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In light of recent post on icemen, I'd like to invite folks to Skansen this weekend, where I will be delivering ice on both Saturday and Sunday, 10-16. Sunday is COOP day, so if you have one of those green cards in your wallet you get in for free. This day is notorious for high visitor numbers, so consider yourself warned. I hang out mainly in the environments representing the 1920s and 30s, so Skånegården (previously) and the hardware store quarter.

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Stockholm Dinner/Fika TBD Date

MUST POSTPONE due to illness/conflicts. New venue! This month we are meeting at Babajan, the restaurant formerly owned by MetaFilter's own jan murray, who still works there most Fridays. The menu includes vegan, vegetarian, and meat options, and the bar serves a rotating list of delightful stuff for beer drinkers. [more inside]

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Stockholm Hammock Hangout

Bring your hammock, if you have one, and join us for a celebration of MetaFilter's 20th anniversary at Lngholmen in Stockholm. Exact meeting place there to be announced. I will bring a cake. Feel free to bring your own lunch, or not. [more inside]
Stockholm, Sweden at LĂ„ngholmen, 1PM by Bella Donna - 7 comments

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FRI 27th July: New Moon In Stockholm? Or 28th Saturday, or 29th Sunday Brekkie

Kairab and I are unexpectedly going to be in Stockholm this weekend...any Mefites up for a meet-up? our only (shameful, I know) commitment so far is the Millenium tour 11 am to 13.30 on Saturday let us know if there's other things we might explore!
Stockholm, Sweden by Wilder on Jul 26, 2018 - 7 comments

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April movie outing?

Linda and I have spoken about doing something on a weekend, like getting together some MeFites to see the film Lady Bird. Problem is, I can't get film programs for more than a week ahead except for art film houses, which aren't showing that at the moment. So, any suggestions for a weekend, earlier in the day outing, movie or otherwise this month? Ideas welcomed! (Consider checking out Biocafé Tellus for Sunday at 17:00 films to see if any of those are appealing.)

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I'm moving to Stockholm!

Känna känna! I'm moving to Stockholm on January 20th. How about we put together a fika or something the last week of January? I'll be a bit south of the city but happy to travel for a meet up. Any interest?

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Stockholm Meetup?

Hello Stockholm Mefites! (And surrounding area) I'll be in your lovely country for two weeks in late August/early September for my honeymoon, and I would love to meet up with people, buy a round, etc. [more inside]

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Stockholm meet up

Hejsan! Here's the scoop: I am going to the premier of Cyrano tomorrow night, on June 4th, as described in this link: Since Meijusa has a baby, I will be there at 5 pm. I will be in the first row of seats at the bottom, closest to the stage, and then we can find a place nearby that's better for the baby. The show starts later, so no one needs to stay unless they want to. I don't have a local number but perhaps you can text at +1 510 6120 if you can't find me. If the weather is bad, I don't expect anyone but me to show. :-) I will bring food for myself and I hope y'all do too. Thanks for your patience. If you can make it, great. If not, I understand.
Stockholm, Sweden at Vitabergsparken Katarina-Sofia Sweden, 5PM by Bella Donna - 18 comments

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Welcome wooh to Stockholm

User wooh is moving to Stockholm, and that's an excellent reason for a meetup. Mid feb, suggestions for where to be finalised. [more inside]
Stockholm, Sweden at Theodora's, 6PM by Iteki - 16 comments

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Nordic country tours Stockholm edition

Stop 2 on my whirlwind tour. [more inside]
Stockholm, Sweden at Restaurant Carmen, 5PM by kkokkodalk - 18 comments