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Sun August 4 at 2:00 PM, Victory Point Cafe
1797 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Okay, Victory Point Cafe in Berkeley, August 4th sounds good.
Edit: Okay sounds like we have a place, and I'm going with the 4th as a time.

A month or two ago I invited MeFi people to a regular board game night in SF I help run on Thursdays. Some people expressed interest, but it's a week night, and even if you have free time it's kinda hard to get into the city on a week night for those outside of it, so I completely understand that nobody from Metafilter ever came.

I'm wondering if people are interested in the idea of getting together and doing some gaming in general. Maybe not in SF if that's easier: I'm occasionally in Berkeley on Sundays and free after 1pm or so, so we could meet up at the Victory Point Cafe, or I'm open to other suggestions.

I'll put down Berkeley for the proposed location, but it doesn't have to be there.
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Sounds good to me. I could bring a few smallish games.
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I would love to play games with MetaFilter! Sunday afternoons in Berkeley are generally good times, but I’m out of town several weekends this summer. I could do July 7 or 28, August 4 or 18.
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I love that idea! I'd definitely be interested as well. I'm on the peninsula but Berkeley or the city would work great for me.
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Victory Point is great and has walls of games available for customers. I went on a great nerdy date there once. We played a fun short card game based on programming concepts and a bizarre baroque French WWI board game which neither of us could figure out.
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Alas it's my partner's birthday and we'll be at the A's game, but looks like a blast and I'd love to catch the next one.
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I'm looking at reserving a table in the very near future, which would be $10 bucks per person, so if people can confirm that would be good.

They also don't do same day reservations, but there's generally space for walk ins, so don't feel like you can't come if you find yourself suddenly free.
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Made reservations for 4 of us at 2pm.
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We’ll be there!
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Okay, going to head over, I'll be the person in a red shirt with a white netflix font saying "Who Needs Sleep"
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A few minutes late
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I just found this and I'd like to come if being an hour late is ok
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Thanks gryftir for organizing and teaching us two new games!
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This was really fun :-).
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