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Return of the Revenge of the Son of Trivia II: The Sequel

What's up with us? Trivia twice in two months? I have been remiss in posting trivia night here lately, so y'all come join us for Geeks Who Drink trivia at Sherlock's Baker Street Pub in Rice Village. Trivia starts at 7. Plan to be there early (I hope to grab a table or two around 6:15) because the college kids are back in town. We will also have an out-of-town ringer join us (thanks Momapotamus!) Also just realized it's Yom Kippur till sunset that day. If you can't make it, g'mar hatimah tovah, and have an easy fast!
posted by Gridlock Joe on Sep 19, 2015 - 2 comments

Houston Restaurant Weeks 2015

Let's pick a restaurant and get together for HRW '15! [more inside]
posted by Runes on Aug 1, 2015 - 16 comments

Brunch in Houston!

On Sunday, April 12, 2015, me and my little family will be on our way home from Spring Break in Austin and we'd like to see the Houston Crew on the way. We'll be hitting your city around 10:30. Where's a good place we can get together and eat eggs and pancakes and maybe other brunchy stuff? Looks like it will be 11am on Sunday at Beaver's in Houston.
posted by ColdChef on Mar 31, 2015 - 18 comments

Lukemeister's visiting Houston!

Lukemeister is coming to Houston this week, which is a great excuse for a meetup. [more inside]
posted by Runes on Mar 13, 2014 - 27 comments

Quansar season is flexible in Houston, isn't it?

During last night's quiz meetup it was noted that it's been a while since we've had a non-quiz-based meetup to simply socialize and catch up. We're willing to host again at our place, but recognize that holding it in Missouri City does place a bit of a travel imposition on some. So, lets start a discussion: when shall we meet, and if not in MoCity, where?
posted by Runes on Jan 10, 2014 - 13 comments

Trivia: Get Your Hands Off My Polar Vortex!

Well, the stars have aligned and we're going to start the new year by tackling Geeks Who Drink trivia at the Maple Leaf Pub! Trivia's at 8, steak dinner starts at 7, but we should arrive early in order to get a table where we can hear over the hockey-mad crowd.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jan 6, 2014 - 8 comments

Houston Meetup at Lucy's

Howdy! Let's make this meet up happen. Someone proposed Central Market and the date of Tuesday, Oct. 29. Whatever we do, I'd like it to be a variation of the usual. This is my first irl post and it will be my first Houston meetup. [more inside]
posted by vincele on Oct 25, 2013 - 33 comments

Trivia: Gonna Party like it's 5774!

It's once again time to gather for Geeks Who Drink trivia at the Maple Leaf Pub! We have prize winnings to spend, and it's been a while, so let's grab a table (the earlier the better chance of sitting near English Matt. I'm suggesting 6:30) and have a yummy steak and baked potato (served from 7:00) and kick some trivia butt (trivia starts at 8:00).
posted by Gridlock Joe on Sep 3, 2013 - 6 comments

Trivia: Revenge of the Return of the Son of Trivia

We looked up from the debris to find, happily, that icepuck season is over! So to celebrate this and any number of other events, let's play Geeks who Drink trivia at the Maple Leaf Pub! Trivia starts at 8, but ever since it was named the best trivia night in Houston, the MLP has been full earlier and earlier. I'm going to suggest arriving around 6:30 if we want any hope of securing a table. Yummy steak is served starting at 7. Plus we have a gift certificate to spend before it expires! And English Matt is back from Calgary! Exclamation mark!
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jul 8, 2013 - 9 comments

Two Mefites in Houston

Hey, 7segment and I are headed to Houston to see the Houston Dynamo/Stoke City game on the 24th of July. We'd like to see if we can schedule a meet up at a bar on the 23rd in order to meet some Houston mefites. I know zero about Houston. I'll be staying near the Dynamo stadium so somewhere near there would be awesome and around the 7pm-8pm hour works best. Suggestions?
posted by josher71 on Jun 11, 2013 - 17 comments

Breaking News! Lukemeister to Visit H Town!

