Boston Proper Weeknight Ice Cream
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Thu July 19 at 6:30 PM, JP Licks
1106 Boylston St, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Date Change On Account of Predicted Weather! Now Thursday, July 19 at 6:30 PM! Apropos of the ice cream meetup suggestion, let's meet up for ice cream on Thursday, July 19 at 6:30 PM at the JP Licks on Boylston off of Mass Ave! If the mood strikes, we can head up Newbury Street and sample other ice cream on offer. This will be a weeknight event in Boston proper, counterpart to the Cambridge Weekend Ice Cream Crawl!
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I think someone around here organized an ice cream crawl a year or two ago, that could be a fun thing to do again.

There's a new place in Harvard (Amorino's) which I would gracefully volunteer to thoroughly evaluate ahead of time for the greater good of the group.
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I am on vacation now through July 4, so while I can’t do this weekend due to out of town guests, I am totally free for weekday ice cream Mon-Wed next week. I’m also pretty available most weekends in July.

I have been to the new gelato place in Harvard square and it is good. They also have macaroons, which you can get ON YOUR GELATO. Just sayin...
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Your willingness to sacrifice for us all is appreciated, backseatpilot!
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I am also away until after the 4th, and then away again the last part of July. I would totally be up for ice cream though. I'm going to be home alone from the 4th through the 21st so I'm going to make an attempt to be social.

I will put in a vote for a weeknight in Boston, because I take the train in from the 'burbs so Boston is easier for me than Cambridge and it's all about me, after all. Seriously though, I will consider going anywhere for an ice cream meetup.
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There's a place I haven't tried on Mass Ave a little north of Harvard Square - Honeycomb Creamery - could be a good addition to a Cambridge ice cream crawl... happy to investigate in advance.
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OK! How would people feel about TWO ice cream meetups - one Boston-side, one Cambridge-side? There's an Emacks and Bolio within walking distance of a JP Licks on Newbury and Boylston, and we could have a weekday evening ice cream gathering in Boston, and maybe a more leisurely ice cream crawl on a weekend in Cambridge?
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Honeycomb Creamery is great. I'm into a meetup there.
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I will go to as many of these as you care to organize!
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Dr Bored for Science and I have been to Amorino, and they're good.

I'd love to know when Tosci's is going to reopen on Main, but their location on First St is nice (and about a five minute walk from Lechmere Station).
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I fly into Boston July 26 but will mostly be up in Gloucester, but I will keep watching these dates. It would be great to meet MA MeFites.
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Yes! An unbooze meetup! I'm down.

I work in Cambridge close by to the 1st Street Tosci's, and live on the North Shore, so I'm flexible.

If we meet in Boston/Cambridge, a weeknight would be best for me.
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I would be so into an ice cream meetup.
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👁 😱4️⃣🍦
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OK! I'll make this the Weeknight Boston Proper ice cream meetup, and start a new thread for Weekend Cambridge ice cream crawling!
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y'all won't think less of me if you watch me inhale a banana split, will you?
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@ChuraChura thanks for pulling this together!

I'd recommend getting together earlier in the week than later, since the area around Hynes is pretty packed in summertime and Thursday/Friday especially so. (I guess there's no way around that...)
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hooray!! Back Bay (Copley/Hynes stops on the green line) offers many options- JP Licks on Boylston, Emack & Bolios on Newbury, Ben & Jerry's on Newbury, FoMu on Newbury, there are probably even more that I'm not remembering.

One nice thing about a Newbury St. option is that if people are open to picnic style seating, you can walk over from the store to the grassy area on Comm Ave just a street away for plenty of open space for a group of any size to sit/stroll together.
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I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS ON THIS. I've been contemplating doing a series of ice cream meetups forever and have simply not gotten off my ass to do so. Here are a limited number of thoughts:

1. There is a lot of ice cream in Camberville. I have outlined both a reasonable, greatest hits, 4-5 stop Lechmere to Porter Cambridge crawl and an unreasonable 8 mile, 9+ (Google Maps apparently only allows 9 stops in directions?) Lechmere to Sullivan-ish circle in the Cambridge thread.

