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Dark Horse Inn and Plants

I am growing a ton of mint from cuttings and I have several pepper plants I am growing from seed. One of these plants is mine- that leaves 4 extra. I anticipate in late June/early July I will have even more things from seed/cuttings. I have been giving some away as gifts to my best friend and my favorite bartender- but this is getting ridiculous. I don't want to compost viable plants. I propose on one of my days off (all on weekdays, and I wont know which for a bit) we meet at my local bar/restaurant The Dark Horse Inn on Geneva at 5pm-10pm on a to be determined weekday in late June/early July and we can all have a chill hang and eat and drink and support a local place and maybe some of you can give my plants a new home. [more inside]
San Francisco, CA at The dark horse inn, 5PM by Homo neanderthalensis - 12 comments

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