FRI 27th July: New Moon In Stockholm? Or 28th Saturday, or 29th Sunday Brekkie
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Kairab and I are unexpectedly going to be in Stockholm this weekend...any Mefites up for a meet-up? our only (shameful, I know) commitment so far is the Millenium tour 11 am to 13.30 on Saturday let us know if there's other things we might explore!
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Yay for your visit! Nothing shameful in the Millenium tour!

I think a bunch of locals are out of town at the moment but I can meet up with you sometime during the day on Sunday. There are food trucks and a flea market near the Hornstull subway stop on Saturdays and Sundays. I could meet up with you there on Sunday, if you like.

Other things that might be fun include one of the free Old Town tours (the guide is tipped). I recently took my grandson to the History Museum, which has Viking-related activities in the center courtyard that include bread baking and archery. The museum is free. I thought the bread baking and archery and other things were fun even as an adult. There's a gold room and other Viking artefacts I plan to go back and see.

I hope you will have your swim suits with you because it will probably be hot. There's a swimming spot near the Hornstull Strand flea market and swimming spots all over the city. Finally, my visitors have all enjoyed taking one of the Stockholm boat tours. I enjoyed the Bridges cruise and apparently there's also a hop-on hop-off boat as well.

There are 14 islands so you probably can't see it all while you are here but I recommend seeing Old Town and Söder for sure. I have been hoping to find someone to go to the ABBA museum with me but it doesn't have to be you all. I will MeMail you my phone number if you want to text or call.
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Oops, forgot to mean Skansen, the world's oldest open-air museum, which is pretty great. I cannot vouch for everything on this list but now I want to work my way through all the things I haven't yet seen.
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Meeting Bella Donna shortly and I LOVE the fact that #FriendOfMatt is the antithesis of #ofMatt
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Great mini meet-up for the almost 20 yr anniversary of the blue

Finishing up in the ICEbar which runs year round here.... a welcomed break from 34 degree temps!
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Bella Donna the strawberries were awesome, but not as much as you!

Loved meeting you and I know it won’t be the last time!!
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So sad to have missed this :( was that the official 20th anniversary? So glad you guys had a good visit!
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That was one 20th anniversary celebration. The official Stockholm MetaFilter meet up celebration will be August 19th. I just need to, um, post it.
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