I haven't played it since. Hope I can make it (with husband and toddler).
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You are now Kubb, defender of the polyverse!

The fun cannot be halted.
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I am scheduled to work that day, but can possibly work something out with a coworker. I would really like to be there!
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Has it really been 5 years since we last did this?
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I would love to, but it might collide with Summer Family Stuff (summer camp, &c.). I will take a crawl through my calendar.

But regardless, thanks for hosting, Jessamyn & Kate & Jim!
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Robocop and I will be there, with our kid in tow. Yay!
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I'm heartbroken I can't be there. July 14th conflicts with an annual ... nerd thing ... here in Maine (where we also play Kubb), and I can't miss it.

I will be thinking of you all though.
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Alright, schedule has been confirmed and we'll be coming. Maybe I'll make sausages or pulled pork or something to bring?
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I got my 25 lbs of cheddar and... it's a lot. Will think of recipes. Many many recipes.
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Is anyone going from NYC? I want to go but I don't have a car and you can't get there from public transportation.
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psst... metafilter is a cheese-laundering front... pass it on
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If you're sleeping with me, I hope you're a cuddler!
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I hope to be there!
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If you're not normally a "meetup person" but would like to say hello and then go somewhere and twiddle with your phone while drinking a nice beverage, we can accommodate.

Seeing this warmed my heart and again is another reason why I love this community.

I have never been to a meetup and I really wish I could attend this one, so I could ooh and ah over 25 pounds of cheddar, and be terrible at Cornhole, and play Qwirkle with n_o_d who reintroduced me to it last year. Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun, so I wish you a wonderful meetup and hope there will be photos!
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Keep cheese out of the laundry!
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I might bring a mobile bartender kit, and some basic bar supplies, and maybe set up a bar. I love to tend bar and if having a guest bartender for a while is something people think is a good idea, I will do it. Shaking drinks is what I was born to do. That and being a hopeless bohemian libertine strauntguy.
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I love to tend bar and if having a guest bartender for a while is something people think is a good idea, I will do it.

Great. Check in with us closer to the date, because there's some stuff we may have that you won't need to bring (we used to have a good shaker, can't remember if we still do). Not sure how much of a drinking crowd this is, but always good to have a bartender. My sister doesn't drink (and I don't drink much) so maybe we can think about a signature mocktail as well.

Note: Down to about 21 lbs of cheddar. Looking up queso recipes....
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Mocktails check. I've been doing some poking around, what's the walking or driving time to horseneck? I enjoy organizing safe, low impact night swimming excursions.
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Walking time = 45 to 55 minutes.
Drive time = wouldn't recommend at night; gates to all beach lots are closed, and there is no legal street-parking nearby.
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Understood. We can still wargame swim shuttle service before sundown. One of my tasks on this planet is to get people in the ocean, and I haven't been to that beach since I was seven years old.
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Might could drive over from the Hudson Valley! Assuming I bite the bullet, trade in both of my shitty Jeeps (srsly, I'm going to hurl them into the sun), and buy a vehicle that'll even make it that far. God help me...

If I can, I'll bring tons of grillin' meats from the farm I work on. (Are we pro-meat at this gathering?)

Also, Starlybri, people from NYC could take Metronorth up to me (to Wassaic, the last stop on the Harlem line) and I could drive us, if no one from the City is driving straight there. Just an option!

Anyway, fingers crossed!
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There will be a grill for meat and all! I'm not up on the vegetarian/vegan cooking norms, but the grill is open to all foods: meat, plant, fungus, or otherwise. (Sorry, petroleum-based life-forms out there: no grilling plastic for you.)

But srsly if you are a veg'n and this kinda thing matters to you, this grill has accommodated much meat over the years. And so many eggplant and pepper kabobs.
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Cool! I’ll load up on sausages, chicken, and maybe steak (if it’s back from the butcher by then - should be!), and whatever veg is up out of the garden. 😎
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We can still wargame swim shuttle service before sundown.

Yep and it's a pretty easy bicycle ride from the house (maybe 2 miles) so if you have bikes, bring em and then it will be AOK fine. We have one bike.

We will either have my grill working (current state: not working) or bondcliff says he'll bring one so any sort of grillables (meat and/or veg) are appreciated.
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We have room for two more in our car if anybody needs a ride from the greater Boston/Camberville area.
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Have promised to bring Homebrew, and now it seems I can really attend.
starlybri I drive through NYC to get there.
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Overnight spaces are, I believe, all taken. If you bring a tent you are welcome outdoors.
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What if I bring an air mattress?

starlybri, if you want to take the LIRR 35 minutes from Penn to Mineola, I can drive you.
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I could probably bring a tent that could sleep 4-5 if y’all don’t mind sharing. I’ll sleep in my own tent.
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I could probably bring a tent that could sleep 4-5 if y’all don’t mind sharing.

six if you sleep on the roof like snoopy.
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That doesn't work real well on tents.
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I am hoping to come from away. I'm pretty I escaped my last marriage with at least one tent (I entered into it with two, so it's only fair!). I'm pretty sure I don't have an air mattress though, so if anyone has one they could loan me my old bones would be eternally grateful.
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