5th Second Saturday Second City Stand-Up Sanity Check Committee Or 5thSSSCSSCC
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Sat March 11 at 11:00 AM, kaz's place
2510 N St Louis Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
We meet, we talk about and organize the resistance, we share some foods.
(context for new folks)

Blue line, Kimball bus, and Fullerton bus adjacent. Street parking shouldn't be too hard; non-permit.
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I'll be bringing stationary and postcards if you want to write more letters at the end of this meeting, unless anybody has some sort of other "project" they want to suggest.
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I will have just gotten home from a work trip the night before so I might be bleary-eyed but I will be there. Thanks for hosting, kaz!
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No go for me: I have training at The Center on Halsted that day. But keep up the good work!
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We won't be back yet. Sorry to miss it.
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I really like having a project to do at these, and writing letters is gonna be evergreen. I'll bring postcards and postcard stamps too.
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I'm making a breakfast strata - any vegetarians coming, or can I make it with (turkey) breakfast sausage?
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Last night I went to a combined 5th/9th district Q&A session with local politicians and nonprofit reps where someone from the ACLU talked about their new mobilizing initiative, PeoplePower.org, and said that the first major event being organized by this group is a "Resistance Training" town hall that will be livestreamed on March 11 at 3:30 pm central time. As far as I can tell the event will only be streamed at specific sites - they haven't mentioned an option to watch it from home at this point. I'm thinking about heading to one of these events after our meeting - there's one just a couple blocks north of kaz's place at St. Louis and Diversey. Is anyone else interested in checking this out?

Here's the ACLU's announcement about PeoplePower.org. The actual PeoplePower.org website doesn't have much content right now, just a signup form to join their mailing list.
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I think this overlaps with my volunteer orientation that day. :/
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In case anyone else is interested in going to the same one, I registered for the Resistance Training livestream near kaz's house: https://go.peoplepower.org/event/launch/263?source=map
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We may show, but I may need to marshal energy for canvasing that day.

No Deportations in the 33rd Ward Neighborhood Canvass
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Ok, I'm coming to this and I'm bringing potatoes.

Let me know if I can bring anything else, supplies, etc.
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Oh! I just thought of this. The only coffee maker we have is a two-cup french press so this event is BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee)! Unless someone wants to get one of those big to-go things of coffee with the little spigot or whatever.
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Hahaha I forgot to put the turkey sausage in the strata (it's not part of the recipe as written and I had a few beers with dinner, okay?) so it's accidentally vegetarian after all. Still no coffee though.

We're the first floor apartment which I think but don't know for sure is the bottom doorbell. New apartment, woo!
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I'll bring a bag of coffee beans and another French press and maybe some other coffee-making supplies so that BYOC-ing is optional.
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I am going to be late thanks to delays and backed-up service on the Kimball bus.
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Me too. I'll be leaving my house in about 10 minutes because I forgot to bathe and I like you people so really needed to do that.
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Sorry I missed this one. For some reason I thought it was next week. I should be able to be at the next one.
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Here's the document I spent too long talking about at the meeting. For those who weren't there, it talks about Next Steps. Feel free to add comments or help edit it. I'm gonna share it more widely in a week or so.
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Wait, it's NOT this week? :I
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I, too, missed this for silly reasons...
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