Over the last few weeks, the Houston metro area has been enjoying all sorts of parties, parades and other events (Mardi Gras Galveston, All Star Weekend, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, etc.), but now it's time for the main event that all these other festivities have been the precursor to. (Precursor of?) [more inside]
posted by MexicanYenta on Mar 5, 2013 - 20 comments

A Feast

...time to circle the wagons, see friends you haven't seen in a while, let them know that they're important to you, and maybe even make new friends in the process. We've lost one of our own, and the best way to deal with that is to be together. [more inside]
posted by jph on Feb 20, 2013 - 39 comments

A Very Belated Quonsar

It's been a while since we've had a proper full Houston meetup. We had planned to do this closer to Quonsar, but real life got in the way, as it usually tends to do. The Maple Leaf Pub will be our hosts on Groundhog Day. [more inside]
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jan 12, 2013 - 13 comments

Trivia: The Mid-Season Replacements

Once again we return to the Maple Leaf Pub for Geeks Who Drink trivia and steak night. (Hockey will be back soon, too, which means we may want to consider another venue till icepuck season ends.) Steak at 7, trivia at 8.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jan 9, 2013 - 0 comments

Trivia: Armageddon It On!

This could be the last time we meet at the Maple Leaf Pub for Geeks Who Drink trivia. (If Doomsday doesn't come, we'll be back after New Year's.) You know the drill: Steak at 7, trivia at 8. Sorry for the late notice. ALSO! Keep 5 p.m., Saturday, January 12 open for the Quonsar get-together, also at the Maple Leaf, where we'll be spending our winnings! (Even more incentive to come down tonight and help spur us on to victory!)
posted by Gridlock Joe on Dec 20, 2012 - 1 comment

Trivia: I Had Sex with an Elf in Iceland

Previously in trivia: Can it have been a month since Benevolent Dick-Taters and Occupy Sesame Street! graced the doorway of the Maple Leaf Pub? Yes, we had enough players to make two teams! Come help us grab the best seat! Steak and potatoes are served at 7, and trivia is served at 8.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Nov 13, 2012 - 6 comments

Trivia: I'm Just A Mime Who Cain't Say No

Previously in trivia: It was close all the way to the end, but "Dubstep is Robot Farts" wound up in 6th place. Come to the Maple Leaf and help us get back into medal territory! Come early to grab a good table (steak's served at 7), trivia starts at 8.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Sep 25, 2012 - 8 comments

Trivia: Dubstep is Robot Farts

Previously in trivia: "Hurricane Isaac Hayes Goes Down Smooooth" and "Legitimate Team Name" faced some tough competition and placed fifth and sixth. Not bad... and so many people! Can we do better? Yes we can! It's Thursday night at the Maple Leaf Pub. Steak and the best table at 7, trivia at 8. Sorry for the late notice...
posted by Gridlock Joe on Sep 12, 2012 - 17 comments

Trivia: Hurricane Isaac Hayes

Previously in trivia: "Curiosity Killed the Martian. Thanks, NASA" put in a solid bronze medal performance. Come join us at the Maple Leaf Pub to stake out a good table for steak at 7 and yummy yummy trivia at 8. Wait, strike that, reverse it...
posted by Gridlock Joe on Aug 28, 2012 - 8 comments

Trivia: Curiosity Killed the Martian

Previously in trivia: "Google Fiber - Now With 100% More Cookies" took home the silver medal in a heroic effort. Can we keep the momentum going? We're building up our prize winnings for a great Quonsar party. Come join us at the Maple Leaf Pub at 7 for a good table and a yummy steak. Trivia's at 8. (Edit: Moved to Aug. 16 due to Real Life.)
posted by Gridlock Joe on Aug 7, 2012 - 8 comments

Trivia: Three in a row?

Previously in trivia: We won another one! "Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos" took the top prize again! We're racking up gift cards to use at an eventual MeFite Quonsar party! Let's add to the kitty! Trivia starts at 8 at the Maple Leaf Pub, but come at 7 to claim a good table and enjoy tasty steak.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jul 25, 2012 - 1 comment

Trivia: Revenge of the Photobombers!

Previously on Geeks Who Drink trivia: We came in a close fourth place in a Maple Leaf Pub made more raucous by a birthday party (the genesis of our team name, We Photobombed Your Birthday). Why not join us this week? We have some spoils of previous victories to share. Trivia is at 8, yummy yummy steaks are served at 7.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jul 9, 2012 - 5 comments

Peanuts & Crackerjack (and beer)

Is there any interest in meeting up at a baseball game this summer? We've got the major league Astro's as well as the minor league Skeeters in this town. [more inside]
posted by Runes on Jun 30, 2012 - 3 comments

Trivia: Who Popped Queen Elizabeth's Cherries Jubilee?

(EDIT 6/7: Postponed to the 14th due to Real Life.) Now that hockey season is almost over (and no more games are scheduled on Thursday nights), we're going to head back to the Maple Leaf Pub for Geeks Who Drink trivia night. Steaks are served starting at 7, trivia begins at 8. Come one, come all!
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jun 5, 2012 - 20 comments

The Spanish Inquisition Must Be Stopped!