2. If we're going to do a single Boston location, the orginal JP Licks on Centre Street would be my suggestion.

3. I'd also love to do some road trips, especially to the Westford Kimball's where minigolf could be played as well.

I guess I should finally get around to reading this rumoured ice cream MeTa, huh?
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What about Christina's?
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FWIW, here is my most reasonable yet extended proposed crawl would be:
0. Meet at Lechmere
1. Tosci's in East Cambridge
2. Christina's in Inman
3. Gracie's in Union
4. Harvard Square:
  a. Lizzie's
  b. Amorino's
  c. JP Licks
5. Honeycomb Creamery, Mass Ave near Porter
6. Leave from Porter
  a. Possible extention to Davis JP Licks
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I'm a bit concerned about how much ice cream you expect us to be able to eat in a single night, maryr.
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I think this all sounds awesome! My only concern is that JP Licks on Centre Street is less convenient for folks working downtown to get to on a weekday evening than one of the ice cream places around Newbury Street.
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if i am here
i will be there
i scream
for ice cream

we all do
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I'm a bit concerned about how much ice cream you expect us to be able to eat in a single night, maryr.

I am not.
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There's a 20-30 minute walk in between most of the places in the reasonable route which seems like plenty of time to digest a small ice cream.
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I love you Mary but that much ice cream + that much walking + the current heat wave = 🤢
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How do folks feel about Tuesday, July 17, with a starting point at the JP Licks on Boylston and Mass Ave, moving up Newbury as the opportunity presents itself?
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OK! There's been no argument, so I'll go ahead and call this one for the 17th at JP Licks in Fenway!
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Cool, thanks for setting it up!

I will have some time to kill after work so if anyone wants to get a light dinner around Back Bay beforehand, let me know. There's both a ramen place and a dumpling place on Mass Ave., among other things.
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The ramen place on Mass Ave is fine; the dumplings are pretty great! There is better ramen in a smaller place off of Newbury and I would be very happy to eat at any of them!
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Oh yay that’s an off-week for trivia! I’d possibly be down for dinner before.
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Anyone else keeping an eye on the weather for tomorrow? Would it make sense to postpone until Wednesday, or does this place have a lot of indoor seating?
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Hmm, it does look a little dicey - I am downgrading myself to a maybe, since my travel plans will change if there are bad thunderstorms during commuting hours. Fingers crossed for a positive weather update soon!
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Happy to reschedule for later this week. Thursday?
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oh bummer. I can't make Thursday. stupid weather.
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Thursday works for me.
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For the very ambitious, Thursday is also the Ben & Jerry's Carnival in the Seaport from 11am to 9pm.
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Argh, sorry, DiscourseMarker! I live right around the corner so if you want to get ice cream tonight, let me know!!! :-D
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I'll be a maybe-but-probably for Thursday.
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Looking forward to seeing folks tonight for a thunderstorm-free evening!
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I still have to grab some dinner beforehand, though I suppose I could just eat ice cream for dinner. Maybe I'll just go to Tasty Burger at Back Bay around 5:30 if anyone wants to join me.
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I'll need dinner, I can meet you over there. The one on Dartmouth Street?
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Yeah, I should be there around 5:30. I forgot it's a stop beyond Mass Ave but it's a nice day for a walk.
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I'll try to meet you two too.
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I'll join you guys!
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Actually, I will not join you guys. I'm going to get to the ice cream place early to look menacingly at anyone else who tries to sit in the outside seats. Have fun!
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c'man, join us. maryr will rough up anyone sitting in our outdoor seats.
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I'm very threatening.
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I am standing outside Back Bay on the Dartmouth side. By the Dunkn Donuts. Not the North Dunkin Donuts, the One 50 feet to the south, near Tasty Burger.
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I've gotten sucked into one more work thing, so just have some extra tasty burgers for me!
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And now maryr and I are inside.
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Four of us are now outside JP Licks looking awkward because that's how we do.

We are all wearing glasses if that helps.
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Hi folks, I have to be elsewhere at 7:30 and the T fates aren't aligning. I hope to catch up with you next time.
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