Picnic- District of Columbia
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I'd love to meet up w/ the MeFi community members in DC before summer ends. Thinking that a picnic with Caribbean food would be a great way to end summer and kick-off the school year. This would have to be a collaborative effort. Plans are tentative and based on the number of responses. /Food: Avenues of the Caribbean Catering: www.avenuesofthecaribbean.com /Location: National Mall /Date & Time: Tentative
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I am interested if this is open to MeFites in the entire DMV, not just DC, in the name of inclusivity. A Sunday after Labor Day would probably be best for me! The Mall sounds good as long as we plan a clear meeting point and have an indoor location as a rain backup.

The food aspect is a bit unclear to me but the Caribbean food linked sure looks delicious! Does the food have to be pre-ordered? Would we order food and bring stuff to share?

Thanks for setting this up!
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I'm interesting, coming in from Manassas.
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I'm interested, from Loudoun County (I know, I know ...)
Outdoors is great but my joints won't let me sit on the ground.
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Hi All,

Thank you for your response. The Sunday after labor day sounds good and yes, we'd have to order the food ahead of time. The event is open to anyone who can attend. Can anyone propose a better location than the National Mall?
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