Is anyone up for trivia this week? [more inside]
posted by MexicanYenta on May 21, 2012 - 5 comments

Trivia: Return of the Fluffers

This Wednesday it's Geeks Who Drink / At the Kelvin Arms, whaddaya think? / Last time out, we came second / (That's better than we reckoned) / And this week's performance won't stink! Translation: Trivia night at the Kelvin Arms. Be there or be a regular quadrilateral. Our last outing, we ("Backstage Fluffers for Triumph of the Will") Meet at 7:30, trivia at 8.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Apr 30, 2012 - 11 comments

Trivia: Bronze is a good color for us, but...

Time for us to once again attempt to ascend the podium at Geeks Who Drink trivia at the Kelvin Arms. "World Domination and a Lamborghini" took bronze last time. We can do better! Theme for next week: Friday the 13th. Describe the unluckiest/worst/comedically tragic job in the world. Make it funny. ... Quizmaster will not be accepted as a team name.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Apr 13, 2012 - 8 comments

Trivia: Your witty slogan here

If it's Wednesday it must be Geeks Who Drink at the Kelvin Arms. Come on down and join us in the comfy vault! Meet at 7:30, game at 8. From Scott: "The best team theme name for next week will be "its the thought that counts." April 3 is my 30th Birthday. Tell me in your team name next week what you want to give me, or what you think I deserve." Hmm.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Apr 2, 2012 - 7 comments

Trivia: Three in a row?

Last time we (Davy Jones' Locker) wound up in solo possession of second place, netting us a $15 bar tab for this week. The previous excursion we (In the Vault, Bob) wound up winning second in a tiebreak. Can we make it a third straight trip to medal territory? Join us at the Kelvin Arms and see! (MexicanYenta's suggested team name: Grand Forks Olive Garden.) Meet at 7:30, trivia at 8. Edit: Postponed for a week due to Real Life.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Mar 10, 2012 - 9 comments

Trivia: Quantum Leap Day

Previously: Last time, we won the second-place tiebreaker in sudden death. And quizmaster Scott is buying us a round this time for the win for best team name. And so Dr. Metafilter finds himself leaping from trivia night to trivia night, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home. ..Oh, wait, what? It's just Leap Day, not Quantum Leap Day? Guess we'll have to put the DVDs down and go out for trivia at the Kelvin Arms.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Feb 26, 2012 - 7 comments

Trivia: In The Vault, Bob

We were thisclose to a second-place finish last time we met for Geeks who Drink trivia at the Kelvin Arms. The Best Team Name theme will be that old Dating Game staple: Where is the strangest/best/worst place to “make whoopee?” We'll be in the vault at 7:30 for trivia at 8.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Feb 13, 2012 - 5 comments

To take Arms against a sea of competitors

To quiz, or not to quiz, that is the question. Whether it is nobler to allow another week to pass, or keep to the biweekly schedule. [more inside]
posted by Runes on Jan 27, 2012 - 20 comments

Pub Trivia - Insert Clever Title Here

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and Polish Oompa cover bands-- Of cabbages--and kings-- And Gordon Ramsay's Sex Dwarves-- And whether pigs have wings." [more inside]
posted by MexicanYenta on Jan 11, 2012 - 18 comments

Trivia: Wednesday makes it a trifecta for us

After brief discussion, we're going to send Metafilter's best and brightest up for Geeks Who Drink trivia Wednesday night. Little Woodrow's Midtown. 7:00 for steaks and socializing, 8:30 for trivia.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Nov 28, 2011 - 11 comments

A New Hope, er, Bar (Re-Rescheduled!)

Our variably-named pub trivia team has been invited to a different venue in Houston for our next get together, and we're re-rescheduling it! [more inside]
posted by Gridlock Joe on Nov 7, 2011 - 12 comments

Houston "Bad Art Night"

Proposed: a night that's kind of like an art "potluck." Bring your arty or crafty project and materials. Prepared to share. Once gathered, we engage in an excellent form of parallel play. Conversation ensues. Called "Bad Art Night" to 1) take the pressure off of trying to be "productive." 2) create permission to try new things and just play around and finally 3) lower the bar for entry -- no artistic talent required.
posted by cross_impact on Nov 2, 2011 - 5 comments

