My First Meetup: Toronto edition
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Sat October 13 at 7:00 PM, The Jason George
100 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E1, Canada (Map & Directions)
I'm on a roundabout drive from NYC to Minneapolis and will be stopping in Toronto from Friday 12th October til Sunday the 14th. I've never been to Toronto and have never been to a MetaFi meetup, so this could be a big weekend for me. Any Torontonian Mefites free for dinner or drinks Saturday (and/or possibly Friday depending on what time I can get into town)?
I'll be staying near the College subway station but I'm down for visiting any part of the city. Haven't had time to research any good restaurants or bars yet, but will get on that ASAP.
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We'd be up for something Saturday evening!
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 2:37 PM on October 10, 2018

I have some things going on Saturday but if you do something near College station (or near-ish) I should be able to stop in for a drink!
posted by wellred at 4:58 AM on October 11, 2018

Would be great to have a meetup. Depends on time!

I don't want to stifle your restaurant/bar research but if it makes it easier for you, we often have meetups at the Jason George since they seem to tolerate a large group of indeterminate size well.
posted by grouse at 9:07 AM on October 11, 2018

The Jason George looks great -- I haven't had much time for research and as a newcomer why question proven results?

I'll set Saturday as the date, Jason George as the location. Timewise, I'm open to whatever works for the majority since I don't have a set agenda for the day. Early to mid evening?
posted by theory at 10:11 AM on October 11, 2018

Any time after 5 would be a-ok by me.
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 10:23 AM on October 11, 2018

Early evening would allow me to get there for a bit!
posted by wellred at 10:23 AM on October 11, 2018

We're up for something on Saturday!
posted by Kris10_b at 4:03 PM on October 11, 2018

I'll try to get there a bit early-ish -- aiming for 6:30 -- will be wearing a dark blue v-neck sweater, glasses, and a beard.
posted by theory at 9:27 AM on October 13, 2018 [3 favorites]

Cool. We can swing by a bit before 7:00.
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 12:40 PM on October 13, 2018

Aiming for seven!
posted by wellred at 1:45 PM on October 13, 2018

Just arrived. We're at a table in the back room. We're the only ones in here, so should be easy to spot!
posted by Kris10_b at 3:50 PM on October 13, 2018

We’re in the back left corner.
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 3:58 PM on October 13, 2018

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