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Board Games, Berkeley

Okay, Victory Point Cafe in Berkeley, August 4th sounds good. [more inside]
Berkeley, CA at Victory Point Cafe, 2PM by gryftir - 13 comments

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Chicago Town Hall with Elizabeth Warren 6/28

Anyone going to this thing and care to meet up and stand around together? I have been trying to talk myself into going because I know I will be very happy I made the effort. I will be traveling solo from Evanston, a thing I do rarely and awkwardly, and attempting to arrive between 4 and 4:30. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Auditorium Theatre, 4:45PM by Glinn - 3 comments

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Seattle Trans Pride Meetup?

Hey, if anyone is gonna be at Seattle Trans Pride please let me know! [more inside]
Seattle, WA at Cal Anderson Park, 5:45PM by nikaspark - 25 comments

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Trivia: Just ask the Axis

Stretching the hometown hero Jimi theme: Let's do it again! We failed to win this week but were still able to review cgc373’s recent book acquisitions. They were, as usual, edifying and inspirational. But seriously: we did not win because you were not there. Do you want that on your permanent record for another week? I thought not. See you next Tuesday!
Seattle, WA at George and Dragon, 8PM by skyscraper - 14 comments

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All Welcome to Manchester Dems Abroad Meet 'n Greet at Port Street Beer House

Hi all, my friend and I are organising a Democrats Abroad Meet and Greet event at Port Street Beer House on Wednesday 17 July, 6-9pm. All are welcome, hope to see you there!
Manchester, England at Port Street Beer House, Manchester, 6PM by iamkimiam - 6 comments

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Moon Over Metafilter

I'm giving a tour just for MeFites of my exhibition "Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Apollo 11 at Fifty", which combines landmarks from the history of science with artifacts used in the Apollo mission. Afterward, join me (optionally) for a $5 screening of Hidden Figures at the Harvard Film Archive.
Cambridge, MA at Houghton Library, Harvard University, 2PM by Horace Rumpole - 7 comments

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Paris MeFi 20th Anniversary Meetup

Hi! We have a confirmed date of Saturday 13th July, I’m thinking mid afternoon. No venue as of yet, come in and discuss!

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Trivia: Have you ever been Experienced?

I am back in Seattle and eager to plunge back into the Metafilter Trivia Experience, with the hope that there are like-minded souls with Tuesday evening free.
Seattle, WA at The George and Dragon, 8PM by skyscraper - 8 comments

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Dansk møde / Danish meet-up

I am moving back to Denmark after 35 years away (!), and would like to meet any local metafilters.
I will arrive on July 2, and propose to meet sometimes toward the end of the month.
Shall we say Saturday July 27 in Copenhagen?
Depending on the number of people attending, I am open to any suggestions for time, space & things to do.
My Danish is a bit rusty, but I'm sure it will be better by the time we meet.
Thank you,
Hanan [more inside]

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Mefi 20-year + 1-week Bday - Phase 2

Hey all! So sorry for the last minute change, but since the weather forecast is not looking favourable, we're going to divert to Kensington Pub for the meetup! I'll reserve one of the big tables in the main area of the pub. Check below for updates!
Calgary, AB at kensington pub, 7PM by CarrotAdventure - 28 comments

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Montréal CrossingsCon adjacent meetup?

I'm visiting Montréal next week for CrossingsCon, a little con by/for the fandom of Diane Duane's 'Young Wizards' book series. The con starts Friday 6/21, but I'm flying in Thursday 6/20 in the afternoon. Are there any other mefites attending the con? Or, would any Montréal Mefites be interested in meeting up somewhere on 6/20 for dinner? [more inside]

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Portland (technically Hillsboro) MeFi 20th Anniversary Meetup

Let the games begin! Rune and Board has kindly offered to let us use their side event room for the day! 1 - 5ish pm. [more inside]
Hillsboro, OR at Rune and Board (side room), 1PM by Secretariat - 75 comments

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Worldcon Meetup

Any MeFites going to Worldcon 77, aka Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon, and want to meet up? [more inside]

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Hot Taters of Trivia Destruction

IMPORTANT NOTE: event is now one week later than originally scheduled. The weather is heating up and so are we! Keep the winning streak going Wednesday night at Orleans.
Somerville, MA at Orleans, 7:30PM by Horace Rumpole - 6 comments

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Cider in Pittsburgh

Hi Pittsburgh Mefites! I know this is dreadfully last minute but I am in town and will be at Arsenal with a couple of friends tomorrow (maybe today by the time you read this), starting around 5. If any of you are free and want to come by, I’d love to meet you.
Pittsburgh, PA at Arsenal Cider House, 5PM by ferret branca - 0 comments

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Let's Talk: A Staged Reading

Metafilter's own ilana won the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival 24-Hour Playwriting Contest!!! There's a professionally-staged reading of her winning play "Let's Talk" being held at Theatre Passe Muraille on Friday, July 12 at 8:45 in the Mainspace. Tickets and more information are available via the Toronto Fringe Festival website. [more inside]
Toronto, ON at Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace, 8:45PM by mandolin conspiracy - 5 comments

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NYC June Crafting Meetup

New York's June Crafting meetup; same time (second Sunday of the month at 11 am), DIFFERENT location. Our usual spot closes on Sundays in summer, so we are at the alternate location COFFEED this time (less than a block from our regular spot). It is all on one level, as well, so it may suit everyone. [more inside]

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Memorial gathering for rtha's birthday

This is a casual gathering at Southpaw to mark what would have been rtha's 53rd birthday. Come have some food or a drink and hang out and tell stories about rtha or just hang out. I'll be asking for donations in her memory for the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory and the San Francisco Dyke March, two of her favorite organizations. [more inside]
San Francisco, CA at Southpaw BBQ, 5PM by gingerbeer - 2 comments

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MeFi20 NYC - Picnic in Prospect Park

YES it's happening. We’ll be at the northern part of the meadow, just south of Meadowport Arch. Bring snacks drinks kids and/or pets. In case of rain, let's do BERG'N instead. If we should change anything about the plan to make this more accessible, please let me know!
New York at Prospect Park, 1:30PM by estlin - 35 comments