DC FOODIES Eat a Big Bag of Crabs
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Sat October 17 at 6:00 PM, Hot N Juicy Crawfish
2651 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
After a mouth-numbingly delicious feast at Panda Gourmet, what could be better than a large plastic bag of spicy Cajun-style crawfish at Hot N Juicy Crawfish in Woodley Park? I hope to see you all there!
This might be a little less off-the-beaten-path than most of our destinations (just up the block from the Woodley Park metro), but how could you not go for something that says **1 Corn/1 Potato Included for every 2lbs (Crawfish Only)** on its menu? Also, be advised, Hot N Juicy is not the most vegetarian/vegan-friendly location. (Sorry! Next month let's actually do the Langley Park Woodlands!)

Title inspired by: this crab song + anotherpanacea's goofy acronym. I think anotherpanacea may have also suggested the location, so if I am correct, congrats on being 2 for 2!
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The "Too Odd to Instagram" Food Club?
"Serious Eats"/"Serious Eaters" Club?
DC FOODIES? (With a cleverer acronym than "Fun? Oodles & Oodles! Delightful, Independent Establishments Sought")
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MeFi FoFum Supper Club
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I haven't been to Salt & Pepper or DCity Smokehouse, but of the other 3 I prefer Hot N Juicy.
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As an alternative to DCity (which has only five counter seats), how about going to their recently-opened sister establishment Wicked Bloom instead?
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Mmmm, Woodlands…
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I'd love to check out Woodlands or Salt & Pepper!
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Woodlands (Vegan/Indian, now in Pleasant Plains!)

Whoa there, the vegan soul food Woodlands Vegan Bistro in Pleasant Plains doesn't have anything to do with the Indian Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant in Langley Park. I've been there back when it was called Everlasting Life Cafe, and I get the impression that they just changed their name. They also call themselves NuVegan Cafe, and I've also been to the College Park location and the food is good but it's not Indian.
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peeedro: "Whoa there, the vegan soul food Woodlands Vegan Bistro in Pleasant Plains doesn't have anything to do with the Indian Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant in Langley Park. "

Oh, good to know! I had no idea. We'll strike that one (Pleasant Plains spot) from the list then.
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Hmmmm, Salt & Pepper Grill seems to be getting mediocre reviews lately. Since there's a good amount of easy-to-get, tasty Indian food in DC (Himalayan Heritage and Naan & Beyond just off the top of my head), does anyone want to set me straight on whether this place is worth the meetup/whether I should stop listening to Yelp reviews?
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It's our local delivery/Indian place, and while it's passably good, I wouldn't consider it a destination restaurant by any means.
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there's a quite a few great Indian places around DC, but I'm biased towards Jyoti in Adams Morgan because I know the owners, but they do make really good food, objectively.
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numaner, thanks for the recommendation! I live in Adams Morgan so now I definitely want to check it out!

Since Woodlands (which was a different restaurant than I thought it was) and Salt & Pepper (not worth the trip) were the most popular choices, I'm going to use my own awesome powers to tip the scale and pick Hot & Juicy for our next visit. Maybe not as out-there as some of the other spots we've visited, but hey, I've never had crawfish before and I feel this is not uncommon among DC residents. Plus it never hurts to pick something doable for metro riders every once in a while.

evoque - Wicked Bloom feels like a different sort of thing than this group but it looks SO GOOD and now it is definitely on my personal list of places to try. I'm glad that you pointed it out!
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Don't discount Wicked Bloom just because they have craft cocktails. I'll lobby heavily for it as a future destination doubleheader along with DCity Smokehouse.
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So I have a BFF who works at the Zoo, and I asked if we can get a behind the scenes group tour on Oct 17. He's looking into the possibility.

He works at Amazonia. I can't promise anything yet, but can I get a headcount of people who might enjoy a tour of the coolest exhibit at the National Zoo that doesn't have pandas?

So, logistically, it means meeting somewhere in the zoo about 4-4:30 pm. Hiking down to Amazonia, a 45 minutes to an hour tour of the Amazonia exhibit, then walking up to Hot N Juicy.

Can I get a show of hands to people who might be interested? I need a rough headcount to see if I can make this happen.
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I'm interested in both!
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October 17 is Mr. kat518's birthday and my dad is visiting but husband is a fan of the zoo so please keep me posted.
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Just saw this! The zoo tour sounds awesome!
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My cousin's wedding is on the 17th in Roanoke, but I hope everybody else enjoys getting crabs!
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People always enjoy getting crabs but having them can be challenging.

What? I meant shelling them is a skill you develop. Sheesh, you people.

I would be interested in the zoo tour and the fact that it has no pandas is a feature.
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Yes please to zoo!

pandas are also pretty great though
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caseusvelox and I are in, and would love to visit Amazonia
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peeedro, for your final count for the zoo that should be me + Copronymus.
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Oooh, I just popped my head in here -- I'm allergic to shellfish so not coming for crabs, but is it too late to sign up for two people (Bulgaroktonos and me) for the zoo portion? If so I totally understand but if we could come that would be great -- it sounds really neat!
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Sorry for the late notice, but the Amazonia tour won’t be happening this Saturday. There’s a FONZ event at the Amazonia science center that my BFF has to attend. So there’s no chance for any special tour this saturday. Sorry.

But, since people are interested, we can find a later date to make it happen.
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That's cool -- it would be super awesome to do at some point! We should definitely make plans for that.
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Just FYI, I called the restaurant and learned that they do not take reservations, so be aware that we may have to wait a bit to be seated tomorrow if it's especially busy. It probably won't be bad on a Saturday at 6 though.
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Hi there! I happen to be in DC for the weekend visiting my SO, do y'all mind if I tag along?
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Absolutely, I think I speak for the rest of DC MeFi when I say we always welcome visitors and newcomers! Would be great to meet you.
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I'm on kid duty tonight so my 2.8333 year old would be in tow. Anyone else have younguns coming? I don't see anotherpanacea indicating he's coming.
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Sorry, couldn't make this one, and I don't like sea spiders anyway.
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Thanks for organizing capricorn, nice to meet you all.
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Good to see/meet everyone! I could not have had better companions for crunchin' some tiny crustaceans and commiserating over the Cubs. See you next month for something a little less meaty.
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What a swell group of MeFites! We had a great time meeting everyone, and hopefully I'll be able to make it to some of the future DC meetups!
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