Let's go walk Broadway
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Do you want to walk the length of Broadway in Manhattan? Let's walk from 225th to the Battery.
Today youcancallmeal and I walked from 168th to 23rd on Broadway. Since it was on a weekday people couldn't come and walk. We were talking, as we walked, about having a walk on a weekend when there are more people able to walk.

So. Want to walk from 225th and Broadway to the Battery sometime in September or October?

We can meet on the sidewalk by the uptown 1 station. For some reason Google maps was cranky about letting me put in 225th and Broadway so I've used an address across the street from where we'd meet. Magic!
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Yes. I love walking and I love my city. Probably any weekend in July would work for me. Let's say any but the last to be most safe. Thanks for concocting this.
posted by grobstein at 6:43 PM on July 5, 2011

Love this idea. I'm also good with any weekend but the last or should be.
posted by TravellingCari at 7:57 AM on July 6, 2011

Neat idea! Whichever weekend you pick, fingers crossed it's not a million degrees out.
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I could quite possibly be in! Let us know.
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Looking forward to hearing which weekend you choose. I walked all of Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn last year and really enjoyed it.
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How about Sunday the 17th?
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out for Greg Nog


out for grobstein and Travelling Carl

so how about the 23rd or 24th of July?
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Late to the party, but this sounds awesome!

I better stock-up on deodorant (joking, I swear!)
posted by rosswald at 7:10 PM on July 6, 2011

this sounds awesome. And I'm 99% sure the weekend of the 23rd is fine. Can do either date as of right now
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Anyone have a strong preference for Saturday vs Sunday?
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Prefer Saturday.
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I prefer Saturday as well.
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Ok. Saturday July 23rd 10am it is.

You can get there a couple of different ways:
Subway: uptown 1 goes right there.
Metronorth: the Hudson line Marble Hill station is also right there.
Buses: BXM1, M100 (stops on the other side of the bridge), BX10, BX7, BX9.
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On the calendar. I'll be there provided life doesn't get in the way. Look forward to the walk and meeting folks
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Ack! I'd love to come back and give this another go, but I don't think I can get back up there this quickly. Alas.
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have your feet recovered? if they have, you should come.

you're the founding member of this quest!
posted by sciencegeek at 6:59 PM on July 9, 2011

Sounds really cool. Can anyone project how long this walk would take? I'm guessing 5 or 6 hours, presumably with a few breaks to drink or grab a bite.
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Hah, not entirely but getting there. I'll see what my financial situation is after this weekend... maybe I can make it up there. We'll see.
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When I've done similar walks with a larger group (where the leader insisted we all stop for pictures every ten blocks and we had a fairly long lunch break) it took approximately 9am until 6pm.

It is highly dependent on the speed of the walkers. Wikipedia suggests that avg human walking speed is 3.1mph. We will be walking 13.5 miles according to Google Maps. This gives us 4.35 hours of walking. Google maps suggests a similar number (4h27min). This does not include things like waiting for lights, walking through Times Square, or getting ice cream.
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Also. Don't know if anyone has an iPhone but the CultureNOW app could be a fun tool to use on the walk in case we get curious about anything we're passing.
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Won't be here the weekend of the 23rd, unfortunately, but hope you have fun!
posted by mlle valentine at 1:24 PM on July 11, 2011

Just found out that some West-coast-based friends have a gig at Maxwell's in Hoboken on the 23rd, I don't think I can make it to the walk after all.
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The church down the street from me is having a carnival that day, 153 between Bway and Amsterdam. Might be a fun diversion to plan in for a break.

oh, and is the 1 running above 168 on weekends yet? The bus might be the only way to get there, if not.
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When I took the 1 uptown last night, it was running all the way to 242, so we should be fine. I'm still not 100% in (I may have friends coming in to town), but I hope I can make it!
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So far as I know the 1 is scheduled to be running above 168th on the 23rd. (I did check this when we were selecting dates; speaking as someone who lives at the penultimate stop of the 1, it is insanely frustrating when it isn't).

If, for some strange reason known only to the gods of the subway, it isn't running, the alternate route is to take the A to 207th and get on the shuttle buses that will go up Broadway. Or if you're feeling fancy just take the metro north to Marble Hill.

Church carnival! Yay!
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As I mentioned in the Shake Shack thread, I am going to have to bow out if it's too hot/humid. I can take freezing temperatures just fine, but heat and I don't get along.
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I'm hoping the weather calms down as well. Right now it's just nasty.

Work event may keep me away, but hope to make it.

Those of you who are on the 1 - I feel your pain. I contemplated moving to Riverdale and the train (or lack thereof) convinced me otherwise.
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I *will* still try to join those of you who are doing this for the carnival on 153rd St. if you stop by. sciencegeek, I can MeFiMail you my # if you're down with that. I will do my best to make sure everyone gets cool refreshing beverages at the carnival if I can!
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So, I think that there should be a temperature limit for this walk. I'm thinking that it should be 90oF predicted temperature. Right now the predicted temperature for both Saturday and Sunday is significantly above 90oF. All this could possibly change.

(I work outside and I'm sweating. The drops of sweat on the tip of my nose are annoying me. I would not be enthusiastic about walking 13.5 miles.)

Should we just make this into a church carnival meetup? Or should we find an alternate weekend when it isn't hellfire hot? Or should we get a kiddie pool and some popsicles.

What say the people?
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I am so very in favor of the church carnival meetup. I can almost guarantee there will be open hydrants in the area, as well, for cooling off purposes. There's also roughly one Mr. Softee truck per block on most days.

(Yes, it's also close to my home. I can still buy everyone a drink.)
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If we do move it, we should probably post a new meetup (is that wrong?) since they're really not the same thing. This way, people who weren't interested in walking Broadway will get IRL notifications. And funnel cakes! And meat-on-a-stick! And whatever else they usually have at these things.
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I might be able to swing by a church carnival meetup! Definitely do a post if it's going to happen.
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I would be interested in a walking Broadway trip, too.....but not in July. Maybe October? :P
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The best thing about open fire hydrants is that you can stand in front of them and get all cool and wet while you pee in your pants and no one's the wiser, except maybe that kid standing right behind you, but he's doing the same thing so tough luck, junior.

I'll be there!
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Yeah, Weather Underground is saying 97 for Saturday. Even with a parasol I think that's going to be too much for me. I definitely want to do the walk, but when it's cooler.
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Ok, then let's adjourn the walking meet up until September or October. This seems sensible. There is no way that I can carry enough popsicles to make it 13.5 miles in that kind of heat.

Eideteker, make with the church carnival meet up. I'll be there, hopefully eating coco gelado.
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The weather is predicted to be 97oF. Which is, as they say, hot.

"Sunny...hot with highs in the mid 90s. Heat index values up to 105."

Ranging from human body temperature to really sick human body temperature.
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