SF Meetup: After Dark @ The Exploratorium 1st August
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Thu August 1 at 6:15 PM, Exploratorium
Pier 15, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Meetup at After Dark at the Exploratorium. You need to buy tickets. Meet outside the exploratorium at 6:15pm by the vertically orientated sign with the big hole. I'll also try and be near the entrance inside at 8pm if you're running late and want to find the group. There will likely be post-exploratorium drinking (venue TBD).
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I have been eager to check out the new Exploratorium but haven't quite made it down there yet. Let's do that!
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Only because we don't have an Explodatorium
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We already had plans to go to the Exploratorium that evening! So, yes, we will be there.
posted by gingerbeer at 7:29 AM on July 26, 2013

We've done meetups at Cal Academy's after dark events and they are way fun, and I'm looking forward to the Exploratorium's version!
posted by rtha at 8:17 AM on July 26, 2013

This is a fun event. I'll try to make it given that it's the only week I'm in town for a while.
posted by special-k at 10:53 AM on July 26, 2013

Yay! This is right across the street from my work, and I haven't yet made it over there.
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This. Looks. Good!
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It will be my birthday, so let me see if I can get out of work early.
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This looks fantastic, odds are against my making it, but the prospect of alcohol and a warehouse full of sensory illusions sounds like fun.

Make sure to check out the exhibit with the shower fog lady if it's still there.
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So people who know the area, any suggestions for bars near there that could work as a potential post-exploritorium meetup/spillover if tickets sell out?
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Bar Americano across the street has an outdoor patio that has room for larger groups.
posted by special-k at 11:44 AM on July 27, 2013

Hard Water is nearby, food is meh, cocktails are great, unsure of their ability to handle larger groups. The main dining room is pretty small.
posted by benzenedream at 10:04 PM on July 27, 2013

Hard Water is great but impossible for groups so no point even trying.
posted by special-k at 6:30 AM on July 29, 2013

I'm so sad I have other family obligations and won't be able to make this. I'm a huge fan of the Exploratorium and haven't been to the new one yet!
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Weeknight meetups (or anything) are hard for me to get to, bummer because I love the Exploratorium!
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special-k: do you mean the Americano bar/restaurant at the Hotel Vital?

Another polling question: what should we do about food?

I was thinking of figuring it out at 10 but that seems ambitious. We (or whoever needs to) could grab something quick at 6 and go in for 6:30, although I'm not too keen on pushing things back further since various events start at 7.

Is there anywhere close suitable?

Also sorry to hear people can't make it. Next time I'm in town promise to pitch a weekend meet up.
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Alas, I have exciting tattoo plans tomorrow evening and won't be able to make it.
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Ok there don't seem to be great options for fast food or post exploritorium venues (everything seems to close pretty early). Let's go for the minimal organisation/maximal entropy approach.
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Tickets bought!
posted by potsmokinghippieoverlord at 12:23 AM on August 1, 2013

Dear mefites, we are very sorry, but due to circumstances, we have to bag tonight. Boo.

But! I have thoughts for another meetup, soon, and I'll make a thing for it.

Special apologies to special-k.
posted by rtha at 3:43 PM on August 1, 2013

sad face :(
posted by special-k at 4:38 PM on August 1, 2013

I'm not going to go either since my primary reason to attend was to see rtha/gingerbeer (I love the rest of you guys too but have some pressing work before I travel this weekend).

Since I'm not attending, does anyone want my ticket? Please memail me and I'll send you the PDF of the ticket.
posted by special-k at 4:42 PM on August 1, 2013

I'm heading out the door for a bit. If anyone wants it, please print this and let others know you've claimed it.
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Hmm. I am hanging outside the exploratorium now. If Anyone is still up for this let me know...
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Yeah, not happening for me by a mile. Hope I can meet you all at some later date.
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Oh well, see you next time, I guess.
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FYI I'm running slightly late from work but hope to make it there by 18:30.
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I'm here! I'm wearing a blue mefi tshirt, black jeans, red converse hitops! Going in now!
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OK outside the entrance by the vertical sign and camera obscura. Will wait 5 mins then go in. Let's switch to plan b of meeting near the entrance inside at 20:00. White trousers dark blue shirt.
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Standing opposite the information desk inside by the main entrance /exit in case people are still looking for each other.
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