Meetup in Nashville?
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Are people interested in a Nashville meetup?
After reading the post about Arnold's shutting down, I thought it might be fun to meet some mefites in the area, maybe at Monell's or another Nashville classic. This is a post to gauge interest - I'm thinking sometime in February or March.
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I'd be interested! Life is chaos these days so no guarantee when the best date(s) would be, but I'm definitely open to a conversation about it.
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Count me in!
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Ha, I feel like I rarely log on anymore but why not, for old times' sake.
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How about:

Saturday, February 4, 10 am
Saturday, February 4, noon
Saturday, February 4, 2 pm
or Sunday, February 5, 4 pm?

(These all work for me. The other weekends in February don't work for me. I can do almost any Tuesday or Thursday evening if the above doesn't work, but prefer weekends.)
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I am intrigued, but my availability stinks — I’m working evenings lately, and I have hard-to-move family stuff on the days that I’m not working. I’ll keep an eye on the thread, but my “maybe” is pretty weak.
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I think any of those suggested times would work for me. We could also look into March if more people would be available?
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I remain intrigued, but this weekend is a "no" for me.
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How about Sunday March 19 afternoon or a Tuesday or Thursday evening? (I’m booked up on weekends for the next couple months.)
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I will keep March 19th in mind. I may have better flexibility by then.

If any of you find yourselves at this concert on March 5, let me know and we’ll at least say hello. I’ll be in the chorus.
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