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My First Meetup: Toronto edition

I'm on a roundabout drive from NYC to Minneapolis and will be stopping in Toronto from Friday 12th October til Sunday the 14th. I've never been to Toronto and have never been to a MetaFi meetup, so this could be a big weekend for me. Any Torontonian Mefites free for dinner or drinks Saturday (and/or possibly Friday depending on what time I can get into town)? [more inside]
posted by theory on Oct 10, 2018 - 12 comments

Johnny Wallflower in Victoria, BC

We're visiting family there next month and I'd love to meet some Canadian MeFites in the flesh. We're staying near the Emily Carr statue and residence, so a cultural outing would be swell. It looks like the only day we'll have free is 9/11. Is anybody available then?
posted by Johnny Wallflower on Aug 31, 2018 - 6 comments

The Future is Female Comedy Show in Toronto

Come out to a fun comedy show that's life-affirming, feminist, LGBTQ+, in AIR CONDITIONED BASEMENT, with some beer giveaways and other fun stuff? [more inside]
posted by SassHat on Aug 5, 2016 - 2 comments

the Whelk In Toronto

HOWDY! Myself and the Husband will be in beautiful downtown Toronto for about two weeks starting on the 27th. We should hang. I know there are a lot of you, so I'm up to multiple meet ups. Sunday the 5th, The Rebel House, 1pm!
posted by The Whelk on May 25, 2016 - 49 comments

Any Winnipegian Mefites?

Hello Canada! I will be travelling to the fine city of Winnipeg in a few weeks for work, and wanted to see if there was any interest in a meetup. Is anyone available for a happy hour beverage, or dinner+a drink, or an after-dinner drink/coffee on Monday, Oct 19? [more inside]
posted by Fig on Oct 1, 2015 - 8 comments

I am new to Halifax - would you like to meet for wine Sat. May 24 at 7pm?

Hello :D I recently moved to Halifax and would like to get to know more people. Would anyone wish to join me for a drink (or six) at Obladee Wine bar on Saturday May 24 at 7pm? I have a friendly, outgoing nature, and look forward to seeing you there! I will book a table if anyone responds, otherwise I will loiter at the bar having a drunken good time and chanting TEKELI-LI earnestly until someone manifests, or 8pm, whichever is most convenient :D. Details of my unwholesome garb (so that you may recognize me) will follow closer to the date. [more inside]
posted by partly squamous and partly rugose on Mar 5, 2014 - 13 comments

Edmonton's first ever meetup

I'm relatively new to Edmonton (been here 1.5 years) and it occurred to me I've yet to see a meetup proposed for our fair city. A quick search on MetaTalk suggests that there has never been a MeFi meetup in Edmonton. How can this be?! Let's change that... [more inside]
posted by sanitycheck on Nov 11, 2011 - 39 comments

Normal For Once at Mitzi's Sister

Normal For Once will be celebrating the release of our new 3-song EP, along with special guest T.C. Folkpunk. [more inside]
posted by Crane Shot on Jul 9, 2011 - 4 comments

Toronto Meetup, July 5 at 7 pm, Blake House

So I'm in Toronto (from Ottawa) on the 4th and 5th of July; How about a meetup Tuesday, the 5th of July, starting at 7 pm, at the Blake House, 449 Jarvis, near the corner of Wellesley? [more inside]
posted by Monday, stony Monday on Jun 24, 2011 - 28 comments

Brad Sucks at The Mansion in Kingston, ON

Hey, come see Brad Sucks (i'm brad!) with Dave Norris & Local Ivan at The Mansion this Saturday night (the 14th). It is only $6 which is not a lot of money to be honest.
posted by frenetic on May 12, 2011 - 0 comments

Celebrate Democracy Even As We Lament the Results

I'm having people over to watch the election results come in, listen to the speeches etc. etc. Feel free to join us! [more inside]
posted by If only I had a penguin... on Apr 23, 2011 - 14 comments

Vancouver, BC meetup?

I am new to Vancouver, and was hoping to meet some local MeFites. Anyone up for a meetup this month? [more inside]
posted by gursky on Feb 6, 2011 - 18 comments

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