Wednesday Night at the MFA (free!)
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Wed October 16 at 7:00 PM, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
When MeFites view art, is it a MeFart?
Well! Let me recalibrate the taste-level of this IRL post by cordially inviting you all to meet up at the Museum of Fine Arts on Wednesday evening, October 16, at 7PM (free admission, donations accepted). Let's gather at the Taste Café in the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art, Level 1, at 7PM, wait about 10-15 minutes for people to show up, and then meander from there. The MFA's open until 10PM, but don't feel like you have to wander around for three hours.
Also FYI, the MFA is free all day on Oct 14, Indigenous Peoples' Day!
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Text me if you get there and can't find the MeFi contingency. I'll send you on a wild goose chase. If things line up, we'll be looking at a picture of a wild goose chase. My cell number is 480-298-5716.
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I recommend the Kay Nielsen exhibit really highly! It's amazing. Also the photography exhibit, you get to see the "edges" of all sorts of famous photos with their markups, etc.
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By the way, the Taste Cafe is located on page three of this map of the MFA floor plan. It's in the green section on the upper left. So, when you go into the building: after you get your ticket on the left, go back to the entryway, and then straight to the rotunda, and before you reach the visitor center, take a left down the African Art hallway, and then a right into the contemporary art section, and you are there. (I am not sure I've ever taken that route.)
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* ...after you get your ticket on the right, go back to the entryway...
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I will probably be there, possibly with a family member or two tagging along or meeting me later, but I'm going to see how the day goes because I am afraid of commitment.
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I work pretty close to the MFA and will have some time to kill before 7:00 PM so I might seek out some food beforehand. Either Thaitation or El Pelon on the other side of the Fens or anything else I can think of. Anyone who wants to join let me know here and we'll coordinate.
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That sounds good; I'll see where I am around that time of day cause I'll be hungry. I am afraid of commitment but not pad thai or tacos.
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I may not be able to come after all, but if I do I'd be interested in dinner.
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Definitely cannot come. You all seem like such nice people and I don’t want to give you this gross cold. Next time!
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I think I'm also gonna have to bail. My wife couldn't make it in and my only train options would get me home later than I want to get home, and probably after it starts raining.
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I can make it, but I'll be a little late. Heading down from work right now.
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I am here, wearing a black hoodie and a tan baseball cap and black sneakers. I have no idea what the color of my pants are. Look for the beardo!
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I'm on my way too!
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Thanks to you who came out! That was fun, and with just the right amount of people. (No disrespect to anyone who had to bow out!)
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I feel disrespected!
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Is your name Chuck Q Farley?
Then no, I am not disrespecting you. Or yes. I dunno, my head's too full of The Arts.
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