Welcome wooh to Stockholm
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Fri February 15 at 6:00 PM, Theodora's
Sankt Eriksgatan 53, 112 34 Stockholm, Sweden (Map & Directions)
User wooh is moving to Stockholm, and that's an excellent reason for a meetup. Mid feb, suggestions for where to be finalised.
It's been a while since we met up so I would like to take the initiative for an evening out.
I've spoken to wooh and we landed on friday 15th feb, but the where has yet to be decided.

Being as we are a mixed group I am going to say somewhere with a good price-span, relatively central and with a seating situation and volume level that allows for chatting.
Friday night might be crazy packed with people doing after-work though...

My two suggestions into the pot are:

Sodra Sllskapet, just by Bio Victoria (Medborgarplatsen). Decent food, standard european fare, probably not crazy booked.

De Svarta Fren Gamla Stan, again decent food decentish prices for the area, probably quite quiet.

Southside Same priceclass, Zinkensdamm, probably loud, more pub but good food.

Otherwise one of the Vapianos (continuing on the basis of inoffensively alright food), or we could do ethiopian or korean or something.
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I'd like to propose theodoras by fridhemsplan, awfully cheap food equal taste mid-range mickey dee's basically, cheap beer and .. well did i mention cheap beer? ;)
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The 15th would work for me. I don't have any strong preference for the location, but slightly prefer Södra Sällskapet or the De Svarta Fåren just because I've not been to any of those places before :).
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Just occured to me I should probably notify wooh himself about this thread.

As I say, I am pretty flexible, Theodoras seems to have two big plusses of being good and cheap, 5-6 dollars for a beer or wine (as opposed to 9-11 at Södrasällskapet or Svarta Fåren) and probably not being too full of people.
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I'm extremely flexible, and am down for anywhere that won't break the bank for anyone and will let us catch up. Look forward to meeting you all!
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woop! awesome! this has a certain tang of awesomeness around it :D
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Ok, confirmed this shit up! Said six, but I know some people get off a little later etc. I will probably be there from then-ish, finish early on Fridays. Will MSG you my cell wooh in case you have trouble finding it or whatever. Spread the word Stockholm crew?
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This is awesome! Thank you so much Iteki. I will MSG you my cell once I get it :)
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oh noes, can't on the 15th. Here's hoping for another meetup soon!
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Ack, pity meijusa :( would be great if we could maybe gather a list of known Stockholmers here so we can spam another time. There is more than are listed geographically.
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Hello all! We are at the bright red table when you enter.
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Heading for Tiki-room on Rörstrandsgatan.
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Now we are at Musikmuseet.
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Cheers for a nice evening out! We got talking about live music, and I mentioned an upcoming gig if anyone wants to give it a go. Rather than starting a new event I figured I could post the info here. Or?

This is the band, they are playing Stampen on the 26th. Gullmarsplan. They've got a whole sort of oldschool Imperiet, concrete suburbs, prog thing going on.

As best I gather you can get cheaper tickets (30kr) if you meet up with them at Carmens on the 20th, otherwise it's probably 100kr at the door I am going to guess. Have a look at their vids and see if it's something anyone would be into?
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I'll go if I'm in town the 26th - there are a small chance I'm away on business.

It might be a good idea to post a new event - don't know when this one closes.

Here is the other bands thar are playing btw
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Hmm, the link doesn't seem to be working - I'll check tomorrow for somerhing that works
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You had a comma in the link.
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