Cambridge Weekend Ice Cream Crawl
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Sat July 21 at 2:00 PM, Toscanini's
159 First St, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Apropos of the ice cream meetup suggestion, let's meet up for ice cream in July! This will be a weekend ice cream crawl in Cambridge on July 21, as a counterpart to the weekday ice cream gathering in Boston!
Let's plan to meet at Toscanini's on First Street at 2:00, and amble on from there, hitting Christina's, Lizzy's, and Honeycomb Creamery!
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I am out every weekend day in July (! what is time!?) except the 14th. And I am likely going to post a hike for the late morning of the 14th...

I realize this is very specific, is there any chance for a late afternoon crawl that Saturday the 14th? :D
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Just to note it, there's a relatively new small indie ice cream place across the border in Somerville, tipping cow.
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For my own selfish purposes, that weekend's not great for me, but I'd be OK missing it if that's the day that works best for everyone!
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Sigh, I keep forgetting to go into the MeTa thread. I have had vague plans to do an ice cream crawl FOREVER and just haven't been getting around to it. Thanks for organizing, Chura Chura!

OK, how hardcore do you want to go for this? Because I have conceived of both a more leisurely 4 mile, 4-5 stop schedule covering Lechmere to Porter (I'd add a 5th stop in Union Square to the middle of that, but I'm keeping this purely Cambridge atm) or a more extensive 8 mile, 9+ stop walk that folds in Somerville, looping from Lechmere to Sullivan.
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I’m out of town the weekend of the 14th but would be interested in other weekends!
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Oh no! I didn’t realize the 14th wouldn’t work for you ChuraChura. I am a firm believer in ice cream organizers getting to enjoy the fruits (cones?) of their labors. I will hopefully be able to make the Boston weeknight one so no worries if I miss this one.
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I appreciate that, Seemoorglass :-)

OK! How do folks feel about the 21st and Mary's leisurely route?
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I can't do the 21st as I'll be winging my way North but I'll be at the Boston one so I'll get my ice cream fill.
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I didn’t really pay attention to the name, but yes I think Amorinos is the new Harvard Square place. The 21st works for me but I don’t know that I’m going to walk 4 miles plus eat ice cream, so I might join you part way.
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We'll be out of town that weekend, but I'll try to hit up the Boston one.
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OK! How do folks feel about the 21st and Mary's leisurely route?

A little awed but psyched if my schedule allows!
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21st works for me! All of the stops are near reasonable public transit, so leaving early and joining late is definitely do-able.
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OK! I'll call it for the 21st!
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I think I can do this! I might either skip the first stop or figure out a public transit workaround, because that’s a whole mile without ice cream.
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I'm forcing my dad to come before we go see Janelle Monae for his birthday. It's going to be THE BEST DAY EVER.
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...why are you all doing this a week before I move (back) to the area?! A Camberville ice cream crawl is such an excellent idea.
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maryr has all sorts of designs for ice cream crawls, so I'm sure this won't be the last!
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I have no follow through, but many ideas. I'll try to work on that.
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There are many more weeks of summer in which to have more ice cream crawls.
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Yay! Looking forward to staggering from ice cream to ice cream with you all today!
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See you at Toscanini’s!
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The green line is toddling along. I'll probably be a few minutes late.
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Just got here! Hanging out in the bench out front on First Street
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Oh man, we said 2:00 not 1:00! I'm totally on time and even early. Time to get a taco.
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Leaving Tosconini's, headed to Christina's!
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Four of us eventually made it to Christina’s (with ChuraChura dropping off to coordinate with her dad). Then just maryr and I ventured on to Honeycomb, having decided to skip Lizzy’s. Honeycomb was out of so much that we decided to save that for another day. (Apparently they have choco taco Tuesdays...) It was a fun ramble with perfect weather - thank you, ChuraChura and maryr! I hope your “O NO” is just that you were following along at home, and not that we inadvertently left you hanging at Christina’s?
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i thought you all ate too much ice cream and couldnt move and that would have been an emergency
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