Harrisburg Art Museum Battle Rounds
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Sat August 24 at 5:00 PM, HAM Houston - Harrisburg Arts Museum
4200 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Harrisburg Art Museum in the East End is having a series of mural art and graffiti battles and it seems like a funky place to have a Houston MeFi outing (weather permitting.) Maybe go for a drink at East End Hardware or Truck Yard afterward. I propose we go to the August 24th date (mainly because I can't make August 10th)
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Can I come? I've always wanted to go to a meet up but I get so nervous but this looks really cool.
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@smashface: Please go. I would be surprised if the MeFi crowd would be rude.

I would totally go and this would be my first MeFi IRL event, but the family has already committed to this and I know my kiddo is just going to be spent after that. But, if anyone else is going to get a little dirty early in the day, me mail and we can get dirty together!

The event sounds cool and I wish I would have known about three weeks ago.
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Oh, the local group is pretty mellow, no reason to be nervous. Sadly, I'm already planning to be out of town that weekend.
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Runes is right--if you've not been to a local meet-up before and are shy of going, Houston Mefites are super nice and friendly folks.

I will tentatively say I'm going. I'm definitely interested and it's an easy drive, so the only question is how tired I'll be after the first week of school.
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Still planning to go whether other Mefites show up or not. Company would be great.

A tip from one of the previous battles... if you like to watch the artists and their process (which is my favorite part) you might want to bring some protection from the paint can fumes.

Also, we might want to meet at, say 6pm even tho the battle starts at 5pm. If you get there right at 5pm you see a lot of blank walls and grids. And, you know, it's damn hot.
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I know it's horribly rude to advertise another meetup in this one, but I'm going to do it anyway for this case with sincere apologies to cross_impact. I've proposed a remembrance for MrBill the following weekend.
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I just saw this and it looks super cool! Thanks for putting it out there.
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Still on my calendar, cross_impact! Hope to see y'all there (there's one meeting that might keep me from going but I'll let you know).
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I regret to say that I cannot make tomorrow's art battle. Family events have rearranged my priorities for tomorrow.

But, seriously, this is something to come out and see if you have the time. It's rare to get a chance to see the inside of the HAM. And it's a treat to have an opportunity to watch these artists work close up (without feeling like a nosey parker.) I hope you all get a chance to stop by.

Sorry again!
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