Mike's March-End Art Part 1 - The Furies
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Wed March 29 at 6:00 PM, Chicago Cultural Center
78 E Washington St, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Along with the meetups we've had that are fun and/or political, let's end March with a couple of free art events (that are also fun and/or political, I guess.) Join me for the premiere of The Furies, by King is a Fink Productions. The Furies is a series of five dance films that explore how social prohibitions against female anger limit self-actualization for women.
(Disclaimer: King is A Fink Productions was started by two amazing women I've been friends with for years.)


6PM - Doors
6:40 PM -- Introduction by community member 
6:45 PM -- Performance
7:05 PM -- Screening of The Furies + On the Verge + Nic Kay's Bronx Cunt Tour
7:35 PM -- Q&A
8:00 PM -- Out

The program will also include three live dance performances:

1. VERGE/THE FURIES (excerpt) challenges traditional notions of gender, body type, and identity often found in classical ballet. Choreography by Paige Caldarella. Performed by Jess Duffy.

2. THE NEW NUCLEAR (excerpt) explores the nature of connection and the formation familial identities within queer families, biological families, and chosen families. Choreography by Kaitlin Webster. Performed by Porscha Spells and Kelsey Reiter

3. SEARCH PARTY (excerpt) navigates dance floor politics by claiming dancing as an act of resistance, a form of relief and release, a test of one’s own aliveness, acknowledgement of vulnerability and fear, a catalyst for community and a spark for contagious joy. Choreography by Erin Kilmurray. Performed by Alyssa Gregory, Erin Kilmurray, and Kaitlin Webster


Right on the wings of the super successful debut of lil BLK in Chicago, NIC Kay is taking the solo performance lil blk on the road in the BRONX CUNT TOUR series. Lil BLK is an experimental solo performance influenced by New York City gay/queer ballroom culture, live punk shows, butoh and praise dance. The story plays out through a series of biographical moments that are equal parts narrative and dream.

More details available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/265226980597615/
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I am looking forward to this. I'm really failing at the self-care and this should help.
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Reminder to anybody who might be joining tonight, the Chicago Cultural Center is accessible via pedway and that is the preferred method if it is convenient for you.
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