Meet me in Prague
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I will be in Prague next week. Are there any MeFites in or near Prague who want to get together for a wholesome walk, say?
The target date for a walk in Tuesday, September 27. Let me know if you are interested.
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Log it in the still-active relay walk*!
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Dang! That's my birthday and it looks like it's a pretty easy train trip from Amsterdam to Prague. Might be a little too short notice for my spouse though. Will discuss.
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lazaruslong, I am honoured that you are willing to consider making that trek. Perhaps we can rendezvous another time. I have never been to Amsterdam and would love to visit some day.
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Hey Bella Donna, I'm in Prague and love to walk around the place. Are you thinking daytime or evening? I should be able to do either. You mention working class food, I recently came across this map rating Fried Cheese (Smazak) places in Czech (one of the signature pub dishes), it's in Czech but Google Traslate gives a decent enough translation.

I'm in the Prague 10 area (Vrsovice) which is fairly central, what neck of the woods you staying in, or interested in exploring?

I'll MeMail you my contact details in case I can be of any assistance when you're over. Be good to see any other MeFites who are around.
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Thank you SO MUCH Gratishades! I am staying in Prague 7 Mon-Wed nights and then moving to a buddy's place in a swankier Old Town hotel.

I would like to go to the Bone Cathedral out of town but the idea of buying a train ticket to get there is kind of intimidating. That's crazy, right?

If you have advice about the best way to get from the airport to where I am staying (I hear taxis are best avoided and I hate them anyway), that would be awesome.

Finally, I am on my own all next Tuesday and super flexible. Your schedule is much more important than mine. I like daytime walks in new places so I can see new things more easily, but I am up for a walk basically any time.
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