Stockholm Dinner/Fika TBD Date
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MUST POSTPONE due to illness/conflicts. New venue! This month we are meeting at Babajan, the restaurant formerly owned by MetaFilter's own jan murray, who still works there most Fridays. The menu includes vegan, vegetarian, and meat options, and the bar serves a rotating list of delightful stuff for beer drinkers.
Thanks to all who made it to the February meet up and enjoyed the musical fun provided by Jan and his buddy Walter. For March, Jan has kindly reserved the secluded upstairs table, which can seat up to 10 people and includes a view of the entire restaurant and bar. There is a DJ and music but the volume doesn't go loud until 21:00, so we should be able to converse easily until then. Hope to see y'all there!
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Yes indeed
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Oh no, can’t come (föris föräldramöte for one, home with the kids for the other). Might try to join you later.
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Oh meijusa, sorry you can't make it. As it happens, neither can I. I got back from the US just over a week ago and naturally promptly got sick courtesy of my granddaughter. I don't intend to expose anyone at a meet up; so wish I could make it. jan murray and rpn, I hope some others join you. I know jan murray has gone to some trouble to reserve a table for us but if folks can't make it, well ... I hope others show up and y'all have a great time!
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Seems like rhe event has been cancelled. Another time then.
Get well everybody
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Looking forward to seeing you all again! Tuesdays and Thursdays are less good for me now as I am making an effort in Swedish classes...
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