Montréal CrossingsCon adjacent meetup?
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I'm visiting Montréal next week for CrossingsCon, a little con by/for the fandom of Diane Duane's 'Young Wizards' book series. The con starts Friday 6/21, but I'm flying in Thursday 6/20 in the afternoon. Are there any other mefites attending the con? Or, would any Montréal Mefites be interested in meeting up somewhere on 6/20 for dinner?
I'll be staying at the con hotel (DoubleTree by Hilton Montreal, at 1255 Jeanne-Mance), and will be relying on public transportation/taxis for getting anywhere, and have no clue what's where geographically, so, any local tips are welcome, though I expect I won't be going anywhere outside the con hotel Friday/Saturday, and then Sunday there's a con excursion to the Space For Life planetarium & botanical garden.
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Hi oh. yeah! I won't be able to make it, but thought I would chime in and offer some suggestions for places you may wish to visit while you are in town. We go to Montreal often, and keep track of the places we visit. There's a map at the end of that link. Have fun!
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Thanks, terrapin. I don't expect I'll be doing anything but convention stuff once it starts Friday/Saturday, and figure I'll need to be packed up and checked out of the hotel Sunday morning before the 'Space For Life' excursion starts so I can get to my flight home that evening, so, Thursday late afternoon/evening is my only lone-tourist time.

Is there a name for the neighborhood my hotel is in? I've only ever been to Halifax/Nova Scotia Canada, are there any particularly important travel tips I need to know for Montreal? (Wondering if I should download a French/English translation app to keep handy.)
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I think that neighbourhood is just downtown.

I don't speak French and I have never had problems in Montreal. Nearly everyone you will interact with will speak English. That said, try to speak French by saying hello, etc. But my suggestion is to NOT speak it too well or you will get replies in French. I am told I have great pronunciation in French, so I try not to!

If you go to a restaurant, say "bon jur" and then follow it with something like "English menu if possible, please." They likely will give you the English menu anyway by slightly mispronouncing bonjour.

Have fun, it is a GREAT city. Have fun. Sorry it doesn't look like a meetup materialised! :-(
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Thanks, it all worked out - I arrived at the hotel lobby right when a group of CrossingsCon attendees led by a local were gathering to head out to dinner, so I had a smoked meat sandwich & traditional style poutine (not sure where, it was across the street from Schramms?)
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Can't find anything with that name in Montreal. I know Schwartz's Deli is hugely popular and is a short walk from the hotel you are staying at. Usually lines out the door so I have never been, but the late Anthony Boudain loved Schwartz's.
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Yes, across from Schwartz', you're right -- it was Main Deli, I think.
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