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May 5

So, so, so, so...
The George & Dragon is open again, and apparently is having trivia on the date of this event.
Folks... There are 6 days 'til Tuesday, they serve a full plate of onion rings, some pretty damn good beer, it's trivia night and we're vaccinated.
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December 21

Hello, Wellingtonians! As of January 12 we will have been in New Zealand for a full year, which is surprising and unexpected. Help us celebrate a little early with beer (and maybe pizza) at Golding's Free Dive? [more inside]
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June 27

Sorry, I said I’d set one up, but then it slipped my addled mind. Sunday’s at 8, right? I’ve enjoyed these, and I’d hate for them to go away. On the other hand, if weekly is too much, that’s understandable.
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June 9

It's week 10 of our continuing Zoom meetups! This Sunday, June 14th, at 8:00 pm (because nobody is watching the taiga drama this year anyway).
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May 27

State of Emergency may be over, but who wants to bother with taking the train when we can meet up on Zoom! Join us for week 8 of our Zoom meetup marathon. [more inside]
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May 26

Okay, fair, he probably won't be there. But if he is, we all owe him a beer. Now that COVID-19 has been eradicated in New Zealand, let's meet up and support some of the local businesses that have been pummeled over the past few months. Meet up at Riverside Market by Canterbury Brewer's Collective. We'll grab a table, everyone can grab drinks (alcoholic or non- as is your desire) and noshes. You in?
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May 18

Hey everybody, Tokyo/Japan Metafilter is on a roll! Come join us for the seventh week in a row for some scintillating conversation, moments of trivia, desktop show and tell and whatever else we get up to. [more inside]
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April 27

It's easy to lose track, but Golden Week is upon us! Let's celebrate Golden Week's Greenery Day (Monday, May 4) together!. We can all reminisce about Greenery Day events through the ages, exchange Greenery Day trivia (surprisingly, Greenery Day has nothing to do with the American rock band called Green Day), and discuss how Greenery Day has affected our lives. Do you remember where you were the year that "GD" was moved from April 29 to May 4? [more inside]
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March 27

Missing contact with fellow humans? How about a virtual happy hour? Now with date and time! Tuesday, April 7, at 7 PM. We can't really go to the 4th Avenue Pub, but let's pretend. [more inside]
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March 10

REM said not to do it, but we're incorrigible. Let's sample some of the area's very best dim sum in Rockville. We'll plan to line up around 11:30. Bring cash...and an empty stomach! [more inside]
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March 8

Bathe yourself in Purell and come support your local waitstaff with Wednesday night trivia at Orleans.
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February 29

George & Dragon trivia is a good thing. Let’s get together before we’re all quarantined. Said 1/16th in jest. [more inside]
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The next knitting/general crafting meetup is due to be at 11am on March 8th. The only wrinkle? Yelp suggests Coffeed is still closed, if not deceased, and I don't think we're totally thrilled with the Starbucks, so we should think about a location. [more inside]
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February 25

Any other Mefites on the JoCo Cruise next month? I've submitted a Shadow Cruise event for a MeFi meetup on Monday of the cruise to say hi and put names to faces. Details for the meetup, including specific location, will be in the schedule once that's a thing.
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February 23

Let’s show the warm, embracing Metafilter community (particularly those in Somerville MA) that the only trivia that is Trivia is right here in City. Jet. Emerald. [more inside]
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We're winning and we won't stop now, whoa-oh, we've got to keep on triviaing Wednesday night at Orleans.
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February 21

First Wednesday will shortly be upon us. Less than a fortnight. You should prepare. And join us at Carol's Pub, sometime after 5:00pm for $5 dollar burgers, $5 dollar craft beers and at least 5 friendly faxes. foxes. faces. Many of us will be in for the long haul and stay through karaoke (which starts at 9:00 pm). Others will not. You choose your own adventure.
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February 9

Let’s follow up on the very enjoyable victory of last week, where the admixture of non-regulars (non-Metafilterians, even!) was essential to our success.
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Free fries* for everybody this Wednesday at Orleans trivia night.

*Actual impact of gift card dependent on how many people show up
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February 3

*pounds on table* Raclette! Raclette! Hey DC MeFi, we're one month into 2020! Let's toast the new year over some hot melted cheese. That's right, we're hiking our way out to the Swiss Alps --that is, to Stable in DC's H St corridor for Raclette Thursday. [more inside]
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