What's doing, San Francisco?
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Sat April 2 at 8:00 PM, Thirsty Bear Restaurant and Brewery
661 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Short notice, I know, but two lights and I are going to a conference in San Francisco this weekend and will be around from Friday evening to Tuesday evening. (Related Ask.)
Looks like Thirsty Bear Brewery & Restaurant has a nice mix of location, good for a group, and interesting food & drink.

Reservation is already made for 8 under Patrick, but if we outpace that number quickly over on the right, we can reserve additional tables. (There were still several 6-tops available, it looked like.)
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I'll be watching this IRL and the related ASK intently, since I'll also be at CNS this weekend. I'm flying in from DC on Friday evening and leaving on Tuesday, and also the type to totally ignore the city outside the conference hotel, so a semi-organized low-key something (besides the CNS grad student thing) sounds great.
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I am voting for Monday, as I work in the city but live in the east bay.
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Previously in that area we have met up at Gott's Roadside in the Ferry Building and The Grove at Yerba Buena.

Someone in a proposed but never-happened meetup thread had suggested the Thirsty Bear as a possibility.

I also vote for Monday. 2nd choice Saturday.
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I vote for not-Monday, but I'll do Monday if I have to.
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I've taken my team (about 20 people) to Palomino for happy hour on a Monday evening and they had no problems accommodating us. It's a short, pleasant walk along the Embarcadero. Gordon Biersch works well for these occasions too, and has classic Gilroy (?) garlic fries, but I think the tables that accommodate large parties might be farther from the bay view.
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Not sure if I can make it, but I also vote for Monday for the same reason as Zophi.
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I'll be in the city on Saturday for Wondercon. (It runs Fri-Sun, but I'm only doing Saturday.) I'd bet I'm not the only MeFi comics geek for whom this'll be true.

So I'd vote Saturday.
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If we do Saturday there's a good chance I could make it up.
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Hey, I'm also in town very briefly (tonight thru Sunday morning), and I could make a Saturday night. There's a chance that I may run into a free afternoon or morning along the way. If people reading this want to meet up in a non-official-meetup capacity, please memail!
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Ugf. I have a cold that actually isn't too bad until I start talking, then I explode in a coughing fit that damn near rips my head off my shoulders. Since neither drinking in morose silence nor zombie-style anatomical mayhem are de rigueur at MeFi meetups, I'll have to pass on this one.
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One of those days I will be celebrating my mom's birthday, but I haven't seen you all in way too long. Not since the scotch!

I'll figure out my schedule and try to come to the meetup as well as fulfill my daughterly obligations.
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fake! Hello!

My schedule is pretty open, but I may bag out depending on what night gets decided on, because I am committed to watching NCAA basketball (men's Saturday and Monday, women's Sunday and Tuesday). So....maybe.
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It sounds like Saturday is edging Monday. Would it be easy/possible for us to get (a) table(s) at the places mentioned on a Saturday night with little notice?
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Thirsty Bear and Palomino and Gordon Biersch take reservations. I think Palomino or Gordon Biersch might be best so that we don't run into WonderCon crowds.
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I'm booked, booked, and booked but if anyone happens to be at SJ Eats on Saturday for lunch or Wondercon on Sunday, ping me! I'll be at Trina Robbins' table for at least some of the time on Sunday. Have a good time, OP!
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All three sound good to me; perhaps Thirsty Bear above the others (based only on the brewpub aspect), but not by far if you think crowds from the con would make things annoying/difficult. I'll let someone who knows the area and those spots better make a final decision.

So what's the thinking? Saturday, 7:00? If someone wants to make an executive decision I'll lock in the details. Hopefully we can get a preliminary number and a reservation made soon.
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if you guys are still going past 10 on Saturday I might be able to make it. Otherwise Monday works.
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It seems there is enough interest to do both, so why not just have two meetups? It's the internet! We can do whatever we want!

Except you Monday folks. You guys have to go make your own thread. Go on. Shoo!
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None of us are executives, so none of us can make decisions!

