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July 26

Harrisburg Art Museum in the East End is having a series of mural art and graffiti battles and it seems like a funky place to have a Houston MeFi outing (weather permitting.) Maybe go for a drink at East End Hardware or Truck Yard afterward. I propose we go to the August 24th date (mainly because I can't make August 10th)
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May 1

I’d like to visit the Cupnoodle museum in Osaka tomorrow or the day after. Please let me know if you’d like to join and we can figure out a time that works for everyone!
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April 24

What We Left Behind, the documentary about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is playing in theaters on Monday, May 13th. Want to see it at Regal Union Square Stadium 14? (There are other NYC locations too in case you just want to see it by yourself.) Buy your ticket ahead of time via Fathom Events.
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March 12

This Friday evening is the St. Johns Art Walk, an event in North Portland where local artists team up with local store owners to show off art in various storefronts in downtown St. Johns. I'll be participating, showing off some of my geometric painting work at Tinker-Maker Toys. [more inside]
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November 30

"When Will You Learn That There Isn’t A Word For Everything" is an art exhibition being held in the Nunn's Yard Gallery in Norwich, exploring the theme of how language fails us, curated by the artist Kristy Campbell. It is open from the 7th of December to the 9th of December. [more inside]
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July 29

Everything is better with cats. There was some interest at the Ice Cream Social to attend this. Who wants to go? FWIW, "early bird" ticket pricing ends August 1st for the $10 tickets. After that they go up to $15. More info here:
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May 15

Join us for a special Gay Pride Month event as we welcome Saundra Mitchell, editor of All Out: The No-Longer Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages. Let's show some support for one of our own!
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August 3

Anybody interested in seeing Jaws on the big screen at the UPCA? They will begin with a 'beach party', then a Q&A with 2 shark experts. Tickets are $10 online, $15 at the door. If you've never been to the UPCA, it is a beautifully restored movie palace (previously on IRL). [more inside]
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March 23

Along with the meetups we've had that are fun and/or political, let's end March with a couple of free art events (that are also fun and/or political, I guess.) Join me to tour AIDS Art America before it closes. [more inside]
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Along with the meetups we've had that are fun and/or political, let's end March with a couple of free art events (that are also fun and/or political, I guess.) Join me for the premiere of The Furies, by King is a Fink Productions. The Furies is a series of five dance films that explore how social prohibitions against female anger limit self-actualization for women. [more inside]
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February 23

Are any MeFites going to SCALE 15x (the Southern California Linux Expo) at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena California running March 2-5, 2017? [more inside]
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November 28

Want to see the most famous lighting display in the nation? Then come to the historic Mission Inn in Riverside for the Festival Of Lights! [more inside]
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November 24

The UPCA restored movie palace will be screening "It's A Wonderful Life" on December 18th, with an intro by Donna Reed's daughter, Mary Owen, anyone interested? [more inside]
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September 26

The Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair will be at the Seattle Center October 8th and 9th.
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August 13

gucky and I are pleased to invite Bay Area MeFites to our 10 year anniversary party, featuring a 35mm matinee of When Harry Met Sally, September 10th at 1pm at the Roxie in San Francisco. RSVP information inside. [more inside]
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August 2

June 11

Independence Day: Resurgence will be having a special premiere-only double feature showing at 5pm on Thursday the 23rd! If you haven't seen the original, or if you're a superfan like me, THIS IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY! [more inside]
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May 9

May 27-30: WisCon is a feminist scifi/fantasy convention celebrating its 40th year. This year's Guests of Honor are Sofia Samatar, Justine Larbalestier, and Nalo Hopkinson. There are discussion panels, structured activities, parties and events, $1 childcare, a Con Suite with an array of snacks, safer spaces for People of Color and for trans/genderqueer people, and a dedicated Quiet Place where you can catch your breath and decompress. In particular I'm working this year's Saturday night Tiptree Award charity auction - promises to be a fun show.
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December 2

As part of their 'The Women of Fox Film Festival', the United Palace will be screening the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street. (Doors open at 4pm; Pre-show entertainment at 5pm; movie at 5:30pm. Tickets: $10 adults/$5 children under 12 and seniors online; $15 adults/$8 children under 12 and seniors at the door) [more inside]
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November 27

As part of December's First Friday festivities I'm the featured artist at MIX in Ypsilanti. Come see my work, shop their awesome women's new and used clothing and accessories, have a drink and hang with me. [more inside]
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