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Sat January 13 at 8:00 PM, Yechon
4121 Hummer Rd, Annandale, VA, USA (Map & Directions)
DC FOODIES is back with a um, vengeance? Yeah, vengeance, let's go with that. We're going to Yechon in Annandale's Koreatown at 8PM on Saturday the 13th. Join us for Korean BBQ and bites!
What is DC FOODIES, you ask? It's our informal MeFi supper-and-occasionally-brunch club that seeks out off-the-beaten-path restaurants, new cuisines, and cheap eats in the greater DC area. No previous experience required!

ALSO there is apparently an entire TonyMoly STORE in the same shopping center, so who wants to meet up beforehand and buy approx. 9 million face masks???

Please note this is not Metro-accessible; if you are taking Metro you will need to grab a bus or rideshare at Vienna. Also note that vegetarian/vegan options may be limited.
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You may have just picked a place that will make me overcome both my social anxiety and my laziness about going out - Yechon is SO GOOD and there's a great Korean bakery next door with crazy desserts!
posted by brilliantine at 8:06 AM on January 4, 2018

Can't make it that night, sadly--it's CatastropheWaitress's birthday and we are having ourselves some dumplings and KARAOKE!
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Wish her a happy birthday for me, duffell!
posted by capricorn at 1:46 PM on January 4, 2018

I miss Woo Lae Oak in Pentagon City enough to make the trek out for this, plus I haven't been to a meetup since the glory days of MeFi trivia team "CAPS LOCK IS HOW I FEEL INSIDE." I think I will recognize a couple of you anyway — I'll be the one with four stitches on the cheek from minor surgery.
posted by exogenous at 3:31 PM on January 12, 2018

Do we have reservations, and if so, what name are they under? How should we find each other?
posted by rue72 at 9:24 AM on January 13, 2018

We don't have reservations - I'm not sure they take them, but Yelp says it's a big enough place that we probably won't have a long wait. I'm going to be in a brown coat with a pink hat. If anyone needs to, feel free to memail me for my phone number.
posted by capricorn at 2:44 PM on January 13, 2018

Mr Brilliantine and I will be there - he’s a tall bearded guy with red hair and I will probably be in my gigantic olive drab winter coat (or a plaid shirt if I’m too warm). We’re at a game day though so I can’t guarantee we won’t be a bit late.
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There’s a group of us up at the front waiting for a table
posted by capricorn at 4:40 PM on January 13, 2018

Did you guys get a table? I'm at the front, wearing a dark grey coat and a brown scarf, black and red purse. White woman w dark hair.
posted by rue72 at 5:14 PM on January 13, 2018

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