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September 6

Proposed date/time: Oct. 3, 2020, 10 AM Mountain Time. Those who made it to the Virtual NM+ Meetup #2 didn't discuss a next time or date, so I'm tossing out something to start the discussion. [more inside]
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August 31

Hey everyone, Reviving this thread as it kind of stalled out last month or so. Just wondering who might be interested in an IRL meetup, while it's still warm enough to do an outdoor/backyard/patio type thing. I'd be very happy to host a backyard BBQ at my place, but now that patios are open again, I'm open to suggestions as well.
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Hi! I just moved to Los Feliz from Brooklyn, and would love to meet some neighbors! Anybody up for a low-key masked walk or hike near Griffith Park?
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July 22

Hi everyone, Just wondering who would be interested in a meetup sometime before the season turns. We could have a (safe*) BBQ at my place or do an online meetup, I'm up for whatever. *If we do decided to go full IRL, we can figure out some agreed-upon safety measures in the thread.
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March 20

Hey, guys. Struck me this morning that it's a good idea for MeFites in town to know where everyone is, what potential needs folks have, and how to help if things get much worse. I'm setting this one as a proposed meetup in Austin in the hopes of getting emails out to folks in town, but right now I have no intention of meeting in-person--just organizing folks in town so that we can set up a network we can use to help one another and familiarize ourselves with anyone who's local on the site. Anyway, here's a space. Thoughts?
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March 7

My best friend is bringing me out to Fort Worth, Texas from April 9 to the 15th. [more inside]
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February 28

Role call! Will any Mefites be attending the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO next week? There are tons of great films this year (as there are every year), but perhaps we can find a time to check in!
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February 24

[COVID-19 delay/ reset] Let's do brunch! Parties present at the last meetup agreed* that we should return to The Range in Bernalillo, 10 AM on Saturday, March 21. Let's wait a bit and see how New Mexico fares for the next few weeks. Maybe try again in May? [more inside]
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February 16

Let's go to Dumpling Galaxy! Postponed; future date TBD.
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February 14

Attention New Orleans-area Mefites! The Empress' 50th Birthday falls on Mardi Gras this year, and I am making an Imperial Tour to your city. Let me know if you'd like to meet (informally or separately, perhaps). [more inside]
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January 17

I like the Allegro coffeehouse, the last of the places that let me hang out and meet new (and new old) people in Seattle. [more inside]
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January 10

St. Louis MeFites want to get together, but not on 3 days notice. Let's use this to discuss where and when we might meet up with a little more notice this time. [more inside]
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January 8

I just moved to the area and have no one to go to Schlafly's Cabin Fever this Saturday. I'd like to meet some MeFites around here so might as well throw it out there - anyone interested in a last-minute 1/11/20 meetup from noon to 4? Links with details inside. [more inside]
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December 7

Hi, since we've got one "maybe" (and the only two confirmed are the people who set this up) we are going to cancel this. Jilder, if you want to meet up at some other point we'd be delighted.
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November 19

Hi all! I'm doing the Chesapeake Climate Action Network's "Keep Winter Cold" polar bear plunge again this year. It's a fundraising event for a great organization that does excellent state & local organizing around environmental issues--they're the ones we have to thank for Maryland's fracking ban. I'm wondering if I can coax some local mefites into taking the plunge with me and fundraising as #TeamMetafilter. Anyone interested? [more inside]
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October 16

I can't be the only one who often can't make it up to the Portland events. Who else lives in Eugene, Corvallis, the central coast, maybe Salem? It might be really hard to find a winery or brewery here, but we'll manage. [more inside]
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September 25

Hi! I'll be in Barcelona for a few days from Friday on with a pretty flexible schedule. [more inside]
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September 21

Any fellow MeFites in or around Buenos Aires interested in a meet-up during early or mid-October? [more inside]
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August 26

In light of recent post on icemen, I'd like to invite folks to Skansen this weekend, where I will be delivering ice on both Saturday and Sunday, 10-16. Sunday is COOP day, so if you have one of those green cards in your wallet you get in for free. This day is notorious for high visitor numbers, so consider yourself warned. I hang out mainly in the environments representing the 1920s and 30s, so Skånegården (previously) and the hardware store quarter.
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August 24

It's been a couple years since our last meetup at Minnesota's annual celebration of agriculture and gluttony. [more inside]
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