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South Bay lunch meetup

As discussed here, misha is in town so we are meeting up at the Banana Leaf restaraunt in Milpitas at 1:00pm on Tuesday, June 29th!
Milpitas, CA at Banana Leaf, 1PM by zsazsa - 0 comments

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Sgt.Serenity visiting the wonderful people in london before his group show at trumans brewery at 6pm on july 1st- 5th, which he's not allowed to advertise- but the 30th is free for beer garden mefi goodness !!!!
London, UK at water poet beer garden, 8PM by sgt.serenity - 0 comments

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Meet up or die!

Come meet up with other New Englanders in Fabulous Manchvegas. [more inside]
Manchester, NH at The Strange Brew, 7:30PM by ChuraChura - 24 comments

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Nightlife at the Cal Academy. Extreme mefites and extreme mammals.

SF meetup at Cal Academy. As discussed here. [more inside]
San Francisco, CA at California Academy of Sciences, 6:30PM by special-k - 18 comments

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Coney Island Baseball Game!

Hey New York City, we're going to see a Brooklyn Cyclones game in Coney Island on Saturday, July 10th, at 6 p.m. [more inside]
Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn Cyclones Stadium, 6PM by ThePinkSuperhero - 31 comments

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Board games

Board games at 88 Orchard (88 Orchard St. @ Broome St.) on the Lower East Side, 1-11pm. [more inside]
New York, NY at 88 Orchard, 1PM by Jaltcoh - 4 comments

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Boston Meetup

Official Meetup Post for this MetaTalk thread.
Boston, MA at Cornwall's, Kenmore Square, 7PM by backseatpilot - 8 comments

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Meetup n'at in Pittsburgh!

We are going classy this time and meeting at the cafe inside Phipps Conservatory. [more inside]
Pittsburgh, PA at Phipps Conservatory Cafe, 1PM by Alison - 20 comments

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Welcome Visiting Mefites to Philly Part 2! Now with more beer!

Horace Rumpole and DiscourseMarker are in Philadelphia for RBMS. [more inside]
Philadelphia, PA at South Philly Tap Room, 8PM by desuetude - 32 comments

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MeFiChi July Meetup

It's the July Cabal* meetup. There will be tiny beers. What more needs to be said? [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Billy Goat, 6PM by lholladay - 85 comments

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MeFi 11th Anniversary

This July 17th, in Portland, OR, is going to be an 11th Anniversary Meetup. Be here or be square. [more inside]
Portland, OR at The Green Dragon, 6PM by pb - 95 comments