Trivia: Occupy the Maple Leaf Pub

It's trivia night at the Maple Leaf; it's also a heavy hockey night with 10 games scheduled. Our schedules dictate that Thursday is going to be our night for trivia (at least this week; we can discuss other options). Come join us and help us outnumber the hockey heads!
posted by Gridlock Joe on Oct 31, 2011 - 7 comments

Trivia: Revenge of the Jalapeño Poppers

It's amazing what a little Press will do to your favorite trivia night. (The alt-weekly named the Maple Leaf the best place to spend a Thursday night.) Last time was very crowded and very noisy, to the point of spending the audio round outside on the patio so that the questions could be heard. Despite that, "Gordon Ramsay Sex Dwarf" tied for 4th. So, we're on for Thursday, eh? Meet at 7 for yummy, yummy steak; trivia's at 8.
posted by Gridlock Joe on Sep 30, 2011 - 11 comments

A New Hope, er, Bar (RESCHEDULED!)

Our variably-named pub trivia team has been invited to a different venue in Houston for our next get together, and we're rescheduling it! [more inside]
posted by PapaLobo on Sep 23, 2011 - 17 comments

Pub Trivia: Atlas Chugged

It'll be another packed house at the Maple Leaf Pub as Team MeFi takes on all trivia challengers, and tackles the steak and baked potato dinner and awesome cheese-stuffed jalapeños. Trivia's at 8, but the house has been so stuffed lately, we need to start arriving earlier to stake out a table, so I've set the start time for 7. Be there or be a regular quadrilateral!
posted by Gridlock Joe on Aug 12, 2011 - 13 comments

The Safeword is "Bananas."

Last time, we came away with first and second place, which means that we have a $50 bar tab this time. That's a lot of cheese-stuffed jalapeños, y'all. The more the merrier! If we field three teams, do we think we can land ALL the top honors? [more inside]
posted by jph on Aug 2, 2011 - 10 comments

Pub Trivia: What Is… Cliff Clavin?

Steak and Geeks Who Drink pub trivia. What could be better? I know! Our score could be better! Last time's 7th place finish (out of 15 teams) was like the episode of Cheers when Cliff went on Jeopardy! and found categories that were custom-made for him... only exactly the opposite. Still, we'll pick ourselves up and dust off and try again! Don't forget to come early to stake out a good table and enjoy yummy yummy steak!
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jul 18, 2011 - 24 comments

Pub Trivia: Let's Go For The Gold! (rescheduled)

(Last week got postponed due to Real Life interference.) Time for more Geeks Who Drink pub trivia! We've placed 2nd twice and 3rd once in our last three events. Let's go for first place this time! Maple Leaf Pub, July 7th, 8:00 PM. Get there early for steak and potato!
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jul 7, 2011 - 4 comments

One morning only - MostlyBeans in Houston 7/17

After much discussion, brunch it is! We will meet up at Backstreet Cafe at 11:30. Cause we'd like to make a reservation, if you are planning on coming please click yes so we can have an accurate head count.
posted by mostlymartha on Jun 19, 2011 - 25 comments

Pub trivia! Tonight, with a queer little twist

June 23rd's Geeks Who Drink pub trivia at the Maple Leaf Pub is a theme quiz in honor of Pride Week: "Quiz as Folk". [more inside]
posted by Gridlock Joe on Jun 13, 2011 - 4 comments

Pub Trivia

We've tested out Geeks Who Drink and found their trivia entertaining and enjoyable. We've tested a couple locations, and we think that the following is ideal: centrally located, with some food options, late enough that we're not going to have to skeedaddle from work to get there, etc. And so, on May 19 at 8:00pm (get there a touch early!) we're going to the Maple Leaf Pub to kick some nerdy ass.
posted by jph on May 4, 2011 - 23 comments

Interest in a pub trivia team?

I'd like to revive interest in a pub trivia team that we talked about a while back. [more inside]
posted by Gridlock Joe on Apr 24, 2011 - 19 comments

MeFites at AAM?

Any MeFite Museum folk planning to be in Houston for the AAM convention in May? And if so, any interest in trying to set up a meetup?
posted by COBRA! on Apr 16, 2011 - 18 comments

Houston meetup!

One more round of coffee and drinking before the holiday crazy descends! [more inside]
posted by casarkos on Dec 12, 2010 - 7 comments

Texas Renaissance Festival

Calling all Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas MeFites! Let's get together at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Group ticket pricing starts at 25 people. The weekend of October 16 & 17 works best for my family, but I'm open to other suggestions. [more inside]
posted by ColdChef on Sep 21, 2010 - 15 comments

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