Dansk møde / Danish meet-up
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I am moving back to Denmark after 35 years away (!), and would like to meet any local metafilters.
I will arrive on July 2, and propose to meet sometimes toward the end of the month.
Shall we say Saturday July 27 in Copenhagen?
Depending on the number of people attending, I am open to any suggestions for time, space & things to do.
My Danish is a bit rusty, but I'm sure it will be better by the time we meet.
Thank you,
Jeg flytter tilbage til Danmark efter 35 år væk, og vil gerne møde nogen lokale M-F medlemmer.
Jeg vil ankomme den 2. juli og foreslå at møde nogle gange i slutningen af måneden.
Skal vi sige lørdag den 27. juli i København?
Afhængigt af antallet af mennesker, der deltager, er jeg åben for ethvert forslag til tid, rum og ting at gøre.
Min dansk er lidt rusten, men jeg er sikker på, at det bliver bedre, når vi møder.
Tak skal du have,
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Sadly I will be on Vacation in Norway at that time! How about some time in August?
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@vernondalhart sure... i don't have a specific time in mind right now - shall we shoot for August 10 target?
Also, we signed up for metafilter on the same day!
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That's a funny coincidence! August 10th should be fine by me, I think?
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Noooo! I fly out from Copenhagen on August 10th... any interest in meeting up a day or two earlier?
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Yes ... I could. Please email me!
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I'd love to meet up, but I'm leaving for Jutland soon, and then I won't really be back before the end of August. It's holiday season!
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sounds like a good way to welcome you back. the 27th is just fine.
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Hello all,
I'm settling down, but a bit overwhelmed with arranging for a meeting right now.
I can meet this weekend anywhere though, and/or try again next month with whoever wants to do it.
I will write you all privately to arrange for get together.
Thank you.
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