Celebrate Democracy Even As We Lament the Results
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Mon May 2 at 5:00 PM, My Place
220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1, Canada (Map & Directions)
I'm having people over to watch the election results come in, listen to the speeches etc. etc. Feel free to join us!

When I lived in the States, Canadian elections were a communal thing. Canadians ex-pats would book a room or floor in a bar to watch the debates on satellite and then get together again to watch the results come in. Now I live in a place where I'm surrounded by Canadians and left with no one to snark to as politicians and journalists alike say ridiculous things. Perhaps you have the same problem! And so, here I am with a solution to our problem. Come over on May 2. Watch the results come in. Listen to the speeches and the "analysis." Play election night bingo. Eat snacks. Talk to people.

Date: May 2, 2011
Time: Anytime after 5pm or the time you vote, whichever is later. If you're not eligible to vote, any time after 5pm.
Where: Downtown Toronto. MeMail me for the address
What to expect: I'll have some snacks and stuff. I might cook something, but probably not a whole dinner for everyone. So, feel free to bring snacks or a dish if you're feeling like sharing something pot-luck-y style. If there's anything in particular you like to drink, you can bring that. You also don't have to bring anything. It's a free country, at least til the results come in. I have a dog. He will not acknowledge you, but if you're allergic, take a claritin on your way here.
Bring people?: Sure.
Bring non-human people?: Sure. I mean assuming they're dogs.
RSVP: I guess you'll have to if you want the address.

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Oh, since this is a hot-button topic around here, I should add: You will be asked to remove your shoes. However, the first twelve people to arrive will be offered guest slippers. The wearing of guest slippers is optional. If any of the first twelve people either do not want to wear guest slippers, or do not approve of the style/colour/size of the guest slippers remaining at the time of their arrival, the option of wearing guest slippers will pass to subsequent arrivers so long as available guest slippers remain.
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I thought only Americans in sitcoms wore their shoes indoors. This is a real thing?
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apparently many americans (and some others) do wear their shoes indoors - and some mind taking their shoes off because of foot issues, etc - and there was a long, slightly fighty ask-mefi abt it where people said "if you ask people to take their shoes off, it means you love your floor more than them". Thing is, penguin does love her floor more than any of us, maybe even
more than her dog. And I completely understand - I've seen her floor and it's a really nice floor.

Anyways, I'm probably coming. But do I have to watch the election? because I was already sick of it before it was called.
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Oh, this sounds like fun, or at least some fun wrapped around despair, but I have to be a maybe for now. I'm working the polls in my riding as a Deputy Returning Officer, so I probably wouldn't be free until after 9:30 or 10, after the ballots are counted and the box is returned to the riding office. How late would you expect things to run?
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Maudlin, I'll definitely still be there! I can't really guess what time people will want to leave, but it's ok with me if it goes late and if you show up you'll be welcome.

Chunking, tiny human people are also welcome, fyi. Here's the infamous shoes-off askme. And of course it ended up in Meta.
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Will there be a pool based upon the number of seconds after the Ontario polls close it takes the CBC Decision Desk to tell us what the outcome will be? If there's a moment where a common enemy seems necessary will the new Sun News Network be flipped on so everyone can hate on Ezra Levant?
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TimeTypeZed: You got it (on the betting pool). I believe that SunTV is only available to Shaw customers, so we shall be spared that.
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I believe that SunTV is only available to Shaw customers, so we shall be spared that.

I'm on Cogeco, and we definitely, fucktastically have SunTV. It's the first time I wanted a channel-blocker. Nevermind bias -- I had no idea that you could just make up the news.

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It appears that there is not something actually worth celebrating. Consider the party now double-themed.
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Oopps...that should be there is NOW something actually worth celebrating.
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Sorry, If only I, I'm totally punking out on this. I was looking forward to this, but I'm feeling kinda tired and blaghy, and I don't think I'd be good company at this point.
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I cycled home from the polls in my sleep (after a work-related all-nighter before I started at the polls), so I was in no shape for this. So how did it go? (Besides the gnashing of teeth, rending of garments and weeping, of course.)
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Ya, it sounded like great fun. Except that my last poll didn't close till 12:15 due to an unbelievably dilatory DRO. I swear he didn't even start closing until everybody else was already out the door... Got out of the returning office at 1am..

My last election related activity: handing in time sheets for the poll workers. That brought to mind the true disaster of last night... Last night was a total disaster for completely non partisan reasons. Election workers HATE majority governments!!! How am I going to eat?!?! :)
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No worries. JB ended up being the only mefite present, but except for the whole results thing, it was great fun; games were played and prizes were won.
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