I also just got reminded that i have a late meeting on Monday so now Saturday is my first choice.
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Saturday at 7 works for me. No way I'm picking a place, though.
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Yay! I'm the wifey, so I'll be there.
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I'll see if we can get a babysitter for Saturday. *fingers crossed*
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Looking forward to this. Don't think Gordon Biersch is the best choice.
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Palomino and Gordon Biersch should be good on a Saturday evening, but if you're expecting a crowd, I think you should pick a rough number and make some reservations.

Then again, San Franciscans are pretty big weather wimps and Google's telling me that Saturday will be cloudy and cooler than the surrounding few days, so who knows?
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Actually, guys, I think I answered your question badly. My suggestions don't really have ethnic foods or things that you can't find in Philadelphia. They're just close to the Embarcadero Hyatt and good with groups. I won't even be able to make it on Saturday, so don't factor me into your choice of venue =/
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Alright. Guess it falls to me then. I'll say Thirsty Bear, because brewpub and tapas sounds like a winning combination.

I count 7 and three maybes. The only time I could get a table for 8 was 8:30, and I had to reserve it with a CC. Boo. (That was the biggest group I could wrangle in.)

Shall we say 8:00, drink at the bar, then hopefully a quorum by 8:30? I'll change the details if someone has a better suggestion, given how past SF meetups have played out.
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To be honest, you can find most things in Philadelphia. Or at least most ethnic foods. I'm sure someone's about to prove me wrong. But my point is that Philadelphia is not a wasteland.
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True. And I'm enough of a beer snob that I'm just happy to get a variety I can't get over here. (And I tell myself I can totally tell the difference.)

I think this is good. I just hope the numbers work out.
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That's true. It seems like certain beers don't cross the Rockies. (I'm guessing that's the line, although what do I know? I've never spent any significant amount of time far from a coast.)
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Yeah, if you want food and drink on a Saturday night for a big group you probably can't hope for much better. If you wanted to move to just drinks for the meetup then things would be different. That said I'm in!
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like it, i'm in.
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Since neither drinking in morose silence nor zombie-style anatomical mayhem are de rigueur at MeFi meetups

Now you tell me.
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Childcare taken care of, thomasbrobber and I will be there.
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Hey I'm not sure if I can make yet as I had planned on having robots make me drinks this Saturday night. This might be a fun thing for you guys to go to after your shindig, unless you already have robot bartenders in Philly.
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If Philly has robot bartenders, it got them in the last eight months.
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I think it's probably not a big deal if we have more than the 8 supercres reserved, we can always move back to the bar area if it's a big deal.
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I am feeling slight pangs of regret about the possibility of missing robot bartenders. I am trying to make myself feel better by assuming that nothing will live up to my expectations: essentially, iZac from Futurama.

We're here. See you guys tomorrow.
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Blarg, looks like I'm the only attending co-author for a poster in tonight's poster session. Make me a "maybe."
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I'm revising my status to maybe because of a hairtastrophe. We'll see if I've adjusted to the situation by tonight, or if I still feel like a total freak.

Those robot bartenders look pretty awesome. Maybe I'll see about buying a hat.
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grapesaresour: wear a hat!
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I won't make it tonight, but I'm interested in a meetup on Monday.
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I'm gonna be leaving from North Berkeley in a little bit, so I'm likely to be a little bit late.
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Cripes, more like an hour late. See you around nine..
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We made it here- realized we have no idea how to find anyone. We are identifiable as the black guy in the orange shirt and brown coat and the white girl with stripes.
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We're at a table in the back,
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we're towards the back!
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Made it.full table!
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Hey FYI robot drinks is a bit mixed. $15 cover doesn't include drinks. A bit underwhelming; nerd quotient is high but drunkard quotient is low. Needs more sassy iZac
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On the other hand they have a vaporizer wafting Laphroig so that's a plus
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Fantastic time meeting everyone. Next time we have to mix the seating up midway through so we can talk with everyone as I feel like I missed some good conversation on the other end of the table. :) looking forward to the next meetup.
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Anyone interested in going to the Seattle meetup / Cask Beer Fest? I am driving a van from San Francisco to Seattle for the meetup (among other things). Free ride if you're interested! Memail me.
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