Harlem Street Festival!
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Sat July 23 at 12:00 PM, St. Catherine of Genoa
506 W 153rd St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
The original "Let's Walk Broadway" meetup has been postponed until more reasonable temperatures return. But there's a nifty little street carnival happening in my neighborhood that was along the original route. We should check it out!
St. Catherine of Genoa is having a little festival on 153rd St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. (alongside Trinity Cemetary). I'm not affiliated with the church in any way (although my grandmother tells me that it's where my dad and his siblings were baptized; didn't know that til after I moved around the corner). I'd like to check it out, and I'd love for you to join me!

I know it's going to be hot; there will be food and refreshments at the carnival, as well as at nearby convenience stores (and if all else fails, I have a fridge full of gatorade and a couple of sodas. Oh, and I just bought ice pops, which are in the freezer). There are also a few good restaurants in the area if we want to get in out of the heat and get some food. I don't recommend we stay outside too long, so I'm going to say 12-2pm. We may be moving around a bit, so if anyone needs my # so you can text me, just MeFiMail me ahead of time. That way, I can make sure you find us. I'll try to find a conspicuous place to stand on 153rd. & Amsterdam Ave. where we can convene. I'll be Amsterdam rather than B'way because it's more centrally located between the A/C and the 1 (see below).

We may run through some hydrants. Dress appropriately if you plan to participate in the wetness! (Yes, I'll probably put my phone in a ziplock bag, don't worry.) We'll also be near Riverbank State Park, which has a pool if you want to go swimming after the meetup.

The location is accessible from:
The 1 train - Get off at 157th St, head downtown (towards the little park with the sculpture and the big collegiate-looking building; that's Boricua College). Turn left to get to Amsterdam, then walk down to 153rd. I recommend you cross at 155th; there's no 154th on Bway because of the cemetary, and you'll have to go all the way through the carnival to get to us if you go to 153rd.
The C train - The C at 155th is the closest train stop to the location. Walk west (away from Yankee Stadium) to get to Amsterdam, walk down to 153rd. But the C is inconvenient for some people, because it requires you to change trains (waiting on a hot platform, ugh) if you're on the A. So...
The A train - Take the A to 145th. If you're one of the cool people who pays attn. to where you stand on the train, hop on the 2nd to last car (if you're coming downtown) or 2nd car from the front (if you're coming uptown) so that you can get off at the 148th St. end of the train. There! I just saved you two whole blocks of walking! Walk up St. Nicholas Ave. to 153, and head west to Amsterdam. (St. Nick is on an angle; I just saved you even more walking!)

I'll try to wear something distinguishing, but I have no clue what until I've done my laundry later this week. Uh, I'll probably try to wear one of my shirts that says "Follow me to certain DOOM" on it. Probably. One is red and the other is black. Yes, I have two shirts that say "Follow me to certain DOOM" on them. It's a motorcycle gang thing, you wouldn't understand.
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Google Street view makes my neighborhood seem so pretty! =D
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I'm taking the dog to Queens for her annual checkup at noon, but I might be back around town in time to meet up with you guys. I'll keep in touch via text, Eide.
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I'm going to try. Depends on how bad the heat feels and the work event that was threatening to interfere with the walk in the first place.

Eide - I'll memail you for your number so I can text if I can't find you.
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My mom is coming to town that afternoon--I'll try my darnedest, but I'm not sure I'll be able to pull it off.
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Don't fret. If you make it, you make it. No one should have to rush or get overheated trying to get to this meetup. The idea is to keep it as coooool as possible. =)
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This weekend is completely stinko for me, but I would love to actually get to chat with some of the folks I mey so briefly at speed milkshake meetup. Next time!
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Erm, met.
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Am out of town until begining of august but ready for more speed milkshakes/rain/insane heat/time warp bathrooms meet ups when I return.
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Today and tomorrow all meetings should be convened in kiddie pools.
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The fire hydrant outside my apartment is open (with a sprinkler cap, no worries), and I went in it last night. It was awesome.
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I'm pretty sure all the hydrants here are open and will stay that way all weekend.
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Ooof, just spent the last hour dealing with a non-functional flushometer (a GEM-2 which is now no longer continuously flushing thanks to a very large wrench that I biked to work to pick up). Not sure I'm in the mood for large numbers of people. Unless we're talking about a plumber's convention. I'd be very much into that.
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I'm trying to come, but I'll be late. The trains are not cooperating.
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Ok. I've been at the train station for an hour and still nothing. I'm going to give up now. Have fun at the festival, folks.
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Red shirt (with bird shit on it now), next to the Trinity Cemetery plaque on the northwest corner.
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If anyone's still reading, we're taking a break in the cemetery right now, overlooking the stage. The rock band that's on right now is pretty good. Definitely hard. \m/,
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I'm running late, but I'm on the 1.
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Okay, where is everybody?
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Wee're still around if you are.
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I'm walking back from the park; I'll have an orange T on.
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Sorry to miss, life got in the way. Hope to see you all soon.
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It was fun! We all enjoyed it. Even the dog.
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For future reference:

a flushometer is a brand of toilet. the industrial kind that you see in public bathrooms and in many apartment buildings in nyc.

nice to see all of you.

also: coco helado coconut flavor is still my favorite.
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And can I just say that those tacos I had were excellent? Because OMG, they were.
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We eventually found everyone! Yay! Successful meetup, no fatalities (yet).

Thanks for coming out, everyone! It was nice to show you all around my neighborhood. After sciencegeek and her +1 left, Smart Dalek and I took a look inside the church where my dad was baptized. Neat!

So now can we start planning for the ColdChef/Trinity Cemetary meetup?
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I'm still mulling over the idea of having a happy marriage day meet up tomorrow at one of the city's marriage bureaus. (bureaux?). Just show up with bubble solution and wands or something like that.
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