I am new to Halifax - would you like to meet for wine Sat. May 24 at 7pm?
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Sat May 24 at 7:00 PM, Obladee
1600 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS B3J 1Z6, Canada (Map & Directions)
Hello :D I recently moved to Halifax and would like to get to know more people. Would anyone wish to join me for a drink (or six) at Obladee Wine bar on Saturday May 24 at 7pm? I have a friendly, outgoing nature, and look forward to seeing you there! I will book a table if anyone responds, otherwise I will loiter at the bar having a drunken good time and chanting TEKELI-LI earnestly until someone manifests, or 8pm, whichever is most convenient :D. Details of my unwholesome garb (so that you may recognize me) will follow closer to the date.
I have changed the date to late May from early April in hopes that the milder weather will encourage people to come out :)
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O hai! Like I said I am a bit old and quite far away but as the date comes nearer I will see if there is any percentage in driving into Halifax. Hope it is excellent.
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Can't do Thursday. Could do Friday, April 4, or Saturday, April 5 maybe.
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Thank you both for the responses :) I will wait until March 12 to see what others suggest, and if no one else is interested in Thursday April 3, will change the date to Friday April 4. Please feel free to suggest a more convenient time, or a better location in downtown Halifax. I am open to all ideas and am relatively flexible. My preference would be a location with delicious and remarkable alcohol (my beverage of choice is wine). I am not particularly fond of Economy Shoe Shop or Lower Deck, but if the majority like either of these venues I will reconsider.
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Hello all, I have changed the meet-up time to Saturday April 5 at 7pm Halifax time, to accommodate more participants. Please let me know if you wish to join prior to March 28, and I will make reservations accordingly. If you will not be sure until the day of the event, feel free to advise and I will make sure there is room :)

I will let everyone know by April Fool's what I will be wearing so I can be found (everyone already knows what I will be chanting tunelessly).
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Hey there, sorry for the very minimal takeup on your offer. As I said I am also new around here, so not sure if this is par for the course or if your cthuloid nature is scaring off potential hosts or whatevs.
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Greetings all :). I will be lurking within the venue at the advertised time whether there are public replies or not. I know some people may be unsure about plans so do not fear! I will be there waiting and plotting. I am a friendly person by nature so even if you are reserved or quiet I will enjoy meeting you.

Anyone who may come, please mention it here by Thursday April 3 (so I can make reservations) or me-mail me by Saturday April 5 around noon (so I will know to wait around and stay relatively sober). Please check in on Friday April 4 in case there are any reservation anomalies that may occur. I do not have internet on the cellphone so will not know if you post here later than the Saturday time I suggested.

I will be the petite young lady with long, dark, curly hair... drinking obscene amounts of red wine and muttering about the thing on the doorstep :D. Further description is available, if you dare, through me-mail.

Those of you who cannot make it, or are unsure, do not worry. I will post again when the weather is better and there will be more opportunities for us to socialize.
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Hello all - I have changed the date of the meetup again to Saturday May 24. I know it is hard to want to come out in this dreadful weather; since there were no confirmations for the original early April date, I decided to amend the event. Hope to see you soon.
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May 24 I can do! I have put it in my calendar.
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Bummer -- I will be in Halifax the following week. If you folks wind up on a multi-day pub crawl, perhaps I will see you somewhere.
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Wonderful! We can do May 24, and another meetup the following week :D. My capacity to drink is limitless :D.
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The hour of reckoning is at hand, and I will be reserving seats (and making sure there is the option for another to join, in case one of you in undecided) on Tuesday May 20. For those who are "undecided" or "maybe", please let me know by Thursday May 22 and I will do my best to adjust the reservation accordingly to include you, or create an after-party if I cannot. If you believe you will be an indecisive lurker at the threshold (of the venue), feel free to come in (you can have my seat) or Me-mail me and I will provide a cell number to text.

Please Me-mail me prior to 5pm on Saturday May 24 if you would like more information on what I look like in order to find me, or if you have any questions. Note that I do not have internet on my cell phone so would not get any last minute messages.

I am very excited to meet everyone and even if you are not used to meeting strangers I am not an intimidating person and enjoy making new friends!
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I was told by the staff at Obladee there is no need to make reservations for the chosen time, so I will be sitting at the bar for 7pm.
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I have to cancel.. car trouble. Apologies:(
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